My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 653 - Recruitment! My Identity Doesn’t Matter! Part 2  

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Chapter 653: Recruitment! My Identity Doesn’t Matter! Part 2

‘Leaving aside other aspects, when it comes to military talent, this mysterious woman performed exceptionally well and even outperformed the experienced Ferng Tianmin. She is highly talented.

‘In a short period, this woman would be able to contribute a lot to the expedition team’s growth.

‘It’s only a question of whether she is willing to join us,’ thought Su Mo.

He laughed internally and began to scan her up and down as he brainstormed ways to appeal to her.

He concluded that the woman’s combat skills were probably low, judging by her physical figure.

She had a slender upper and lower body, making it difficult for her to exert strength that would amount to an average adult man.

It would be difficult for her to gain the upper hand in close combat against an enemy bigger in size, even if she had exceptional combat skills.

The woman covered her face with a good quality pale blue veil to keep her warm from the cold and also created a mysterious vibe of a strong leader by concealing the weakness that is often associated with a woman’s face.

She had rough and rowdy clothes to appear strong. No hint of the gentleness of a woman could be sensed from her attire.

Evidently, she wanted to change her image in the eyes of others by using such a combination of clothing to shape an impression that she was a qualified conductor.

‘A very capable woman eager for strength, unwilling to remain an ordinary person, courageous, has incredible commanding abilities and excellent army training methods…’

Every detail about her portrayed her colorful character.

After a simple analysis of her, Su Mo quickly found a point at which he could convince her.

However, Su Mo, observing her, had not realized that she was doing the same to him.

Su Mo raised his head and was about to speak when the woman parted her lips almost simultaneously.

“You go ahead first…”

The coincidental unison broke the previously gloomy atmosphere.

The woman glanced at Su Mo’s smiley expression and then turned toward her subordinates, who were already tied up in the distance.

She gritted her teeth and was left with no choice.

“Nice…nice to meet you, Mr. Su Mo, how…how are you going to explain… No, I mean, how are you going to prove that you’re…Su Mo?


The stuttering and incoherent speech made it difficult to understand what the woman wanted to express.

How to prove oneself’s identity was the first question in the three major questions of philosophy—Who am I?

In a civilization where plastic surgery and superpower were unavailable, one’s face was the best proof of one’s identity.

However, in the current age, relying on one’s face or public information available to prove one’s identity was insufficient.

In the current situation, there was no need to explain the answer to such a philosophical question.

Su Mo understood very well what the other party wanted to achieve.

“Who I am doesn’t matter.”

He shook his head at the woman’s question and then continued to speak.

“This may sound silly, but I can assure you that I will be able to satisfy your heart’s desire if you’re willing to join me.”

His words sounded like the tone of a domineering CEOlover in a romance novel.

Despite that, it was an extremely effective tactic in the right situation and context.

The woman tilted her head and thought about it for a while, showing neither disapproval of his words nor immediate approval.

“For example?” she asked tentatively.

“First, you will become a territory resident under my protection. I can promise that you, your descendants, and your relatives will live peacefully within my territory without having to fear any enemies or natural disasters as long as you do not endanger or secretly collaborate with our enemies.

“Secondly, your talents and abilities will have to go through several tests, but if you’re recognized as an S-level talent, you will never have to worry about daily necessities or personal needs if you can maintain the rating in the future. Additionally, you will be awarded a considerable salary, allowing you to buy some scarce commodities in the territory or from caravans that pass by our territory and live a comfortable life.

“Thirdly, if you are to join our armed forces, you will be partners with a group of loyal and reliable comrades who treat you as a close sibling. They will never abandon you on the battlefield and will also become your mentors and friends. Regardless of whether it’s tactical discussions of the army or in your daily life, you will no longer be alone.

“Fourthly, our territory’s essential manufacturing industry and scientific research are developing at a rapid speed with the help of a few research scholars that I’ve gathered. I will ensure that whatever requests you have will be prioritized by our research department if you can lead an army and achieve great results. Your troops will also be equipped with abundant weapons to ensure the highest combat effectiveness.

“Fifthly, I’ll show you countless magnificent sceneries in this doomsday wasteland that you could never imagine seeing in your life. Your footsteps will no longer be limited within this remote mountain. You will be part of our journeys in dangerous ruins, against enemies hidden in the dark, adventures to the ends of this world, and even the discovery of the real purpose of this game!

“Last but not least, putting your trust in me right now will give you the entitlement to proudly say to the other humans that you are a subject under the leadership of the human god, Almighty Su!”

Su Mo stated six reasons while thinking.

Compared to the previous benefits offered to other people during recruitment, the conditions given to the unknown woman were considered top-tier treatment in the territory.

She was given a chance to become an S-level talent and was trusted to lead an army as soon as she joined the territory.

Apart from everything else, this alone was enough to make others jealous.

The woman’s eyes lit up occasionally as she listened to the conditions offered to her.

However, until the end, she remained as vigilant as those before her.

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