Loved By An Older Man-Chapter 792 - Bring Out The Certificate

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Chapter 792: Bring Out The Certificate

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It seemed that Jiang Ran was not afraid of what had happened today. She even had the energy to re-apply for an alternate account and continue posting.

Lu Qi and Dai Zhu also saw the post and ran over to ask Jiang Yu, “This post was sent by Jiang Ran?”

Jiang Yu replied, “It’s her. We just went to look for her today and she posted this post in the afternoon. It’s such a coincidence.Moreover, this account and the previous account have the same IP address as ‘Jiang Ran’s’ account, so this is Jiang Ran’s alternate account.”

Lu Qi could not understand Jiang Ran’s actions more and more. “This Jiang Ran, she really won’t turn back until she hits a wall? What benefits does she get from doing this?”

Dai Zhu said, “There are no benefits at all, but she just wants to satisfy her vanity. She’s just jealous that Jiang Yu is better than her. Everyone’s eyes are on Jiang Yu. She’s unhappy, so she wants to slander Jiang Yu.”


In fact, Dai Zhu was telling the truth because Jiang Ran had always had this mentality towards Jiang Yu.

Lu Qi said unwillingly, “Xiao Yu, take out your certificates and let those people see why you came back so early! If that’s the case, even if Jiang Ran still wants to fabricate rumors to frame you, there’s no other way!”

Dai Zhu and Lu Qi had the same thought and said, “That’s right, Jiang Yu, take out your certificates and let them see it. They will know who is the boss and who they should follow in the future.”

Lu Qi saw that Jiang Yu was still hesitating, so he said, “Xiao Yu, if you continue to hesitate, I don’t know what post will be posted tomorrow! Take out your certificates and let them see it before Jiang Ran completely ruins your reputation!”

Dai Zhu also advised, “That’s right. Anyway, the people in the school will know sooner or later that you came back with a double certificate.”

Jiang Yu thought for a while and felt that what Lu Qi and Dai Zhu said was right. Instead of continuing to see Jiang Ran jumping up and down like a clown, it was better to directly throw out the most favorable evidence and place it on Jiang Ran’s face.

“Alright, we’ll do as you say.” Jiang Yu took out her certificate, placed it on the table, took two photos, and then posted a post on the school forum.

This post did not receive any comments for more than ten minutes, but the number of views had already reached more than 10,000.

Lu Qi was the first to comment below, “Wow! So Jiang Yu has already gotten a double certificate? This is too amazing!”

Dai Zhu followed closely behind, “Then wasn’t the previous post purely a false accusation? And they even said that Jiang Yu was expelled? She opened her eyes wide and looked carefully. Jiang Yu had obtained a double certificate from the University of Cecilia! Many people had racked their brains to obtain the certificate, but Jiang Yu had obtained it. Does this mean that you still don’t know what it means?”

Tian Guo also slightly put down the work in her hands and commented, “Those who have been unwilling to believe in Jiang Yu previously, please come over and take a look at this double certificate. Also, please acknowledge Jiang Yu’s strength.”

However, half an hour had passed, and only the three of them had commented. However, the number of views had already reached more than 20,000.

Lu Qi was puzzled. She ran to the fan group and asked, “What’s wrong with that group of people? Why are they only looking at the comments?”

Dai Zhu sent over the screenshot of herself, she laughed and said, “That group of people are scolding Jiang Ran under the posts she posted before. Hahahahaha! They said that she didn’t have any evidence, so they just said nonsense here. It seems like they are deliberately blackmailing Ivy University.”

Seeing this, Lu Qi also quickly went to the comments under those posts. As expected, all of them were people who were scolding Jiang Ran. “OP, you dare to say such nonsense without any evidence? Is it intentional? Do you want us to scold Jiang Yu?”

“OP, open your eyes wide and take a look. Jiang Yu has a double certificate! The stamp on it is from Cecilia University! There is no way it is fake!”

“OP, you are really good at fabricating the truth. Don’t let me know who you are. Otherwise, I will definitely scold you in front of you.”

“I think there is some personal grudge between this OP and Jiang Yu, right? But you can’t fabricate the truth to mislead us, right?”

The more Lu Qi looked at it, the more pleased she felt. She even sent a few pictures to Jiang Yu.

“Xiao Yu, look, a bunch of people are scolding Jiang Ran!” Lu Qi grinned.

Jiang Yu flipped through the few pictures and said, “She brought this upon herself. If she hadn’t been so presumptuous in the beginning, she wouldn’t have ended up like this today.”

“But I’m so happy to see her being scolded!” Dai Zhu said excitedly.

“Let her learn a lesson this time. Don’t randomly fabricate facts in the future,” Lu Qi said.