Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 683 - Break Through The Door  

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Chapter 683: Break Through The Door

Boss Liu said, “How can this be called a stupid thing? This is clearly the most correct thing I’ve ever done.”

As he spoke, he carried Jiang Yu and placed her on a chair.

He grabbed Jiang Yu’s hair and forced her to look up. There was a thin drool tube on it, and only one drop of water could fall out at a time.

“Drop –” A drop of cold water fell on Jiang Yu’s forehead.

Jiang Yu frowned. She didn’t know what boss Liu meant by this.

But soon, she knew.

Drops of water fell on her forehead one after another, making Jiang Yu tense up and in a state of high concentration at all times.

Boss Liu moved closer to Jiang Yu and took off the black cloth.

“Jiang Yu, just look up and watch the water drop. I found this on the Internet. People in ancient times liked to use this kind of punishment. It didn’t kill people, but it could easily make people go crazy. Jiang Yu, I’m really looking forward to the day you become crazy.”

He tied Jiang Yu’s hair to the chair, opened the door of the warehouse, and went out.

This kind of punishment really seemed to be invented by the ancients.

Jiang Yu thought inappropriately.

While she was being tortured here, Mo Long had also found out Yang Fen’s address.

He rushed over with Teng Yi. When he knocked on the door for the first time, Yang Fen was still in the room answering.

But when she learned that the person who came was Mo Long, she immediately fell silent.

Teng Yi knocked on the door a few more times, but Yang Fen refused to make a sound.

Mo Long frowned and stopped Teng Yi from continuing to knock on the door.

He raised his leg and kicked the door open.

Yang Fen was sitting on the sofa watching a TV series. When she saw Mo Long break in, she was obviously stunned.

She stood up with a whoosh and shouted, “Mo Long! What are you doing? You’re trespassing! Do you know that?!”

“Don’t talk to me about this,” Mo Long said impatiently, “Is Yu-er with you?”

“Who? Jiang Yu?” Yang Fen asked.

Mo Long was not in a good mood. When he saw Yang Fen playing dumb, he shouted, “Don’t play dumb!”

Yang Fen was stunned by the shout and said, “Mo Long, you came to find me just to ask me where Jiang Yu Is? She’s your girlfriend, why are you asking me?!”

Mo Long said, “You don’t know? Then what is your purpose for coming back?”

Yang Fen was stunned and couldn’t say anything.

In fact, the reason why she came back this time was partly to find an opportunity to teach Jiang Yu a lesson, but it was also for Mo Long.

When she left back then, whenever she thought of Mo Long, her heart would itch. No matter what, she wanted to sleep with him.

However, she was afraid that Mo Long would recognize her, so she chose to change her face and come back.

However, to her surprise, not only did Mo Long recognize her, he even found out her address.

Initially, she was filled with joy and wanted to welcome Mo Long. However, when she saw Mo Long’s cannibalistic expression through the peephole, she did not dare to open the door.

Moreover, he had asked her where Jiang Yu was the moment he entered. What did he mean by that? Could it be that Jiang Yu had gone missing and he suspected that Jiang Yu was with him?

At the thought of this, Yang Fen said bluntly, “Jiang Yu has gone missing. You should have called the police instead of asking me for her! Although I know some strange mystic arts, it doesn’t mean that I can help you find her.”

Mo Long looked at her and asked, “Yu-er isn’t with you?”

Yang Fen was very puzzled and asked in return, “Why would Jiang Yu be with me?”

For a moment, the air became silent.

Looking at Yang Fen’s appearance, it didn’t seem like she was lying.

Mo Long didn’t stay any longer and turned around to leave.

However, Yang Fen grabbed him and said coquettishly, “President Mo, why are you leaving so soon after coming here? Don’t you want to stay and have some tea?”

Mo Long looked at Yang Fen’s hand and said coldly, “Let go.”

Yang Fen became bolder. She even leaned on Mo Long’s back and said, “President Mo, do you know how hard I’ve been waiting for you…”

Before she could finish, Mo Long interrupted her, “Get lost.”

Yang Fen paused and shamelessly leaned on him, saying, “President Mo, don’t reject me…”

Mo Long didn’t give her the chance to continue sticking close to him. He turned around and grabbed her neck, he said coldly, “Don’t try to anger me again. I don’t have time to waste with you here. You’d better do what you should do. Don’t force me to do it.”

Yang Fen couldn’t breathe at this time. Her eyes kept rolling up as she said a few words intermittently, “Got it…”

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