Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 1261 - Fatal Injury

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Chapter 1261: Fatal Injury

Chen Ming tightened his grip on the phone and hesitated briefly.

Huo Yao did not insist any more when Chen Ming refused to tell her the truth. She tapped on the phone and a GPS location promptly appeared on the screen.

She glanced at the location icon and drove towards it. She had found them effortlessly. “You’re at the Chinese medicine hospital, right?”

Chen Ming was astonished and clearly had not expected her to find them.

“Don’t you trust my medical skills?” asked Huo Yao mildly.

The moment she finished her sentence, Chen Ming recalled that Huo Yao was a doctor as well. Even though there was no hope for Old Master Song, Huo Yao had managed to save him.

After snapping out of his daze, Chen Ming nodded and said without hesitation, “Uh huh. We’re at the Chinese medicine hospital. We already made arrangements at the hospital beforehand.”

Huo Yao looked out of the car window at the traffic lights and kept her foot on the gas. She smiled patronizingly and said, “I see you’re well prepared.”

Chen Ming felt chills running down his back. Was she angry?

“Do not let him die before I get there,” said Huo Yao before hanging up the phone.

She was some distance from the Chinese medicine hospital. It was still at least a 15 minutes’ drive from where she was.


After two minutes, Chen Ming’s car reached the Chinese medicine hospital. The doctors were already expecting them, so they approached the car with the stretcher.


Huo Yulin had lost a lot of blood, and had passed out.

The doctors wasted no time and promptly rushed Huo Yulin to the operating theater.

Chen Ming stood outside the operating theater waiting anxiously. As the nurses kept sending bags of blood into the operating theater, he could not help feeling more worried.

The hospital president was personally treating Huo Yulin. A few minutes later, he stepped out of the operating theater with his surgery robes covered in blood.

He walked up to Chen Ming and said softly, “You have to be mentally prepared. The bullet hit Mr. Huo near the chest and some bullet fragments reached his heart. Since it is in a sensitive spot, we don’t dare to operate on him.”

The hospital president paused and said, “If we don’t remove the bullet fragments, he won’t last more than ten minutes.”

The hospital president made it clear that they were in a dilemma about operating upon Huo Yulin.

Chen Ming’s eyes turned red but he refused to accept the situation. “Aren’t you the best thoracic surgeon in the hospital?”

The hospital president shook his head and smiled sadly. “I’m sorry. The gunshot was fatal. If it were any other patient, he would have probably died on the scene. What should I do? Should we proceed with the surgery?”

It was quite the dilemma.

Chen Ming’s mind was in chaos. Huo Yao had told him to keep Huo Yulin alive at all costs. He raised his hand and checked the watch.

“Mr Chen, if we hold off any longer, the risks will be even higher,” warned the hospital president.

Chen Ming raised his head with his fists clenched and looked at the hospital president. “Didn’t you mention you can keep him alive for ten more minutes? I don’t care how you do it, just get it done.”

The hospital president was stunned. “Do you mean…”

“I know a doctor and she’s on her way here. Please keep him alive until she gets here.” Chen Ming had placed all his hope on Huo Yao.

Since Huo Yao had given the order, he had to trust her.

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