Monster Integration - Chapter 2561 Liberate

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Chapter 2561 Liberate

"The bastard has escaped," Rai confirmed as he sucked back all the hell-fire back into its body and revealed himself.

It is really good at escaping; first, it had escaped from the lady Vivian, and now, it had escaped from you," I said, looking at the spot from which it had disappeared.

I am very regretful; not only we have let a very powerful Grimm Monster escape, but I also lost a source of great boost. If I had harnessed its bloodline, then there would have been very few High Grandmasters that would have posed a threat to me.

Barely anyone would have had the power to break my shields; even Rai wouldn't have been able to break my shields, even if he used all its strength or even burned his whole bloodline, that strong of the boost it would have given me.

"Well, next time, the bastard won't be able to escape," said Rai, and I understood what it meant. "I am sure you would not have any problem killing it when you meet next time," I replied, and he won't; the same would be if it met Grandmaster Atkins.

If they meet a month later, I am willing to bet that Grandmaster Atkins would have the power to kill as long they met here near the body of water.

"Let's act fast; we only have three days before we have to go back," said Rai, "We will begin with this place," I said and waved my hand, and soon hundreds of Grimms began to float above, including the six Grimm Grandmasters that were covered in a black substance and three that were hiding.

There are slightly over eight hundred Grimms here, from Emperors to Grandmasters, and I am going to kill them all.

"Should I give the speech or you?" Asked Rai, "You give it since you have some experience in liberation," I replied with a smile.

"Once again, the hassle fell on me, and it is all fault of this handsome face of mine," signed sigh, which put a smile on everyone's faces.

It is not just the Grimms we are killing, but also liberating all the humans, and we can't do that silently. There must be some kind of show, as while it may not be big for us, it is life-changing for them, and they deserved it after what they and their ancestors suffered for thousands of years.

"My fellow, you have been slaves to the Grimms for thousands of years, but today, we liberate you from their shackled," said Rai while thousands of humans watched, with varying emotions; some had a shock while some were crying.

Though there were some that did not dare to believe, and a few of them even burst out cursing loudly, Rai took them all with a smile.

"It might seem hard to believe, but it is the tr…." Rai continued with the speech, and I have to say, he is quite a good orator.

He mentions everything from false propaganda about the human race's defeat and lies about the human race being part of Grimm.

"So, today, we will break your shackles and punish the Grimms for the suffering they have caused you," he finished and turned to me. I just nodded and waved my hand.

Crack Crack …Bang

While outside, everything was silent, but every human heard the cracking and exploding sound inside them as the slave seals inside them cracked and blasted into pieces.

It seemed like this was a revelation these people needed for the reality to truly seep. Smiles and tears begin to stream down their faces while some even shout loudly.

Seeing their joy, a faint sadness couldn't help but well in my heart. While they are free, they are not totally free and wouldn't be years or never.

In the tens of thousands of years of war, we have learned many things, and one of them is that we couldn't directly integrate these liberated humans into the general populace. There are many spies and the few that are truly gone and would do anything for the Grimms.

It is why we have protected cities, where we keep eyes on these people and only let them in a general populace after decades or even centuries of careful inspection.

Since this is a ruin and it will not drift apart in a thousand years, we will not move them, and also, we need them.

This whole ruin is one giant herbal farm due to thick energy, and each of them had been trained by the Grimms since they could walk; bringing them out to the protected cities would be an utter waste. The pyramid will not have it.

Ahhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhh

The humans just understood the breaking of their slave seals when they began to hear the screams.

It is from the Grimm Monsters, from Emperor to Grandmaster; every Grimm is screaming as I had begun to harvest them.

I have never harvested these many Grimms in my life without the help of external items, but I am doing it right now, and thankfully, I will not have any problem as I have already finished up the biggest challenge, inserting the strings inside then.

With few of them having bloodline, it is runes doing most of the job. If I had been doing it on my own, it would have taken a lot of time and would also need immense effort

The Grimms screamed loudly while the huge amount of bloodline energy came at me; of the nine Grandmasters, four of them had bloodlines. There are seventeen Masters, thirty-five leaders, and fifty-one elites that have the bloodlines, and these huge amounts of bloodline essences are coming at me.

Keeping this in mind, I had planted a few more important seeds, and my clone had already harvested 30% of resources off the trees; it is necessary as the growth energy I will get from it would be more than enough to replace those resources and some more.

Time passed as the screams of Grimms became louder and louder while they became thinner and greyer, till the time came when they became silent.

Dhub Dhub Dhun!

The Grimms begin to explode one after another, revealing beautiful essence roses that, by the time the dust had cleared, the field of essence roses appeared in front of me.

"Beautiful," Said Grandmaster Atkins beside me; "It is really hard to believe you could create such beautiful things from these vicious bastards," Rai added; to that, I only smiled.

Inside my core, the huge amount of growth energy had exploded. It is going for every plant, making them grow like crazy.

The resources my clone harvested just a few minutes ago began to fill the trees, and seeing the way they were growing, it seemed like I would have to harvest another badge of resources, and seeing that, I couldn't help but feel ecstatic.

The project took a lot of resources, and the more resources I have, the more it will help. Here are all the resources that are powerful and exceptionally rare; each of them will help the project immensely.

It took a while, but all the growth energy disappeared, leaving behind trees filled with resources, and it is not just trees.

There are resources packed in neat boxes, thousand and thousand of them, each other containing precious resources.

The best news among all is that all seven stainless blood soul lotuses had reached the peak of Emperor class, and the twenty-one lotus plants from the seed I had thrown in the corrupted pool have also become big enough that next time when I feed them a High Grandmaster growth energy, there will be the lotuses on them.

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