Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 912 - She Was A Potential Troublemaker

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Chapter 912: She Was A Potential Troublemaker

Huo Yao walked to the side lazily and gestured that she could go ahead and start the comparative testing the moment she heard what Jiang Mingyue said.

Jiang Mingyue glanced at Huo Yao and sneered in her heart. She was certain Huo Yao was simply pretending to be calm.

She could not let a freshman who was the complete layman mock her after all the efforts she put into the experiment.

Moreover, Mu Qing had helped her with the experiment, so it was impossible for things to go wrong.

Jiang Mingyue inhaled deeply and turned to look at Liu Qian as she said in a serious tone, “Mr. Liu, since this is between us, I hope you will be fair.”

Although Liu Qian might feel offended, she had to say it. After all, Huo Yao was Liu Qian’s student. If he went easy on Huo Yao, it would do Jiang Mingyue great injustice.

Sure enough, Liu Qian looked solemn as he pursed his lips and said deeply, “That goes without saying.”

“Perfect.” Jiang Mingyue felt relieved. She turned and walked up to the computer and started to simulate the experiment and create a DNA model.

After the DNA model was rendered, the data could be extrapolated and loaded onto another computer. Then it would be analyzed using special software and comparative testing could be done.

The DNA model rendering was a crucial step and more time was required. Since Jiang Mingyue was determined to teach Huo Yao a lesson, she was particularly serious when she did the simulation.

In comparison to Jiang Mingyue, Huo Yao was a lot calmer. She simply pulled up a chair and sat down.

She thought about how long Jiang Mingyue took to do this previously, so she pulled up another chair and placed it in front of Liu Qian. “Mr. Liu, have a seat.”

Liu Qian was worried that his student might end up bullied by Jiang Mingyue, so he was flabbergasted by Huo Yao’s reaction.

Wasn’t she acting a little too confident?

Huo Yao noticed the shock on his face, so she explained. “It will take at least 30 minutes before there is any work for you.”

Liu Qian’s lips twitched upon hearing this.

Jiang Mingyue was holding the mouse working diligently on the simulation when she heard what Huo Yao said and her hand trembled slightly.

Liu Qian eventually sat down in the chair. He thought about Jiang Mingyue’s revised experiment plan. Judging from his experience, she would probably reach 85 to 90% levels of accuracy during the comparative test.

Jiang Mingyue needed to score 99% for this experiment to be considered a success, but once it was more than 60%, it implied that her work was in the right direction and entirely plausible.

Liu Qian cleared his throat gently before he said to Huo Yao softly, “Why did you have to lose your cool? Even if there was something wrong with the equations, you should have kept it to yourself.”

Jiang Mingyue was a rising star in Biology, so she was undoubtedly talented. If she had the confidence to pick a fight, then she must be confident about the outcome of the simulation.

Even though there was something wrong with her steps, she could always fix it later as long as it did not affect the direction of the outcome.

Liu Qian did not expect Huo Yao to be such a potential troublemaker since she always looked good-natured.

Liu Qian rubbed his forehead before he said softly, “Don’t feel too lousy about it later. Just suck it up and apologize. With me around, I won’t allow her to take things too far.”

Huo Yao listened as Liu Qian spoke to her earnestly and did not know whether she should cry or laugh. She looked sideways at him and sighed slightly before she said, “Mr. Liu, I think… it should be fine for us to be a little bit more confident about this.”

Liu Qian’s lips twitched hard. Could sheer confidence save her?

How could Huo Yao be so oblivious at a time like this?

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