Monster Integration-Chapter 2830 Two Vs Three

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Chapter 2830 Two Vs Three


The Tigerman fell down with injuries across its eyes and neck; it had taken quite an effort to wean away the power of the potion from its system before killing it.

The core of strategy was eyes; I never let it heal; without the ability to see, it was a fish on a chopping board, a powerful wriggly fish, but still, a fish that I finally succeeded in gutting.

“Bastard!” Cursed the Habr, the Violet Viperman, who wanted to aid its kin but was stopped by lady Veronica.

Targ, on the other hand, is completely busy fighting Silas Bishop. It had not even looked when the Grimm died; only an idiot would dare to distract himself when fighting a dangerous enemy like the Silas Bishop.

Both of the battles are great, I just wanted to sit and watch the battles, but I could not do that. Killing these bastards as soon as possible is the highest priority.


So, I gulped the stamina potion and moved toward Silas Bishop; while Lady Veronica needed help, killing Targ is more important. It is a member of the coven with a very high chance of reaching the level of Grand Lord in this place.

“Leave this bastard to me; help Veronica,” said Silas Bishop when I was about to reach the battle; hearing that, I immediately turned and ran toward Lady Veronica.

It is not me following the bastard’s order but doing what is right. If I had joined the battle despite his objection, then there would be friction between us, and it will help the Grimm instead of helping us.

So, it is better I aid Lady Veronica first; after we kill the Viperman, we will be able to help him against the Targ, and Bishop would not be an idiot to reject help despite its massive ego.

Soon, I reached the battle and performed a few hand signs in quick succession from the angel Grimm could not see despite the wide view its giant eyes offered it.


That is all Lady Veronica said.

A second later, I joined the battle against the Violet Viperman; the Grimm was much more experienced than the Tigerman I had just fought, but it is now fighting against two humans.

I immediately went for the legs while Lady Veronica dealt with its sword. The Viperman is quite nimble and seeing me coming for its legs; it had been moved around, using a lot more footwork than before.

Seeing that, a smile couldn’t help but appear on my face; it shouldn’t have done that when fighting against me; you should be stable, but he does not know much about me, and I have fought with a completely different style against Tigerman and now using completely different against it.

Slash Slash

A few seconds later, I landed my first attack on the Viperman; its legs began to bleed, and there was no shower of blood; the injuries were to cause pain and restrict jammed its movements, which would happen in a few minutes.

I once again signed the gestures at Lady Vivian, and immediately we changed position; I began to defend against its swords while Lady Vivian began to attack it; her target is specific spots on its thighs.

“You wretched humans,” cursed the Viperman loudly; it had been a minute since I have joined the battles, and it had suffered quite a lot of injuries.

From its feet to its chest, one could score injuries, half of which are still bleeding.

People might consider them harassing injuries with minor effects, but they are wrong. The Grimm had already realized what we had done to it, seeing how cautious it had become, and if it could, it would have definitely tried to drink the potion.

It had tried a few seconds ago, but now that bottle was lying in the mud.

I once again signed and gestured at Lady Veronica, and her eyes became serious; from the tree she had been, she jumped toward its head, and at the same time, I jumped on its sword hands.

“You finally fell into my trap,” said the Viperman, without care for the Lady Veronica coming from behind as it quickly legs off one hand at sword and brings it toward me at surprising speed.

The speed at which its hand is moving is really great; I don’t think many Grimms would be able to achieve such speed with its limbs as it is right now.

It is definitely the bastard’s trump card, a damn good one against such a human.

It took its hand barely a second to reach me, and the moment it did, I jumped. It seemed to be expecting that as it moved its hand toward me without losing even a fraction of speed.

“Caught you!” It said with a smile as its fingers stretched to catch me, “Not yet!” I said and brought down my sword at the bone of its middle finger. My move seemed like a suicide move; even the smile on Grimms had brightened up seeing that.

Me piercing my sword to its middle finger would be painful, but in turn, it will catch me, and after that, all it had to be squeeze me, and I will spurt like a tomato.

If I had any options, I wouldn’t have taken such a risk either, but there was no choice when its hand came at such incredible speed.

I had looked at all the options, and this one seemed to be the best one.


“You are mi” said the Grimms as my sword pierced into its finger; at first, there was no reaction, but soon a surprise flashed into its eyes, which transformed into a shock as its hand froze.

‘Even it did not know,’ I said, seeing its reaction. Even I was not sure it would work, I had studied its anatomy and knew what would happen if I pierced my sword at that specific spot, but I was not completely sure of it, as I had never tried it.

I did not waste time; I squeezed out of its hand before jumping toward its eyes; it reacted fast, and a hand came at me; while it could not move its fingers, it had no problem moving the hand.

Its hand was chasing me when suddenly it slowed down as another attack landed on it, and this time at its huge skull, on a very popular weak spot it had above its skull.


I reached its left eye and pierced it before jumping up; this time, I was able to avoid its hand inches, while at the same time, Lady Veronica jumped on its shoulder and slashed deeply at its neck.

“I will kill you,” shouted the Violet Viperman, and that is the only thing it could do as we bring injury after injury across its body.

It should have run away because it did not take us long to take out its other eyes, which have sealed its fate. It was then it tried to run away, but it was already too late.

It was too late, as now, even if the Bullman came, it would not be able to save it.

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