Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 603 - No Admitting

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Chapter 603: No Admitting

Gu Chaoyan looked at the Imperial Master, then she smiled.

She smiled very frankly.

She turned to Manager Song and said, “Manager Song, what about bringing the wine here to the front desk, each kind of them. Oh well, you can also fetch the Pear Flower Brewery for this special guest to have a taste.”

Hearing what Gu Chaoyan said, Manager Song got the point.

They were anxious and feeling guilty, but they did not have to, because it was their own wine and they had even more categories of their own.

Manager Song started to smile. Instead of saying anything more, he went to fetch the wine.

Prince Muyi, the Imperial Master and the folk from the Fan Nation were all confused. They had no idea what Gu Chaoyan was about to do.

They were still very confused, when Manager Song brought different kinds of wine to them together with the pageboys from the Yellow Crane.

Gu Chaoyan made a personal introduction. “This is the Apple Wine, this is Plum Wine, this is Apricorn Wine, this is Grape Wine, and this is a mix wine. Well, apart from these kinds of fruit wine, we also introduced other kinds of fruit wine according to the season. And we also have a Pear Flower Brewery, please have a taste of it.”

“This Grape Wine is just one of our special types, and it is not even our brand wine.”

“You said that we stole your recipe, but can you make other kinds of fruit wine too? Or, does the wine from our sides taste the same? I can guarantee here that my wine is not only tasty, but also refreshes you!” Gu Chaoyan said with determination.

She was extremely confident about that.

The Fan Nation might have been making wine for a long while, but so what? She had magical water!

Prince Muyi’s eyes widened.

There was no such wine and there would not be any wine like this in their country. Could there have been a misunderstanding in this matter?

Gu Chaoyan asked Manager Song to pour them the wine for a taste, then she added, “If you are still not convinced, then present your wine and let the passers-by have a taste so they can make a judgement about how the taste is!”

The Imperial Master was not at all convinced.

He asked his staff to fetch their wine, then he gathered everyone from the alleyway next to them so it was empty outside Yellow Crane.

Prince Muyi did not even have time to taste the wine himself!

He watched the passers-by stop and get the wine to drink. The wine was served in two identical cups, so that there would not be any visible difference for people to recognize.

The passers-by were delighted about that. The ordinary folk almost had no chance to have a taste of the wine at the Yellow Crane, but now they could have the wine for free. So they were all gathered at the table.

Some liked wine, they drank wine from the two cups, and then pointed at one cup. “This is from the Yellow Crane! I remember the taste, it is so good and makes me feel fresh!”

Other people pointed that out too.

The people from the Fan Nation were all so embarrassed. They were extremely proud of their grape wine and now their grape wine was worse than someone else’s.

Prince Muyi could not help but have a cup too.

After he finished the wine, he could tell the difference.

That wine made people extremely comfortable. How could that be possible?

The Imperial Master, who noticed the way Prince Muyi behaved, realized that the situation was not that simple.

Prince Muyi was straightforward, which was quite clear for them.

So he dragged him aside and whispered. “Prince, we have no money in storage and we need to make use of the wine. You have to insist that it is the same wine, otherwise the King….the King…”

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