Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1111

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Chapter 1111: Strategist

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He was a strategist!

And he was a strategist working for the King-to-be, so what he needed to do was to help the Crown Prince find a solution to make a plan for the future of the Saint Divine Land.


There were so many important things they needed to do and make plans about, yet the Crown Prince and the Crown Prince Consort kept spending time and effort upon useless things!

What were those things, and what use could they be? Those things were so simple and yet they were asking Junyi to help make a plan?


He was an ambitious strategist. He had a heart for the world.

Even when he had not worked for the Crown Prince, he had never thought about working for business people for the sake of money and survival like the other disciples of his.

And now... He was asked to do this kind of thing? He was asked to make a plan about how to take over one small restaurant?

What was the point of this? Why should a talent like him work on a small thing like this?

Junyi was furious.

He frowned and said, “Crown Prince, Destiny Monk is now in the capital and there are many things we need to work on, why are you working on such small things?”

“What do you mean, you servant?” Gu Ruxue got very displeased. Her brother wanted to take over Yellow Crane, and there were so many people at the Crown Prince’s Mansion so they could just get some people to have this solved in one go, why did it cost any energy?

“Crown Prince Consort, what I mean is that you are the Phoenix Girl, and since Destiny Monk is back, we should do everything to make you honored.” Junyi did not feel like speaking with this stupid woman, but he still gave an explanation to convince her, so that she could drop her pestering.

Hearing his words, Gu Ruxue smiled. She remembered how she got dressed on the day when she went to the temple and this servant’s eyes were sparkling when he saw her.

She was charming and it was very normal that many people might find her attractive. Otherwise they would want to spend effort thinking about the request she had just raised.

So she stopped being so furious.

“I don’t care, we have to get Yellow Crane for my brother.” Gu Ruxue sounded spoiled and arrogant.

Junyi truly did not want to spare another look at this stupid woman. Women were just barriers, stupid and impractical. They should just stay in the yard and give birth to babies. Stupid ones like her should not get involved with the business men were dealing with.

However, she was the Crown Prince Consort so he could do nothing about her.

Zhou Huailing thought for a while and consoled. “Alright, I will just speak with Eighth Brother in a couple of days. It is such a small thing that I will make sure Yunhe gets it.”

“Really?” Gu Ruxue looked very happy.

“Of course.” Zhou Huailing answered and replied gently. “If he doesn’t want to give the restaurant to us, I will get people to force them to give it to us. All restaurants will be easily taken over by us.”


“Anyway, just go to take a break, me and Junyi need to talk about something else.”

Gu Ruxue nodded, then she stood up and headed towards the yard. However, after a few steps, she paused in front of Junyi and showed him a very exaggeratingly beautiful smile.

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