Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 727 - Kicked By Donkey

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Chapter 727: Kicked By Donkey

“If you have what it takes, why don’t you go please Old Master Huo, then make him command Huo Xishen to divorce me and marry you?”


“Why? You know you don’t have the ability to do that, right?” Yan Jinyi suddenly grinned sweetly and went forward to hold Huo Xishen’s arm. She continued, “You’re not as beautiful as I am and you’re older than me, so this is nothing. Forget it that you’re so flat-chested that it looks like a hole has been dug out of it, it’s even concave. Yet, you think you’re worthy of vying with me for Xishen. Did your entire body get kicked by a donkey?”

Leng Yuxi’s eyes were red and filled with anger, for she had never been so humiliated before.

Chen Yu, who was watching from behind, was extremely dumbfounded. ‘So Second Young Mistress Huo is so good at scolding others!’

‘No wonder even Yang Qing got tricked by her. She’s meticulous, careful, and eloquent. Indeed, I made the right decision by choosing to join her.’

“Miss Yan, don’t you think you’re talking too much? You’re at least Xishen’s wife. Yet, you’re so brutal and crude. The Huo family must have been put to shame by you.”

“Yeah, you’re the only one in the world who is noble and elegant but you still haven’t won my husband’s heart.” Yan Jinyi rolled her eyes.

Her sentence successfully struck Leng Yuxi in her sore spot. Tugging the hem of her skirt tightly with her hands, she tried her best to maintain her image in front of Huo Xishen. “Xishen, she has humiliated me so badly. Dad treats you so well, you have to help me on Dad’s account.”

‘This woman is so damned pretentious.’

Yan Jinyi did not give Huo Xishen a chance to speak at all. “Leng Yuxi, so you know that I’m Xishen’s wife, eh? How dare you seduce my husband in front of me?”

With that, Yan Jinyi suddenly placed both hands on her waist and glowered at Leng Yuxi. “Even if I press you to the ground now, do you believe that someone will say that you deserve it?”

Leng Yuxi was startled by Yan Jinyi’s stance, “You… Do you dare to do that?”

“Do you want to try me?”

Yan Jinyi had already raised her fist and Leng Yuxi frantically took a few steps back while her face turned pale too. “Yan Jinyi, sooner or later, Xishen will see your true colors and my brother won’t let you off!”

“Bai Moliang is just a nobody. Even if he really gets selected for the council, it won’t stop me from beating him as long as you dare to provoke me!”

She wasn’t good at anything else except martial arts. She believed that she was the best!

“Yan Jinyi, sooner or later, you will have to pay the price for your arrogance!”

‘Pay the price?’

Yan Jinyi sneered, “I’m not even afraid to stay in hell for five hundred years. Why would I be afraid of facing revenge from you?”

Huo Xishen suddenly reached out and rubbed the top of her head. “Miss Leng, my wife and I are getting ready to go home, I hope you won’t keep coming over to disrupt our lives.”

At this point, Huo Xishen’s gaze suddenly turned gloomy and he said, “If you cause any hindrance to us, your father’s status might not help at all.”

Leng Yuxi was really shocked this time. Staring at Huo Xishen in disbelief, she asked, “Xishen, how can you talk to me like that?”

“What a fool, he doesn’t even like you. How do you expect him to talk to you?” After saying that, Yan Jinyi waved her hand at Chen Yu and said, “Mrs. Chen, I’ll invite you to dinner when I have the chance next time.”

Chen Yu was still dumbfounded. After hearing her words, it took her a long time to come back to her senses. “Oh, oh, okay, I’ll take my leave now then.”

Furious about the fact that she had been completely ignored, Leng Yuxi stomped her feet angrily.

‘Yan Jinyi, I won’t give up just like that!’

Yan Jinyi followed Huo Xishen to the car obediently. Assistant Wen then immediately put up the partition.

“Darling…” Huo Xishen suddenly took one of her hands and observed it very carefully, gently grazing his fingernail against her palm from time to time.

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