My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!-Chapter 765 - Four Teams, the Eve of Chaos! Part 2

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Chapter 765: Four Teams, the Eve of Chaos! Part 2

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“I’ve made a decision. There are some people in the territory that we can just sit back and allow to fend for themselves.

“However, there are some very hardworking and honest ordinary people who shouldn’t be thrown away to be sacrificed.”

Su Mo pointed outside at the refugees who were obeying the rules and taking sips of water occasionally to relieve their hunger.

He turned his head and had a very serious expression.

“These people will greatly help our territory’s future development if we bring them back.

“As long as we can reward them with a small number of supplies, they will become the cornerstone of our territory’s construction development, improving our village and territory by five to even ten times faster!

“Plus, with the current living standards of Origin Territory, we simply need to save them and bring them back.

“It will be a little risky but totally worth it!” Su Mo said very seriously.

Some risks had to be taken if they wanted to gain benefits in the chaotic doomsday wasteland.

The only consideration was the magnitude of the risks.

Compared with risking life and death to fight against foreign races and the mysterious powers of those foreign races, the present situation was not a huge risk for them to bear.

How could they possibly have the courage to confront dangerous life-and-death situations in the future if they could not even deal with a relatively lower-risk problem like right now?

“I knew it…”

Seeing Su Mo’s serious expression, Feng Tianmin, Feng Long, Guan Yuan, and Du Shi were finally relieved.

Last night, the few of them were determined to leave this chaotic place and focus on their own safety first, while saving these refugees would be a side task.

However, after returning to their rooms last night, they discovered the problem with their own thinking after carefully pondering it.

It was human instinct to seek advantage and avoid disadvantageous situations.

They could hide outside and avoid a messy situation. However, while waiting outside, were they really going to watch the 30,000 fight for survival and harvest the “loot” after the storm was over?

After asking their hearts, the four of them had an answer.

“Shelter leader, to be honest, even if you weren’t going to say anything today, we were going to suggest that we try to save as many ordinary people as possible.”

“I was going to do the same!”

“Shelter leader, I realized that these innocent people shouldn’t be punished for the mistakes made by those evil monsters.

“We’re ready to take action as soon as you give the order!”

With Su Mo setting the tone, the four spoke out and directly stated their intentions.

However, just having the right attitude was not enough.

Last night, all of them were concerned about a few things, but none of them could find a good solution.

The problems such as who to save, how to save, how to arrange these people after saving them, how to deal with the other people, and so on were unsolved.


“Okay, since we’ve come to the same opinion, we don’t need to waste any more time thinking about it.”

“Feng Long, you bring two teams to catch the bounty hunter who was spying on us when the support team on the snow-capped mountain camp arrives. Also, capture all his subordinates and don’t miss out on any one of them. Detain them outside of Origin Territory, and I’ll wait for you at the snow-capped mountain base.

“Tianmin, you bring two teams and set up surveillance around Main Peak for me. It would be impossible for Sun Bahu to leave silently. Once he shows any signs of leaving, inform me at once. Remember, don’t try to have direct confrontation with him and wait for me to come over!

“Peace, under such chaos, even if Sun Bahu set up a sentry, it would not be as effective anymore. I’ll also assign you a team of soldiers. You explore and inspect all the places where they can hide supplies that ordinary people are prohibited from entering. Also, check the prisons where people are detained. Use the scout robot to carefully go over all these places to see if you can find your brother, Guan Shan orMarshal Wang.

“Du Shi, your job is going to be the hardest and most difficult one. I’ll be giving you three teams. Contact Huang Bing as quickly as possible and try to infiltrate the territory’s guards. I’m giving you permission to use any means necessary. Tie up those without any criminal record and kill those with criminal records if they try to fight back!”

The detailed plan had been brewing in Su Mo’s mind for a long time.

He spoke with precise and clear information to accomplish the plan.

They could quickly obtain the hidden secrets of Origin Territory by capturing the bounty hunters.By doing so, they would also acquire their channel of gathering information and be able to monitor Origin Territory while staying hidden.

Meanwhile, monitoring Sun Bahu could prevent him from trying to take away too many supplies while running away and leaving the territory without any supplies. At the same time, they would be able to catch him when he least expected.

The purpose of controlling the city defenses was to be prepared for any sudden changes in the territory and leave their soldiers within the territory without any way to escape.

Lastly,Su Mo wanted to try their luck to find Marshal Wang and Guan Shan if possible. After all, it would be tricky since they disappeared without leaving behind any traces.

There were still a lot of mysteries surrounding them, so it was possible that they could have certain means to turn around the current situation.


They had four teams that had a clear division of work, each contributing to the bigger picture.

After getting their tasks, the four of them glanced at each other with joy and surprise.

In such a complicated situation, it would be a waste of time if they could not devise a decisive plan immediately.

Fortunately, Su Mo was very level-headed despite the urgency.

Everyone immediately began a discussion of the specific implementation details for a while and left hurriedly, one after another.

Soon, the soldiers staying in San Yuan Hotel left to complete their missions while only five people were left behind with Su Mo for strategic maneuvers.

“It’s time. I should set out too!”

Su Mo looked through the window and saw that the crowd outside had begun to riot.

He took a deep breath, returned to his bed to pack up everything then left with the remaining soldiers.

From this moment onward, Origin Territory was entering its first and probably last darkest moments since its establishment.

These places maintained their original intentions in the beginning but gradually gave in to corruption and would inevitably become the first “target” of the refugees after they discovered the truth.

The refugees’ collective hands would punish them by tenfolds to a hundredfold of the benefits they gained in the past.

Although continuing to stay put would not cause them to turn the hate toward him suddenly, it was still better to have one thing less to worry about. Thus, Su Mo decided to retreat.

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