My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1563 - Heartache for Her Son

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Chapter 1563: Heartache for Her Son

However, days went by without any retaliation from the Fu Family.

Wei Ziting was worried over the fact that the revenge from the Fu Family had not come, but those rich ladies who had offended the Fu Family because of Li Xing’er kept causing trouble for Far East Enterprise.

There was never a peaceful day because the quality of products was constantly being reported or the shareholders were involved in some sort of scandal.

Wei Ziting had been so busy dealing with these problems that he was totally exhausted.

Because of these things, he had been very annoyed, so he did not return to his and Li Xing’er’s home but stayed at the Wei Family’s villa.

It was already late at night when he came home after another problem was solved.

Mrs. Wei was also so worried that she did not sleep for half the night. When she saw her son’s skinny figure when he returned, she felt very distressed.

“Everything is solved?”

Wei Ziting leaned against the sofa tiredly. “Just barely.”

“Good, good,” Mrs. Wei said and asked the servant to bring over the soup. “Drink the soup, you have lost so much weight.”


Wei Ziting sat up straight, took the soup and sighed deeply.

“I wonder what trouble will come tomorrow.”

“Drink the soup and go to bed,” Mrs. Wei said concernedly.

Seeing her son working so hard because of Li Xing’er, she hated this daughter-in-law even more.

Wei Ziting had just taken two sips of soup when the phone rang again.

He put down the bowl and answered the call, “What is it now?”

“Wei Ziting, the baby is having a fever, come home now,” Li Xing’er said anxiously.

Wei Ziting sighed deeply. Although he did not want to talk with Li Xing’er, he was concerned about his own son.

“Take him to the hospital with the servant, I will be there soon.”

“The servant is off work today, how am I supposed to get there?” Li Xing’er was interrogating him and the child was crying.

Wei Ziting gritted his teeth. “I will be right there.”

Having said these words, he rang off and was about to leave.

“What is it? Li Xing’er again?” Mrs. Wei asked with a cold expression.

“The baby is having a fever, and the servant asked for leave today, I need to go home,” Wei Ziting said.

If it had not been because of this child, he would never want to see her again.

Mrs. Wei snorted.

“How does she take care of the child? Why is she calling you when she should be taking the cold to the hospital?”

He had just come home but was now too busy to drink the soup. Something might happen at the company tomorrow and Li Xing’er was still causing trouble at this hour.

“The child is more important, I am leaving now,” Wei Ziting said in a hurry.

Unconvinced, Mrs. Wei said straightforwardly, “Hang on, I will get changed and go with you.”

“No thanks, it is late, you can sleep now.” Wei Ziting checked the time and did not want Mrs. Wei to tag along.

“If it is not serious, I will stay at the hospital with my grandchild, so that you can come home to rest,” Mrs. Wei said as she hurried back to the bedroom to get changed and followed him back.

Li Xing’er did not care about her husband, but she did care about her son.

The mother and the son came to Wei Ziting and Li Xing’er’s place, picked up Li Xing’er and the crying child and hurried to the hospital.

Luckily, the child was not seriously ill, but Mrs. Wei still lectured Li Xing’er.

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