Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 1356 - Would She Handover Her Prescriptions?

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Chapter 1356: Would She Handover Her Prescriptions?

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Deputy Chairman Qin glanced at Pei Rong before taking a seat. His face was completely normal now. He asked mildly. “Why are you here?”

“Nothing really. I refined something new today, so I wanted to show it to you,” replied Pei Rong. He proceeded to bend over to pick up the broken pieces of glass on the floor.

Deputy Chairman Qin was in no mood to entertain him, but he did not get angry when Pei Rong attempted to clear the broken glass. “Maybe some other day.”

Pei Rong nodded and tossed the broken pieces of glass into the trash can. He pondered and said, “I ran into He Shu and Huo Yao at the door.”

The moment he mentioned He Shu, Deputy Chairman Qin looked annoyed. He scoffed loudly. “Those stupid assholes.”


“What happened?” asked Pei Rong quizzically.

Deputy Chairman Qin raised his hand to rub his temple without speaking for a long time.

Pei Rong stood where he was and did not know if he should continue talking.

Deputy Chairman Qin put down his hand and looked at Pei Rong. He said, “Oh yes. I remember you saying your father is friends with Huo Yao, right?”

Pei Rong did not expect Deputy Chairman Qin to bring this up. He paused briefly before he nodded. “I suppose.”

Deputy Chairman Qin narrowed his eyes before asking. “In that case, do you think she would give your father her ancient prescriptions if he asked?”

Pei Rong was instantly stunned. “Does she have ancient prescriptions?”

Deputy Chairman Qin made his intentions clear. He tilted his head sideways looking at Pei Rong before repeating his question. “Tell me. Will he be able to get them from her?”


Meanwhile, Huo Yao and He Shu had arrived on the ground floor.

Assistant Wang was waiting in the hall. When he saw them exiting the lift, he hesitated briefly before walking toward them.

Out of embarrassment, Assistant Wang did not dare to make eye contact with Huo Yao. He simply asked. “Miss Huo, did Deputy Chairman Qin give you a hard time?”

Huo Yao glanced at Assistant Wang calmly without saying a word. He Shu said, “Assistant Wang, I thought you had some principles. How could you choose to work for Qin Zheng?”

When Assistant Wang came over to see Chairman Wang last night, He Shu also thanked him for visiting and not colluding against Chairman Wang. On this day, he was sorely disappointed with him.

Assistant Wang smiled sadly as he shook his head without explaining his actions. He retrieved something from his pocket and handed it to He Shu. “Please give this to the chairman.”

He nodded to Huo Yao apologetically before he turned and left.

He Shu frowned as he held onto the pill bottle tightly. He opened the pill bottle and checked its contents. The moment he looked inside the bottle, complicated emotions swept through his heart.

He had overheard Assistant Wang’s conversation with Chairman Wang last night, but he did not expect Assistant Wang to invite Huo Yao to the Apothecaries’ Association.

Even though Assistant Wang had tried to help by sending him a text message, what was done was done and it was impossible to make up for it.

Huo Yao glanced at the bottle in He Shu’s hand and asked. “Did something happen to Chairman Wang? Where is he?”

He Shu snapped out of his thoughts on hearing her voice. He looked at Huo Yao. “He’s recuperating at home.”

Considering Deputy Chairman Qin’s attitude toward her, she asked. “Did something happen at the Apothecaries’ Association recently?”

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