My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 645 - The First Female Territory Lord, a Sudden Night Ambush! Part 2

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Chapter 645: The First Female Territory Lord, a Sudden Night Ambush! Part 2

Half an hour later, on the flat ground of the mountain peak, three groups of huge campfires rose from into the sky, and eleven small tents were built around the campfire.

Because they still had plenty of time, the soldiers in charge of preparing dinner were leisurely taking their time to prepare a feast for everyone.

They took out fresh vegetables and a few pounds of beef stored in their storage space.

Iron pans were set up, and when they were heated, they poured in oil and stir-fried the vegetables and beef. Next, they added some snow that melted into water.

A simple vegetable beef soup that would warm them from the cold was effortlessly made and placed aside.

Another simple meal was prepared.

They placed noodles that had been prepared in advance into the pot and sprinkled some spicy spices and some vegetables. Afterward, they poured in some hot oil to make a simple noodles dish.

After a while, the strong aroma from the food could no longer be covered as the wind blew and spread throughout the camp, even floating toward the Three Dollar Mountain.

Su Mo had been drinking psychic energy water for a long time, so it was easy for him to resist the fragrance easily. He sat on a small bed in the tent and flipped through the encyclopedia he had obtained earlier.

The soldiers also had great resistance to this fragrance because they had been well fed even since joining the territory.

Meanwhile, the Liu brothers, who had just joined the team were immediately attracted to food.

“How…how do they have such good meals?”

“The vegetables are green, they’re… they’re even greener than the grass on the ground, and the noodles are whiter than clouds. How do they…”

The two brothers stood in the corner dumbfounded as they stuttered while conversing.

As the lords of a territory, they thought that what they had was much better than most people in the New World.

Apart from the taste of their food, they thought that they had been eating well and were clothed well every day, which they considered a comfortable life.

However, the scene before them made them aware they were nothing when compared to others.

After seeing the indifferent expression on the soldier’s face, an emotion called longing gradually started brewing in their hearts.

“Do you think this weirdo is really Su Mo? Ah no, I mean the Almighty Su?”

Hearing his younger brother stutter as he suggested the doubts in his heart, Liu Jie, who stood beside also turned toward him and glanced at him.

They were both shocked.



Their emotions were complicated.

The emotions that flashed in their eyes were the same.

When the facts and evidence continued to pile in front of them, the answer to their question no longer had to be proven.

Dinner was served on the table at eleven forty-five at night.

Su Mo walked out of the tent and met with the extremely enthusiastic soldiers. He thought about it for a while and suddenly realized why they were so excited.

It was the last day of the snowfall disaster and also the last three milestones of the long winter.

After midnight, the heavy snowfall would ultimately come to an end and become a thing of the past.

The annoying snowy days would only become memories in people’s minds, and the videos on the disaster resistance channel would be the only thing preserved.

Although fifteen days later, the second freezing weather disaster that would make one numb was about to arrive.

However, before the disaster, there would be a small break in between. The thought of finally being able to say goodbye to the dark clouds every day and enjoying the warm sunny days for a while was enough to excite anyone.

“Shelter leader, you should sit in front!”

The three dining tables were temporarily put together in a strange shape.

Generally, it still looked like a hexagonal shape, and one table was enough to accommodate more than 30 people at once.

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