MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 674 Jhonny the legend

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Chapter 674 Jhonny the legend

Dronacharya could see nothing as the tunnel collapsed on him , as although the soil around him was lose and he could wiggle around a little , it was nothing much at all.

The duo of him and Jhonny were easily about 200 feet below ground and with the narrow tunnel collapsing , now they had absolutely nowhere to go.

Well , dronacharya had nowhere to go , Jhonny was formless and could travel around as he liked.

It was a natural prison made for dronacharya as this was a situation where no matter how much he struggled he could absolutely not escape death . And death now would mean respawning in the church of light , the same church where he was a wanted man.

Considering the circumstances , dronacharya started to sob pitifully as Jhonny found such behaviour childish and ridiculous.

" Oh don't cry , i can easily save you ". Jhonny said to dronacharya as the man suddenly stopped sobbing.

Dronacharya said " Re- really? "

Jhonny said " Really , but it's a limited time deal because i think the oxygen in here between these narrow soil pores would at maximum last you 2-3 minutes , while after that only death awaits.

So you need to think fast ".

" Yes , yes save me please , I- I'll reward you handsomely ". Dronacharya begged Jhonny.

Jhonny nodded his head as he said " Okay kiddo , hand over your entire loot pile from your inventory and we will talk "

Dronacharya's face paled , but the demons diary whispered in his ears ' Do it , give me to him , I'll charm my way back to you master , he is a pervy old man , he will follow everything i say '.

Deciding to trust the diary , Dronacharya said " O-Okay ".

As he gave everything in his system inventory alongside the cover for the demons diary to Jhonny English , waiting for the diary to play her magic.

However after dronacharya handed over the loot to Jhonny , Jhonny simply walked past him like he did not even exist as he started to walk back towards the vault of the church.

Dronacharya screamed " Oy , Oy , oy , you said you will save me , oy , where are you running away now? ".

However Jhonny just replied " Shakuni of the elites sends his regards ".

When Jhonny name dropped Rudra , he had no idea that it would have such a strong effect on dronacharya as the man completely blew a nut and screamed like a madman " DAMNNN YOU SHAKUNIIIIIIII ".

Jhonny thought ' Jesus Christ that kid has lost it '.

However he paid him no attention as he casually strolled through the contents of his inventory.

Looking at the 300 + high value items inside Jhonny felt extremely satisfied with his work , but he was even more surprised to see that the cover from the demons diary was also present amongst everything else.

Initially his plan was to bargain with the pope to use the 300 items to trade for one demon's diary book cover , but since he already had it in his posession now he could just return 295 items and say that he never recieved the other 5.

With the tunnel collapsing there was a good chance of those items being buried forever and Jhonny had nothing to prove to anyone.

Choosing to leave some items in the dirt here and there to make the perfect cover , Jhonny giggled as he marvelled at his own masterplan.

He thought to himself ' Kids these days , soo gullible , i can't beleive i scammed him into giving all his items to me .

Such an idiot , probably fell for my handsome face .

Agh Jhonny you charmer '.

Jhonny started to narcissisticly praise himself , and for a second even the demons diary felt awkward peering into jhonny's mind as it could not find anything useful to manipulate him at all , with his self narcissism levels higher than even what the book had itself.

The book realised that dronacharya was doomed when the tunnel collapsed so it tried its luck with its new master knowing that should dronacharya die and respawn at the church , he would most likely be forced to give the diary up and it would be sealed for a long time again.

However never in its wildest dreams did it imagine that it would fall into the hands of a man like Jhonny English .

The book said ' Master is indeed the most handsome '.

It used the voice of a cute loli girl this time , as considering all the options it felt it would be the most effective on jhonny however it recieved the coldest reply it could never have imagined from Jhonny

'" Oh , so the hoe decided to speak? Shuttup demon , Jhonny English doesn't fall prey to women's charms ".

If the book was a human it would have puked a mouthful of blood at this instant , as it felt violated by jhonny's cold reply.

Jhonny continued " I'll dump you here in the middle of nowhere if you utter another word , so please keep your mouth shut ".

The book instantly shut its mouth , in its thousands of years of lifespan it had never met a man as cold as Jhonny English , as although he was only tier 3 , the inside of his mind was a mess.

The book had successfully enslaved even tier 5 rulers once upon a time , prying into their desires , however infront of a weak Jhonny English it was powerless as the man was beyond even it's comprehension.

Not uttering a single word , the book became docile as it's fate now rested in the hands of Jhonny.

With his hands behind his back , Jhonny casually strolled our of the collapsed tunnel infront of the pope and the rest , as he was shocked to see that nearly 20,000 paladins now covered the room.

Looking at the room as if he was the supreme god and everyone else present was his follower , Jhonny casually flicked his hand to reveal the loot he had reclaimed , as hundereds of treasures filled the floor.

Finally he said " The thief should die of oxygen deprivation soon . You might wanna issue a restraining order against him , my lovely pope ".

Just like that , Jhonny gave an direct order to the leader of the free world's relegion . The pope of the church of light who scrambled to obey.

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