Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss-Chapter 1605 - 1605 Inexplicably Liked Her

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1605 Inexplicably Liked Her


Wu Yue and the students had already arrived at the entrance of Sirin University.

The school had a rich history and certainly lived up to its name. Just the English acronyms at the school entrance looked imposing from every angle.

They felt awestruck just looking at it.

Huo Yao tutted to herself. She did not feel awestruck but simply wondered if the English characters were made of pure gold. They were certainly very bright and shiny.

Li Chenhui turned back and saw Huo Yao standing there with her arms crossed. She was smiling sneakily at the sign at the school entrance.

“Junior Sister…” Li Chenhui raised his hand and squeezed his face in cold sweat.

“Huh?” Huo Yao did not understand what he wanted to say.

Li Chenhui smiled and replied. “Nothing.”

“Why are you still talking among yourselves? Time to go in.” Wu Yue had already walked up to the entrance as he turned to wave at them.

Li Chenhui hurriedly told Huo Yao to keep up.

Someone was there to meet them at the entrance. Before long, they were brought to the campus.

Sirin University was quite different from Tsing University in terms of its surroundings and the campus itself. Everything was clearly segregated.

Since there were over a hundred laboratories in the school, there were cameras everywhere. Also, some places were not open to the public.

Despite all this, Huo Yao still preferred her own school.

She disliked everything about this campus.

“Junior Sister, are you tired?” They had been walking for nearly an hour, but Li Chenhui looked quite energetic.

Huo Yao glanced at him. She did not want to be a letdown. “I’m good.”

“If you’re tired, we can tell the teacher about giving us a break.” Li Chenhui could sense that Huo Yao was not particularly excited ever since entering the campus.

“I’m fine.” Huo Yao raised her head at the sign up ahead and said, “I need the ladies.”

Li Chenhui nodded. Since they were not at Tsing University, he asked cautiously. “Junior Sister, are you okay going there by yourself?”

Huo Yao raised her brow and said solemnly, “Senior Brother, I’m afraid you might get beaten up if you go to the ladies with me.”

“Pfft…” Li Chenhui’s lips twitched. “I never knew you were the mischievous sort.”

Ji Ya could not resist laughing out loud on hearing this. She turned her head and smiled as she said, “I need the ladies too. Shall we go together?”

Huo Yao glanced at her and nodded casually. “Sure.”

The two of them went to the washroom.

Ji Ya came out before long.

She did not need to use the bathroom. She had deliberately volunteered to come with Huo Yao.

For some reason, Ji Ya inexplicably liked Huo Yao. Even though Ji Ya’s mother had told her not to interact with Huo Yao, Ji Ya did not take her mother’s words seriously.

After all, she knew about her mother’s personality.

After waiting for five to six minutes, Huo Yao finally came out. She tossed a used paper towel into the trashcan and walked toward Ji Ya. “My bad. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s fine.” Ji Ya smiled. She did not lose her patience.

Huo Yao made eye contact with Ji Ya. She could not help feeling sorry for the girl.

Even though the Song family had done ruthless things, their daughter still had a strong character. She could not help feeling surprised.

“Oh yes. Where is your hometown?” asked Ji Ya quizzically as she walked side by side with Huo Yao.

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