Medical Master - Chapter 1095 - When Will You Go to Cure Malaria?

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Chapter 1095 When Will You Go to Cure Malaria?

Fang Qiu also met the highly-skilled doctor, Mr. Yang, in the village.

Mr. Yang had returned. He brought the children back and continued to teach them medicine from the beginning. Although he had promised Chen Yinsheng that he would be a guest professor at the university, he had also made an agreement with Chen Yinsheng that he only needed to give lectures twice a month in the school. The school would cover all the tickets, accommodation, and so on.

“Mr. Yang.”

After walking around the village and seeing that Mr. Yang had finished his class, Fang Qiu walked into the room with a smile and said, “I’m here to see you. How have you been recently?”

“Pretty good.”

Mr. Yang nodded with a smile and continued, “I’m very satisfied with my current life. This is the life I want. I have time to clear up the doubts of the children who have been on the way of medicine and then lay a foundation for these children who may step into the path of medicine in the future. Although I’m old and useless, at least I can contribute to Huaxia’s medical skills and help Miao medicine be better passed down.”

“Don’t worry. One day, Huaxia will shine brightly in the world,” Fang Qiu replied with a smile.

“I believe you.”

Mr. Yang nodded with certainty.

He placed a special kind of trust in Fang Qiu.

Perhaps it was because he had seen everything that Fang Qiu had done. If someone had told him a season ago that Leprosy Village would change, that roads would be repaired, that a factory would be built, that the government would attract investment to develop this barren place, he would never have believed it.

Yet now, everything before his eyes was clearly witnessed by him.

In his eyes, this change was sudden, which made him feel extremely surprised and happy like the villagers.

He knew that all this was done by Fang Qiu.

Even such a barren place could be changed into what it was now. What else couldn’t Fang Qiu do?

Thinking of all the talk about what Fang Qiu had done and how he had brought honor to Chinese Medicine previously after he left the village, he could not help feeling that the future of Huaxia Chinese Medicine really depended on this young man. He also firmly believed that this young man would definitely be able to shoulder the future of Chinese Medicine!

They chatted for a long while. When the children’s break was over and Mr. Yang began to teach them again, Fang Qiu left.

After strolling through the village, he came to the dendrobe cultivation base.

After this period of construction, the prototype of the cultivation base had been completed. The factory and workshops, even the gate, fence, monitoring facilities, and so on, had all been built.

After the discussion between the construction team and Zhao Shanlin, several open spaces were cleared on some of the relatively flat slopes of the mountain. Zhao Shanlin transformed them into a great environment suitable for growing dendrobes, which was especially used to cultivate seedlings of dendrobes. The large-scale planting areas of dendrobes were the large cliffs on the mountain.

In Zhao Shanlin’s opinion, since the cultivation base had been chosen here, he had to use this place to the best of his ability. Those areas that were naturally suitable for growing dendrobes would be wasted if he didn’t use them.

So Zhao Shanlin also specially trained a group of people specializing in dendrobe cultivation. They could hang the plantable seedlings on the cliffs so as to simulate a wild environment for their growth.

The cliff which had grown a lot of dendrobes was now densely covered with dendrobes. The area cultivated was definitely no worse than the wasteland reclaimed. It was even much better!

The design was exactly what Fang Qiu had envisioned. When he saw that dendrobes had begun to grow in large areas, he was particularly satisfied.

After watching all this, he was finally relieved. Then, he went to the newly built office in the cultivation base and sat down. Because the computer had not been delivered yet, he could only log in to Weibo with his mobile phone.

It had been a long time since he last logged on Weibo, and it was about the time he went to some Chinese Medicine Hospital to see patients.

With this in mind, he immediately began to search through the comments on Weibo.

At the same time, after returning from Zhongdong, special envoys from Murica, Rashk, Anglan, and L’hexagone were all summoned by special security departments in their respective countries.

After making detailed descriptions of the incident in Zhongdong, the four of them also reported to their respective special security departments about John Doe.

Without a doubt, this information was obtained while they were fighting with John Doe.

The special security departments of the four great powers were very interested in John Doe’s strength. All four countries began to have files on him after learning about his strength in detail from the special envoys.

Every country’s evaluation of John Doe was: SS+!

This kind of evaluation was very rare in the five great powers. Even Lingyin, who was ranked first on the world’s killer list, only had the same kind of evaluation as John Doe, and Thomas, who was ranked second, had always been at the SS level.

In the eyes of the people of the four nations, since John Doe was able to kill Thomas, he must be stronger than the latter. However, there was still a long way to go before he could reach the legendary SSS level. Therefore, his final ranking was SS+.

At first, when the special security departments of the four major powers heard the news from Zhongdong, they regarded John Doe as a formidable enemy and paid special attention to and were particularly vigilant toward him.

However, according to their respective special envoys, they found that John Doe was strong but not as good as they thought. He was not strong enough to be invincible!

Even so, the four great powers were stunned, though a large part of the reason was not John Doe’s strength, but his SS+ level at such a young age.

After all, most of the people who could be ranked above the SS level were middle-aged or even old people. There was also a small number of such people about whom no information could be found at all.

Under the circumstances, John Doe became the only young and powerful person!

Of course, he was not the only one that the four great powers paid attention to.

According to the Black Mamba Mercenaries, they also learned that during the transport of the plutonium materials, they were indeed intercepted by some mysterious men in black. In addition, John Doe had always claimed that the chaos in Zhongdong was caused by an organization called Nirvana. All this had prompted the four great powers to focus some of their attention on Nirvana.

Although they had never heard of it, they dared not completely deny its existence.

In this case, the four great powers immediately began to investigate the organization, Nirvana, in secret. They had to find out whether it existed or not. If it did, they would have to be more cautious in the future.

In his office at the dendrobe cultivation base in Nanjiang, Fang Qiu was browsing Weibo when he noticed that many people had mentioned him.

“My hero, why haven’t you posted anything for so long?”

“It’s been almost a month. Why is your Weibo as quiet as a pool of stagnant water?”

“My idol, even if there’s nothing to say, at least tell me where you’re going to see patients next time.”

“Yeah, which city will you be going to next?”

“Please tell me.”

“We haven’t heard from you for a long time. You should at least respond to us and let us know you’re still alive.”

Countless people were asking Fang Qiu which city he would be going to see patients next.

Seeing these messages, Fang Qiu couldn’t help smiling wryly.

Although he was willing to treat patients for free, these urging comments were clearly from his fans. There were not many real patients among them.

Therefore, he really had to carefully choose the next city where he would be going to see patients.

He searched carefully for a long while before he finally chose a city, then he set out to visit the place in person. After talking with the local Chinese Medicine Hospital, he started seeing patients on the spot.

This was a city called Jade City, which was situated in Nanjiang.

It was two hundred kilometers away from Spring City.

The reason why Fang Qiu chose this place was that in addition to the fact that it was close to the dendrobe cultivation base, the most important reason was that the air here was particularly humid. Coupled with other factors, a lot of people in this small city were suffering from eczema and urticaria.

After seeing patients for 24 hours, he took the high-speed train back to the dendrobe cultivation base in Spring City.

He closed his eyes to rest on the way.

On Weibo, however, a post attracted a lot of attention.

“Many thanks to @Who do you think you are Master Fang Qiu, who saw patients in Jade City. Thank Master Fang Qiu very much for curing my uncle’s severe and lingering disease. Thank you @Who do you think you are!”

With the emergence of this post, everyone found that Fang Qiu, whom they had not heard of for more than 20 days, was secretly seeing patients.

As soon as the post came out, there was a heated discussion on the Internet.

“@Who do you think you are Fang Qiu, when will you go to treat malaria? There are less than two months left before the one-year deadline. You won’t deceive the president, will you?”

At this point, a common Weibo blogger with few followers made this post.

It was supposed to be a small matter, but after this person made this post, it was quickly followed by a lot of people for some reason. Everyone reposted it.

Many people mentioned Fang Qiu and raised all kinds of questions.

For example, when would he go to Africa, when could he cure malaria, and so on.

In no time, netizens even made mentioning Fang Qiu a trend, attracting everyone to imitate it.

Of course, some of them really wanted to see him create a miracle and cure malaria in Africa, while others had been waiting to see him make a fool of himself.

After all, his performance in the past two years was so perfect that many people wanted to see him make a fool of himself.

Fang Qiu, at this time, returned to the cultivation base in Nanjiang.

“Beep, beep, beep...”

As soon as he returned to the base and was about to put away the computer that had been delivered to him, his cell phone rang.

He took it out and had a look.

It was from Director Li Huawen.

“Hello?” Fang Qiu immediately answered the phone.

“Boy, I called you so many times, but I couldn’t get through. If it wasn’t for the fact that I saw on the Internet that you went to Jade City to see patients and were urged to go to Africa to treat malaria, I guess I still couldn’t get through.”

Director Li Huawen’s voice came from the other end of the line. He added, “However, this method of yours is quite good. You now have enough exposure. It’s great that you’ll become a hit on the Internet every other month, becoming a trending topic.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Fang Qiu quickly shook his head and continued with a wry smile, “I saw patients for the sake of the patients only. I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t had so many patients who came to me on their own initiative. Please don’t make fun of me.”

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