My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!-Chapter 741 - Competing For Credit? Imminent Crisis! Part 1

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Chapter 741: Competing For Credit? Imminent Crisis! Part 1

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The door swung open and quickly closed again.

With Su Mo’s affirmation and permission to proceed with the next step, Du Shi left quickly without hesitation.

Watching the door swing shut, Su Mo got up and walked toward the trio.

“What’s wrong? Have they begun to take action?”

Three markets of different sizes were established within Origin Territory—small, medium, and large. There were also three exchange centers to acquire Origin coins set up within the territory.

Among them, the exchange center that Su Mo visited in the morning was ranked second and was not on a large scale.

“Not yet. They dispatched last night around ten at night.

“It’s only half past nine right now. Judging by the time, I think they still need time to prepare!” Guan Yuan replied.

She stared at the tablet and constantly monitored the largest market.

The scout robot’s maximum monitoring distance was three kilometers.

Any further than that and they would risk losing connection with it.

Currently, all their men had been locked in their rooms due to the curfew. Thus, no one would be able to provide support in case of an emergency.

Their tasks seemed to be very easy but in fact, were really challenging.

Time passed by slowly as they waited anxiously.

Feng Tianmin stood up and exercised his muscles after seeing the hand on his watch pass the ten o’clock mark.

“Shelter leader, do you need me to contact the others outside to come over too?

“Our efforts would be in vain if these people don’t travel the same path tonight…”

“They’re here! They’re on the move!”

Feng Long, staring at the tablet attentively, suddenly shouted and interrupted Feng Tianmin’s suggestion.

There was a completely different scene shown on Feng Long’s tablet screen from the other two screens.

The other two screens displayed two scout robots’ first perspective on the whole screen.

Meanwhile, Feng Long’s had a split screen.

On one side was the scout robot’s first perspective, and on the other was the simplified version of Origin Territory’s map.

Nothing unusual happened within the exchange center from the scout robot’s perspective.

However, on the map beside it, a red dot shook vigorously, which caused red ripples to flash across the entire map. 𝒇𝘳𝐞𝚎𝓌𝑒𝑏𝒏𝑜𝙫ℯl.c𝚘𝒎

“They didn’t discover the sensor we buried inside the package!”

The red dot flickered more vigorously and triggered a stronger reaction.

Feng Long clenched his fists and subconsciously was filled with excitement.

There had to be a backup plan for everything.

As soon as they had finalized their plan in the afternoon, the gadgets they brought from the territory had taken on an important role.

For example, the sensors used to locate their teammates served a different purpose in the plan.

The sensors were only half the size of a human palm.

The chances it would be discovered during the transaction process were incredibly high if they hid it in a small package.

However, from a different perspective, burying the sensor that would send signals to them in the middle section of a pack of white flour would prevent it from being exposed even after several checks.

“It moved. They’re about to depart!”

The rapid movement caused by the sensor sent them an increasingly bright signal on the tablet screen.

However, the magnitude of the flickering red light began to slow down after a minute or two.

On the three tablet screens, they could see a new scene unfold.

“Great! We sure are lucky tonight!

“Supplies from all three exchange centers are going to be transported!”

Standing behind the trio, Su Mo could not help but praise their luck as he constantly observed the screen.

Disregarding the number of people dispatched the previous night, the scale tonight was definitely bigger.

About 80 carts left from the largest exchange center in an incredibly organized formation.

Assuming that three people pulled from in front while another three pushed the cart from behind, there were at least 500 people in action. The supplies that would be transported out of the center were one day’s worth of food for 5,000 people.

Additionally, the guards responsible for monitoring the transportation added up to more than 30 guards.

The sight of a crowd of people moving around in the dark hazy night was very shocking.

Moving to the second exchange center that Feng Long monitored, plenty of carts also left the exchange centers, which probably added up to about 50.

The difference was that the carts used differed slightly from the most significant exchange center.

It was only a small cart that needed two people to pull and one to push.

The supplies were also not large items like the former exchange center. Instead, they were a bunch of small boxes and bags which stored various valuable miscellaneous resources.

“Our sensor is over there!”

Feng Long pointed to the 19th cart and made a mark on it.

On the screen, the color of the cart began to change and gradually became highlighted by the scout robot’s system.

“Weird. There are also many people here, but they seem to be going in the opposite direction.

“Wait, can it be that they are making a detour?”

After observing that the first two transportation teams were headed west, Feng Tianmin could not help but exclaim as he looked at his screen.

The third exchange was the smallest and had significantly fewer vehicles dispatched. The total only added up to slightly more than 20 vehicles, roughly the same as Guan Yuan had discovered the previous night.

The three teams had evidently received the same order to depart simultaneously.

Strangely enough, two of them headed west while only the one Feng Tianmin was monitoring headed the east.

Additionally, despite heading west, the two teams were not traveling straight and were walking at a slanted angle.

Main Peak was located in the west, and the wilderness was in the east. Were all three teams transporting the supplies to the wilderness?

“Continue to monitor them. We’re likely going to be hitting the jackpot tonight!”