My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1553 - Used to the Love

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Chapter 1553: Used to the Love


Zhou Qi’an threw a look at Fu Hanzheng who was standing next to him as if he had seen a ghost. He had no eyes for anyone else but his wife in his arms, looking so gentle that he did not look like the Fu Hanzheng he knew at all.

When Fu Shiyi showed off the children on Moments, he said that it was his brother’s children.

He found it incredible that his friend, Fu Hanzheng, who had never been interested in women, would get married and have children.

Then he came here today and when they asked him about getting married and having children, he didn’t give them any other information other than saying that he was going to introduce his wife to them today.

Although she had encountered some trouble earlier this year, Fu Hanzheng managed to keep this mysterious Mrs. Fu hidden from everyone… until now.

No wonder Mu Weiwei, the Movie Queen worth billions, retired at the peak of her career and did not do any more work… She was married to him.

But the two of them kept the secret so well. The children were already so old and yet the rest of the world knew nothing about it.

Also, judging from the look in his eyes, he must be spoiling this girl.

Fu Hanzheng checked the time and asked, “When are we eating?”


Startled, Zhou Qi’an said, “In half an hour.”

“Please, my brother means that my sister-in-law is hungry.” Fu Shiyi expressed what his brother meant.

“…” Zhou Qi’an pursed his lips – must he be such a slave to his wife?

Seeing his expression, Fu Shiyi patted his shoulders sympathetically.

“You’ll get used to it after witnessing too much of their love.”

Zhou Qi’an asked someone to hurry up the kitchen, and 15 minutes later they were seated.

For the sake of talking, Zhou Qi’an’s table only had people they knew well, and apart from Gu Weiwei, no other female guests were invited.

Zhou Qi’an and the others were all making toasts, but Fu Hanzheng did not touch a single drink.

“President Fu, I apologize for the issues my banquet has caused you tonight.”

Fu Hanzheng threw a look at Zhou Qi’an who was making the toast. “I’m driving, so I will not be drinking.”

“Alright, I will drink on behalf of my brother.” Fu Shiyi took over the wine, clinked glasses with Zhou Qi’an and drank it all.

Since Fu Hanzheng did not drink, Zhou Qi’an and the others did not ask him to drink any more. So they drank as they talked about the stock market and the financial crisis in Europe.

However, Fu Hanzheng was just listening without saying a word, focusing on getting food for Gu Weiwei.

Also, he took a piece of fresh meat and spent half a day picking out all the bones.

Zhou Qi’an put down the wine glass and protested.

“President Fu, we are here for food, not to witness your love.”

He was such a cold person, how did he become like this in front of his wife?

Mrs. Fu was an adult and she knew how to get her own food.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed that it was the Fu Hanzheng he knew.

Embarrassed, Gu Weiwei whispered, “Don’t mind me, I am full.”

They were not at home, but he could not possibly pretend that he cared less about this girl, who was eating at the same table, just because they were with others. However, if he showed that he cared so much about her, his image as a cold and arrogant president would be ruined.

Fu Hanzheng thought that she must have eaten enough, so he put down the chopsticks and started to talk with Zhou Qi’an about some overseas projects.

Gu Weiwei drank some drinks, got up and was about to leave the table.

Fu Hanzheng, who was talking with someone, suddenly stopped and asked her, “Where are you going?”

Gu Weiwei said helplessly, “The bathroom.”

Zhou Qi’an and others felt their foreheads; this was not the Fu Hanzheng they knew, definitely not.

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