My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 646 - The First Female Territory Lord, a Sudden Night Ambush! Part 3

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Chapter 646: The First Female Territory Lord, a Sudden Night Ambush! Part 3

Su Mo stepped up to approach the seat prepared for him, and after everyone sat down, he stood up and held up a beef soup.

“Today is the last day of the snow disaster, and we will usher in a brand new day in ten minutes!

“I’m pleased to announce that we have successfully gotten through another disaster again!”

Despite being unable to celebrate in the territory, they sat on the barren mountain but still enjoyed the different atmosphere.

The hot beef soup entered his throat, and the delicious aroma of vegetables subtly blended with the deliciousness of beef and was devoured into his stomach along the soup.

The soldiers watched as Su Mo finished his bowl of soup and immediately followed after him, finishing their soup in one mouthful.

After the meal, everyone’s belly was round and bloated. There were no longer bothered by the chilly weather and were warmed up by the food.

“Everyone should go to bed early tonight and wake up early to continue our journey!

“Tianmin, remember to arrange for someone to be on night watch duty. We must not let our guards down so easily in this unfamiliar place.”

After receiving the order, Feng Tianmin, who was beside him, nodded and left to make arrangements.

They did not need too many people to stand on guard at night in the mountains, so only eight people were arranged at a time.

Those who were on guard would also need to travel by foot and would be able to catch up with sleep in the climbing car.

In terms of the difficulty of the work, the night shift was actually an easy job.

Their excitement came and went very quickly in the dark and chilly night.

After a while, everyone washed up, and the blazing campfire was the only thing left in the center of the camp.

Su Mo returned to his tiny tent and silently listened to the sound of the fire crackling outside. He was not sleepy, so he lay on the bed leisurely and began to go through the harvest of the past few days.

‘This journey sure did increase the acquisition of points rapidly! Yesterday, I conquered the Cliff Territory and was rewarded 3,000 survival points! It’s a huge gain this time!

‘I only had a few hundred points when I left the territory. It didn’t take long for me to reach 5,000 points again!’

‘In terms of survival points, I surely acquire a considerable income every day as long as I’m out of the territory.’

This more or less proved that there was a positive gain in strength!

In terms of territory points, it maintained a steady acquisition of 1.6 points. The total points were nearing 30 points!

After some research, Su Mo closed the system panel with a smile and was satisfied.

He was the foundation and key in establishing a home for the humans in the doomsday wasteland.

Although the points were dead objects and could not be used immediately.

However, when he left the Great Mountains and returned to the territory, it could be quickly converted into development and positively increase the territory’s potential.

“In half a month, I’ll have at least 30,000 survival points and 50 territory points when I’m back in the basin.

“By that time, the rice leaves will have already matured, and a few of the magical plants will also be entering the next stage of cultivation!”

In terms of numbers, the entire basin compared to the Origin Territory was like a baby fighting against an adult and was simply incomparable.

They might be slightly on par with Three Dollar Territory.

Origin Territory was slightly stronger than the basin in terms of infrastructure because of its large population but was somewhat weaker in terms of the residents’ livelihoods.

Meanwhile, Three Dollar Territory was weaker in both aspects and could only dwell inside the cave, unable to leave the mountains.

However, in terms of development potential, both these territories or even those ranked before them would be turned into dust in seconds if they were to go against the current basin.

Su Mo was confident that after a period and when the next rankings were opened again, his territory would be ranked in the top ten of humans and fifty of the overall races!

“Oreo, good girl! I’d need you to help out tonight again!”

Standing on night guard was not as simple.

The reason why the team had been able to get through the night safely was not only the soldier’s credit but also because Oreo had also played a big part in it.

Su Mo ruffled Oreo’s soft fur and opened the kettle to pour some psychic energy water.

Oreo nodded obediently, and her white and black figure jumped out of the tent in an instant and disappeared into the white snow.

In the heavy snow, the snowflake symbol gave Oreo the ability to transform and greatly increase her attributes.

Not sleeping the night was nothing for her.

Su Mo turned off the bedside lights, covered himself with a warm quilt, and fell into a deep sleep with a slight snore in the tent.

The soldiers in the other tent were also exhausted from traveling up and down the mountains. The soldiers’ snored, and they fell asleep one after another.

It was a complete replication of the previous nights before.

That night seemed as if no dangers were imminent.

However, the night was destined to disrupt everyone’s peaceful sleep.

It was four-thirty in the morning.

Su Mo immediately opened his eyes upon hearing Oreo’s howls, grabbed his automatic rifle hung at the head of his bed, and then rushed to a blind spot inside the tent.

Outside, there were also several high-pitched gongs echoed throughout as well as groans of the soldiers outside.

“Enemy attack!”

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