Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 1262 - No Confidence

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Chapter 1262: No Confidence

The hospital president felt that it was a bad idea to wait around without giving actual treatment. Since Chen Ming seemed to have great trust in this doctor, he could only nod and reply. “Fine. I’ll do my best.”

If they missed the golden window to perform surgery on the patient, he could not be held accountable for the patient’s death.

Before long, the hospital president went back to the operating theater.

Chen Ming kept looking at the door wishing Huo Yao would get here as soon as possible.

Time passed second by second. Before long, five minutes had already gone by.

The nurse had already come out of the operating theater twice, asking about the doctor’s arrival. She also mentioned that Huo Yulin was not doing well and would probably die in five minutes.

Chen Ming waited for two more minutes before he finally retrieved his phone and called Huo Yao.

The moment the call got through, he could hear the sound of a ring tone in the hospital corridor. He raised his head and saw Huo Yao walking over quickly dressed in homewear.

He quickly hung up the phone.

“How’s his situation?” Huo Yao asked Chen Ming holding her box of silver needles.

“He has suffered a penetrating gunshot wound in the chest and some bullet fragments got stuck at his heart. It’s very serious, so even the hospital president doesn’t dare to perform surgery on him. If this goes on, I doubt he will make it,” said Chen Ming quickly as he pressed the bell on the operating theater door.

Huo Yao nodded in response. She looked a little more serious than usual but was otherwise completely composed. Chen Ming inexplicably felt a lot calmer.

The operating theater’s doors opened. Huo Yao could already hear the sound of the hospital equipment beeping from the outside. She could also hear the hospital president speaking as he tried to keep the patient alive.


She frowned deeply before she walked past the nurse and entered the operating theatre.

The hospital president was still performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the patient. According to the hospital equipment, the patient was flatlining. Huo Yao took a quick glance at the patient’s stats before taking out her silver needles without hesitation. “I’ll take over.”

When the hospital president heard Huo Yao’s voice, he automatically halted and finally realized that someone else had entered the operating theater. He was not alone. All the other people in the operating theatre noticed Huo Yao’s presence as well.

They could not help frowning when they figured out her age. She was unexpectedly young.

The hospital president saw the silver needles in Huo Yao’s hands and was caught by surprise. “Are you a doctor?”

Huo Yao said nothing. She simply stepped forward and swiftly applied acupuncture needles to some of the patient’s acupuncture points located on the chest.

A medical staff could not help feeling flustered. “You are getting in our way. We are trying to save him.”

The patient continued flatlining. If this went on for two more minutes, there was no saving the patient.

They could not afford to let the patient die since he was an important man.

The hospital president watched as Huo Yao worked. He raised his hand, gesturing for silence.

Chinese medicine was a very profound field. He could tell just by looking at Huo Yao’s work.

The stats appearing on the hospital equipment finally started jumping up. Even though the patient was not doing well, he was still alive.

The hospital president glanced at Huo Yao in amazement.

Even if he continued doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, he was not 100% certain that he could have kept the patient alive.

After a minute, the stats on the equipment started to stabilize. Huo Yao finally removed the silver needles and turned to look at the hospital president. “You can start doing surgery now.”

“He has been out for a long time and has suffered heart injuries. Even if we perform surgery on him now, the chances of success are very low,” explained the hospital president.

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