Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1023 - Junyi's Solution  

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Chapter 1023: Junyi’s Solution

Chu Tian asked Junyi, because he had noticed that Junyi looked very relaxed, as if what he was assigned to do wasn’t something difficult. So he asked him what he was thinking.

And when Chu Tian heard that Junyi did come up with a solution, he could not help feeling surprised.

He had been making the plans for the court of the Saint Divine Land these past few years, so Chu Tian had thought that he was smart enough to counter everything. However, he was running out of ideas facing this situation, whilst the young Officer had come up with something already.

Chu Tian was not an arrogant person. He did not think that Junyi was lying.

After a moment of surprise he asked, “What is your opinion?”

Junyi looked at Chu Tian and smiled. He appreciated Chu Tian, but he hadn’t spoken with Chu Tian many times before. So while he was socializing with Chu Tian at the moment, he was also testing him. He would like to know what Chu Tian was like as the Prime Minister. Unexpectedly, after spending some time together, he found that Chu Tian was more outstanding than he had anticipated.

He was in a high position, but he was not arrogant and was actually extremely respectful.

That was something that people were not often able to achieve.

So that was the reason why Chu Tian was able to work as the Prime Minister for many years and still stand firmly on his spot – he had a very good personality.

Junyi smiled and said as he walked. “The most important thing right now is how to build a defending wall, so that the things won’t come down to attack the villagers. But due to the terrain, where the mountain is very high, we can still build some walls and gates. However, they aren’t the best solution now, since building such a wall takes too much time.”


“Since it doesn’t work from the top, we can do it from the bottom, which will make everything easier.”

Hearing this opinion, Chu Tian suddenly felt his eyes brighten, as if he realized something, but he still wasn’t able to understand what he meant by “doing it from the bottom.”

However, he was extremely interested, as he pricked up his ears, ready to hear what he was going to say.

Seeing the way Prime Minister Chu reacted, Junyi more or less understood that the fundamental skeleton of his plan should work. Actually, he had not come up with a detailed solution, but only started to make a general plan.

When receiving Prime Minister Chu’s approval, Junyi started to feel that his plan was becoming clearer.

He showed a relaxed and confident expression. “When I first arrived at the village, I learned something from the villagers. They say that they were instructed by someone called Shanhu, so they ended up climbing to the top of the trees and therefore escaped being hurt.”


“So that basically means one thing – those things are very solid in the body, and we can’t possibly hurt them. Yet their weakness is that they can’t move as freely as we can. In that case, we don’t have to fight them face to face. We can just take advantage of their drawbacks.”


“We can dig a pit like a dike at the foot of the mountain. When they come down to us, they may fall into the dike and we can catch them while they are trapped there.”


“That should be the most effective method.”

Chu Tian’s eyes sparkled.

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