MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 673 Jhonny lucks out .... Again

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Chapter 673 Jhonny lucks out .... Again

Jhonny entered the vault ready to make a run for it.

The stupid pope had put him in handcuffs and put guards on him even after seeing that he could literally pass through things formlessly.

However Jhonny did not expect that when he would enter the vault the place would actually be ransacked with an actual buck naked theif flopping around in the coin stack inside.

The pope was shocked as he gasped

The priestess was shocked too

So we're the paladins

However none of them were as shocked as Jhonny himself as he said in the most bizzare voice tones " Holy mother of god's there is an actual naked man here !!!! ".

Instantly the pope sprung into action as he used his divine might to try restrain dronacharya , as he screamed " HOW DARE YOU THEIF ! ".

Dronacharya felt like sobbing at this second and just cursing his damn luck to be so shitty that the vault that was opened for important inspection only once a year was opened today to find him inside it.

However thankfully for him the book whispered in his mind to use the spell blink that he had learnt only moments ago and get in the tunnel he came from.

Hence using blink , dronacharya escaped from the pope's attack by a fraction of a second as he quickly teleported inside the tunnel he came from.

Proceeding to block the tunnel with all the gold and precious scrolls he had stolen dronacharya vehemently started his escape struggle as he crawled like a caterpillar in the narrow tunnel while being completely naked.

" FU**!!! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY ME! ". He cursed loudly as he continued his escape , angry at the fact that despite not making a single sound he was still somehow caught in the act.

It was as if the universe itself was conspiring against him to make him suffer.

The pope who could sense dronacharya escaping looked at the narrow tunnel and realised that should he use a powerful spell he would destroy countless invaluable spell tomes and articacts which would be a great loss to the church however should he not do it he would have a theif at lose.

Helplessness and regret washing over him , he looked around the room and realised that only the priestess was thin enough to even attempt a chase on the theif. But with her being a healer and not a fighter , even if she did chase the man it would be pointless.

Sad , and helpless the pope said " Forgive me , sir Jhonny , forgive me my goddess beniogre , i doubted your divination.

I- i was wrong ".

As the paladins scrambled to take out the stuffed treasures from the tunnel without damaging the delicate items , Jhonny shook his cuffs off and stretched his body out as he placed a hand over the pope's shoulder and said " It's alright . With me here the sky won't fall ".

Jhonny said the same dailogue that Rudra said to his troops during the war , and the way he said it was similar too.

If this was a cartoon , the priestess's eyes would have two massive hearts plastered all over them at this moment as sir jhonny's image in her mind had became invincible.

As the pope looked at Jhonny wide eyed , Jhonny walked throught the tunnel formlessly and said " Don't worry too much , A theif that can escape this town's Sherif Jhonny English hasn't been born yet ".

Saying so Jhonny casually walked in the tunnel formlessly , his head poking into the soil as he was in actuality completely blind as to what was going on.

But having supreme confidence in the fact that when he would eventually pass the theif , he would make a sound to alert Jhonny that he was present there , Jhonny kept walking at a normal pace.

With dronacharya wrangling naked only 20 meters infront the sound came extremely quickly as when dronacharya saw a massive foot about to stomp his balls , he welped unconsciously as Jhonny swooped on his knees to take a look below and look eye to eye in the eyes of a man from an uncomfortably close distance of 2 centimetres.

Jhonny said " Eww man get some distance , you are being really gay right now ".

But dronacharya recieving a massive shock to see a man suddenly appear in an enclosed tunnel out of nowhere screamed at the top of his lungs.

" Aghhhhhhhh ".

Jhonny had to put his hand over Dronacharya mouth to hush the loud sound , as he said " Oh shut your mouth kid , I'm not into men and not here to take advantage of ur scrawny meatless body .

Look at the bones on ur chest , i can count ur ribs with one glance. How will you ever get chicks with such a frail body .

And look at your manpart , so small , it's even hard right now and smaller than mine when it's soft.

If you put that in a woman she will really ask you the question ' Is it in yet? ' , unless ofcourse you are the type that gets pounded , if you know what i mean ".

Dronacharya became as silent as a dead body at this second , as jhonny's casual monologue had given him a lifetime of emotional damage.

His Weiner was smaller when hard than jhonny's was when it was soft?

Her woman would as is it in yet?

He was the type that would want to get pounded?

From the highs of feeling like a king by the diary , dronacharya suddenly felt like a eunuch meeting Jhonny.

Already frustrated at being caught , he finally broke down as he lashed out trying to hit Jhonny with a right-hand punch . Unfortunately for him however his hand passed right through Jhonny and his the tunnel wall.


The powerful impact caused the tunnel to collapse as him and Jhonny were literally buried alive.

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