My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!-Chapter 764 - Four Teams, the Eve of Chaos! Part 1

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Chapter 764: Four Teams, the Eve of Chaos! Part 1

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Doomsday Calendar Month 5 Day 11. It was the 131st day since humans came to the wasteland, three more days before the great cooling disaster.

Su Mo returned from his exploration of the two mountains in Origin Territory and decided that he was going to “save” them.

He changed his clothes and closed his eyes to rest in bed while thinking about the means of getting out of the current situation they were in.

Judging from the current situation, it was an unrealistic goal to save everyone.

Firstly, simply too many resources were needed to support 30,000 people. 90,000 kilograms of food would be barely enough for everyone.

This amount did not include the amount needed for these people to settle down in the future.

Secondly, not every one of these 30,000 people was a pure-minded and honest person who wanted to live peacefully in the wasteland.

Those among them who were potential hazards to the territory were not worth saving at all.

These people had to be screened out and would be excluded from being rescued.

This not only made early preparations for bringing people back to the territory but would also significantly reduce the difficulties and material requirements.

‘Is there any way to get me a list of these people and get a bunch of supplies?’

Su Mo thought about it thoroughly and brainstormed a few plans.

After writing down all his possible plans and going through them, just as Su Mo had a vague idea of what to do, the noise outside also began to sound.

San Yuan Hotel’s location was away from the center of the square, which meant there had to be plenty of people gathered since it was very loud outside.

‘Hmm? It’s only seven o’clock…’

Su Mo got up and pushed up the window out of curiosity. At a glance, he was stunned in place by the sight outside.

It was very early in the morning and had just passed seven o’clock.

Yet the streets outside of the San Yuan Hotel were full of people, and countless refugees were carrying their bags everywhere.

There was a long queue in front of the three exchange centers in Origin Territory, and their rumbling chatter echoed throughout the streets.

Ninety percent of these people were ordinary residents living in the territory.

On typical days, most people saved up their issued Origin coins first and picked a day to exchange them at once when needed due to the long waiting time.

After accumulating the Origin coins for half a month and being faced with an impending disaster, as well as receiving unfair treatment for soup distribution, they began to realize that holding on to these iron coins was useless.

During the night, when it was cold, and they were starving, having supplies was the most realistic thing.

The whole scenario seemed like a bank run.

More than 20,000 people gathered in front of three small buildings, blocking almost every main road.

Most shops could only temporarily close down to make way for the massive crowd.

Even the area where the street stalls would be set up was filled with people standing in line and there was no place for anyone to sit down to rest.

Of course, today’s scene would not have much effect and would unite people’s hearts if the previous supplies theft was a dream or if the lost materials were recovered.

However, the supplies were already gone. There seemed to be only one ending to it, with so many people queuing up to exchange their coins.

San Yuan Hotel.

Not long after seven thirty, the sidewalk outside the room in the center of the second floor was also completely filled with people.

Unlike the crowd outside who were waiting to exchange supplies, these people wore very grim and unhappy expressions.

They were dressed neatly and surrounded the person in the middle respectfully.

Their tense atmosphere made even those travelers who were still chatting lively on the first floor quiet down. Occasionally, they glanced toward the second floor and began to guess what had happened.

Ten minutes passed in such a terrifying atmosphere.

A middle-aged man in the crowd’s center walked out with a troubled expression as if he was about to risk everything and gently placed his hand on the door.


Knock knock…

It was obviously the sound of knocking on the wooden door, but it sounded as if it was a knocking on everyone’s heart.

Time outside the door seemed to pass by unusually slow as they waited for a response from inside.

The tense atmosphere rose to a new level, and the air around seemed to have gone stagnant.

Fortunately, the atmosphere was short-lived.

After two or three seconds, a sound resonated inside the room, telling them to enter. Thus, the tense atmosphere outside was immediately dispersed.


The door pushed open, and the four people standing in front glanced inside the room. They quickly entered and closed the door behind them.

“Shelter leader, you…”

Feng Long could not help but ask after seeing the person’s expression inside.

The expected sight of Su Mo sitting at the table with an indecisive expression was not seen.

Instead, he acted very normally and stood at the window, evidently with a lot on his mind, but this time, he did not have that wavering look on his face like yesterday.

It was apparent that he had made up his mind after a night of contemplation.

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