My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1562 - Fu Hanzheng's Affection

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Chapter 1562: Fu Hanzheng’s Affection

“Li Xing’er!”

Wei Ziting suddenly stood up, raised his hand to slap her hard across the face.

But before he was able to do that, Mrs. Wei stopped him.

“Alright, Xing’er, you can go home now.”

Li Xing’er bit her lips and left, knowing that she would get nothing if she continued to stay here.

Seeing her leaving, Mrs. Wei threw a look at the livid Wei Ziting.

“You chose her yourself, what are you arguing about now?”

“I don’t want to argue with her, but look at what she has done!” Wei Ziting got very annoyed.

Mrs. Wei sighed deeply. “I tried so hard to get you in through Mrs. Zhou, but look at what has happened now.”

Instead of gaining anything good for the Wei Family, they got themselves into a lot of trouble.


“If it is just a matter offending her, then Fu Hanzheng would not cause trouble for the Wei Family because of a woman.” Mr. Wei guessed that most people who did great things would not be so narrow-minded.

“Dad, you have underestimated Fu Hanzheng’s feelings towards her,” Wei Ziting said.

Judging from how Fu Hanzheng acted and how he looked at Mu Weiwei, he could tell that he truly liked her.

His expression changed when he heard that Mu Weiwei was wronged at the banquet.

If they had not apologized in time, he would have stood up for her.

If he did not ask him to apologize to Mu Weiwei, then there was only one possibility – he would remember this grudge.

If he did not take revenge on them now, the Wei Family would suffer in the future.

Mrs. Wei asked, “You two have known each other for years, but you have never begged Mu Weiwei. She is now Mrs. Fu and Fu Hanzheng always listens to her.”

“I can’t talk with her, and Fu Hanzheng won’t let me approach her either,” Wei Ziting said helplessly.

When he found Mu Weiwei and talked with her later on at the banquet, Fu Hanzheng personally came to find her and warned him not to approach her any more.

There would not be any more opportunities in the future.

Mrs. Wei turned to her husband and asked, “Then what should we do?”

“Let’s just take it one step at a time. If he wants to stand up for his woman, he may give us a hard time, but it won’t be too much,” Mr. Wei said.

If the Fu Family really wanted to do something, they would not be able to do anything about it.

Resistance would only lead to more intense revenge, so they had to do whatever they could to let it pass over them quickly.

Mrs. Fu thought for a while and said, “I will go and meet Mrs. Zhou and ask them to talk with the Fu Family.”

“Thanks, mom.” Wei Ziting sighed.

Hearing her words, Mr. Wei stressed.

“From now on, Li Xing’er must keep her mouth shut.”

She had caused so much trouble today, and if she did not restrain herself in the future, the Wei Family would be doomed.

“If she wants to do that again, she can just get a divorce.” Mrs. Wei snorted.

They had not been satisfied with this daughter-in-law, but they only approved of her because she had a grandson.

Even if her son got divorced, she could still find a better business partner for Ziting.

“He insisted on marrying her himself and now he wants a divorce. Does he think marriage is a joke?” Mr. Wei glanced at Mrs. Wei and snapped. “Our grandchild is too young for me to allow such a thing.”

Mrs. Wei pursed her lips. “She is of no help to Ziting’s work and she doesn’t even know how to maintain the relationships with the noble ladies. What is the point of having such a daughter-in-law?”

She had been thinking about becoming an actress again, but those from wealthy families looked down upon those from the entertainment zone.

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