My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: A New Faction.2

"N-No, you're imagining things." The two said at the same time.

'How did she know!? What a frightening instinct.'

"Hmm..." Scathach didn't buy that excuse.

Edward continued the subject to get everyone's attention:

"Continuing, the life expectancy of an Alpha Werewolf is 1000 years, increasing with strength. Volk is the King of every Werewolf. Everyone in Samar is part of his pack, and that alone gives him an insane strength boost."

"But even with that much boost in strength, a Werewolf's lifespan is 3000 years."

"And Volk is not exempt from that."

"He shouldn't be more than 3000 years old, but… He was Blessed."

"By The Beast of Ragnarok, Fenrir." Scathach spoke.

"Yes, we don't know the benefit of this Blessing, but rumor has it that the Beast was so fond of the King and his Wife that Fenrir Blessed them and allowed them to use his name. When that happens with other Gods, it usually means that the Blessing they've given is one of the highest levels. So, it's safe to assume that it is likely similar with Fenrir."

"So it is likely that the Blessing increased his life expectancy along with his strength, considering that The Beast of Ragnarok is very compatible with Volk."

'...Hmm, is it the same thing as Aphrodite and me? That Goddess gave me every Blessing of Love, Sexuality, and Beauty she had... I'm glad she didn't ask me to use her name after mine. It would be weird.'

"… A God blessing another God?" Violet asked:

"Is that possible? Isn't Tasha a Goddess?"

"Hmm, according to Aphrodite, that's possible," Victor said.

"..." The women squirmed a little when they heard Aphrodite's name, but only the women who knew her didn't react as much.

"For example, Ares, a God with a Greater Divinity of War, can Bless a 'Lesser' God with War, and that God will become his 'subordinate'. But, of course, the Lesser God needs to accept the Blessing, and Ares cannot just throw the Blessing around. Unlike mortals, the Gods can refuse the Blessings of other Gods."

"Oh… So that's what happened."

"Even if it is a Beast, Fenrir is still Loki's son, and Loki is a God. Fenrir must have a Greater Divinity in Destruction or something as a being with such a powerful destiny." Scathach continued.

"When the citizens learned that Volk was blessed, their lifespan increased, or so the rumor said, and since Volk didn't deny it, it wreaked havoc with the natural balance of Samar society," Edward explained.

"... Ugh, culture is a stressful thing." Scathach spoke.

"We can't leave out greed either, Scathach," Victor commented.

"... You are right."


Hmm, Hello? Stop talking in codes and explain! Stop flaunting your close relationship in front of us!

Edward, Mizuki, Siena, Pepper, and Lacus were full of complaints about this situation.

"Care to elaborate a little more?" Ruby asked.

"..." Scathach was silent for a bit, choosing her words carefully:

"What's happening is this. Volk has been in power too long. In their culture, an 'Alpha' must give the position of Leader of The 'Pack' to another Alpha of the same family after 1000 years."

"What is the expected time in power for a Clan leader?"

"Some Clans do it sooner, others take a little longer, but it's around 700 to 1000 years. That's the norm. Even if an Alpha could remain in power longer, it is expected by society that he abdicates so that 'young' Wolves have opportunities. Consequently, the old Leader would only act as an adviser and has no further influence on the new Leader's decision. Otherwise, it would not be clear when an emergency situation would arise."

"We do this so society doesn't become stagnant like Nightingale." Edward finished.

"That's an excellent reason." Natashia couldn't help but say.

"Yes, even after I was in a coma for a long time, Nightingale hadn't changed. It's like it was frozen in time." Jeanne spoke.

"Changes only occurred when Victor started interacting with Nightingale."

"..." The group looked at Victor.

"Umu...? Why are you guys looking at me like I'm some strange creature or something? I didn't do anything. I was just myself."

"..." Everyone twisted their lips when they heard Victor, and some even displayed amused smiles, but some women's gazes couldn't help but return to Eleonor.

'... Isn't this bitch getting very comfortable!?' Agnes, Violet, Ruby, and Leona wanted to strangle Eleonor now.

"Cough." Edward coughed to get everyone's attention.

"Indeed, that was one of the reasons my grandmother passed the role of Leadership to my Father. Her time was up... And because she wanted to have fun." Edward whispered at the end, but everyone heard him.

"That woman is very thirsty." Agnes snorted.

Scathach raised an eyebrow, "… Aren't you the same? Weren't you the one most responsible for the state of Adonis?"

"...." Memories of a crazed red-eyed Agnes popped into Victor's head.

"That's just picking up men, and you can't talk about me now, aren't you the same?"

"... I do not know what you're talking about." Scathach turned her face away.

"Fufufu, compared to the two of us, Scathach has the most-."

Scathach appeared next to Natashia and held the woman's head.

"Gahhhh! My head!"

"Ara, Natashia, you look sick. That's bad~" Scathach's grip tightened.

"..." Everyone ignored this play that people were starting to get used to; after all, Natashia wasn't afraid of death. At any time, she always found something to tease Scathach.

"Back to the point, Volk is not abiding by this rule," Edward said.

"... And he has three male children." Agnes continued.

"Same problem as Vlad, huh," Victor spoke.

"Not really." Agnes began to explain.

"Vlad can stay in power as long as he wants. As is common knowledge, a Vampire is immortal."

"For example, I am the head of the Snow Clan, and my Heiress is alive. The day she reaches Adulthood, which is 500 years old, I can pass the Leadership of the Clan to her. Another way for this to happen is if I die, then she will lead the Clan."

"Please continue to lead the Clan, don't die." Violet looked at her mother.

Agnes looked with warm eyes at her daughter:


"I can't stand to see paperwork in my life anymore! Good thing you're alive to deal with that!" Violet spoke in irritation, and then she turned to Victor.

"And how long is that bitch going to stay in your lap!" She finally snapped.

She dashed towards Victor, pulled Eleonor, and soon took her place.

"E-Eh?" Eleonor looked at Violet with a face of shock.

"Haah, Better." She grabbed Victor's hands and wrapped them around her body, teasing his private parts a little with her ass.

"..." Agnes' lips quivered a little when she saw this sight. Wasn't this girl treating her mother too poorly!?

"Look, Bitches, unfortunately, I have to share him with you. But, you know how it is, life isn't fair, and my husband is a playboy who made a triple oyakodon."

'In my defense, it wasn't me who ran after them. They came to me.' Victor really wanted to say this, but he was busy spoiling his wife.

"V-V-Viol-." Sasha stuttered a lot when they heard the word Oyakodon. Her face was red, and although it had improved a lot, she was still very secretive about these things, especially with people not close to her around.

Ruby just turned red in the face.

'It's not my fault that my mother started to like my husband, okay!?' Both of them wanted to scream but felt that if they opened their mouths, they would dig their own grave.

'Fufufufu, if you only knew what I planned for the future~. Oyakodon? That's not even the limit anymore, fufufufu~' Natashia, who was let go by Scathach, chuckled inwardly as she leered at Victor.

"But never forget one fact, I am the First Wife! My privileges are greater!" She grabbed Victor and said:





Violet was exercising her dominance! That whore!

Veins bulged on the heads of most of the women in the room. She wanted war!

Victor wisely stayed silent and just patted Violet's head. He also made a mental note to send her to Seventh Heaven of Pleasure later. She was being very naughty!

Bad Violet!

'If it gets too chaotic, I'll stop it and punish everyone. Thanks to Aphrodite... I'm getting better at this.'

He looked at Edward, and his eyes said:

'Go on, bruh, help your homie here.'

Edward hated himself for getting that message and felt an overwhelming urge to spank the bastard!

"Cough, getting back to the point."

"In short, because of this issue, Samar is split into the First Son Faction and the Second Son Faction. They are gathering allies, and they are trying to use the government to take over the position of King." Edward was tired already and wanted to finish this conversation.

"And the more Werewolves an Alpha has, the stronger he gets."

"Ugh, so much trouble. Just kick the King's ass, and get this over with." Victor couldn't help but say, noticing that the atmosphere had changed to a more serious one.

And the people around him agreed.

"Haah, it would be easier if that were the case. But, unfortunately, being a Werewolf is complicated. If you are a Beta or Omega, you are Alpha bonded and can only grow with your Alpha."

"Of course, Alphas don't have that problem, but we need Betas, too. For example,"

"If I had at least 1000 or 1500 Betas in my pack, my overall strength would reach close to a trained Elder Vampire. At least, that's an estimate I have. After all, the higher you grow in strength, the harder it is to climb and to become stronger."

If it weren't for that natural restriction that everyone, even Gods, had, then the King would already be the strongest in the world. After all, how many beings did he have on his side? Thousand? Hundreds of thousands?

It was not just numbers; it was about quality too. Volk's current strength would easily surpass Vlad's if every Werewolf in Samar were an Alpha.

But the reality was not like that, and it was not just warriors that existed in Samar; there were also civilians that, despite training, their power was not as strong as a trained warrior.

The aunty at the bakery and the uncle at the bar, these types of Werewolves also existed. They were the majority in Samar since society couldn't function without civilians to fill these jobs.

The three Countesses and Rose just nodded when they heard what Edward said.

They were the ones who understood the most how difficult it was to grow in strength after a while.

"That much!?" Sasha asked in shock.


"Being a Werewolf is pretty dependent on the group, huh."


"I couldn't imagine that for myself," Victor muttered.

"Well, if your Werewolf transformation had worked, and a certain flaming chicken hadn't intruded where she shouldn't have, you would've been a new Progenitor of Werewolves, and the Progenitor of Werewolves doesn't have that limitation," Leona growled.

"Bitch, please, I saw him first when I was a kid!" Violet snorted in disdain.

"And I've been at his 'SIDE' since I was a kid!" Leona retorted.

Sparks flew from both of their eyes, and the two white-haired women glared at each other.

"Grrr." The two growled at each other.

"... Why do I feel like two of my daughters are fighting? Adonis cheated on me with a Werewolf?" Agnes spoke in a loud, confused voice and looked at Victor with a twinkle in her eye.

Victor looked at the woman with a look that said, 'What are you talking about?' He was baffled. He didn't have that kind of memory in him.

A chill went through Leona and Violet's bodies when they heard Agnes.

""Don't put that curse on me!""

""Who wants to be that bitch's sister!?"" The two pointed at each other.

"...." They looked at each other with the same frown on their faces.

""Stop imitating me!""

"… The feeling just grew," Agnes spoke worriedly.

Realizing that he should bring order into the house, Victor got up, put Violet on the floor, and said:

"All but Clan Adrastea and Alioth agree to come together and create a new Faction?

"Yes." Those responsible for each group spoke.

"Good. Natalia, Eleonor, I know about your loyalty and your Clans, but if possible, don't say anything about what happened here."

"Aren't you going to bind us to a contract?" Eleonor asked with a raised eyebrow

"Rose, talk some sense into your Leader's head. She's brain dead."

"Fufufu, I will try."

"Oi! It was a serious question!"

"Even after what I said to you, do you still think I would do something like that to you?" Victor asked in an extremely serious tone.

And that face made her remember the things he said to her.

"N-N-No, I-I didn't think of that, but it doesn't hurt to check, right?" She turned her face away, which was a little red.


"What are you talking about, Master? I don't remember you saying anything to me."

"..." Victor's smile grew, and he chuckled, "Hahaha, as expected of my favorite Maid-."

"Ouch." People looked down and saw a hand of darkness squeezing Victor's thigh, Victor's leg became pure darkness, and soon they saw two blood-red eyes.

"Kaguya…" Violet murmured.

"Heh~, is she that jealous? Are you afraid of me becoming the Master's favorite Maid"

"You can try… But it will be impossible to beat me. After all, I am a hardworking Maid who wants to become perfect." Kaguya's voice resounded in the room.

"Oh~, this gives me more motivation, you know?"


Victor just laughed lightly and looked at Eleonor:

"Your answer?"

"… Haah, you are unbelievable, you know? Do you understand what you are trying to do? This has never happened before, bringing so many races together into one Faction."

"Just because no one has tried doesn't mean it's impossible. However, with all your help, I feel like this job will be a walk in the park since I have such talented Wives~."

"...." The girls displayed a small gentle smile.

"Humpf, who's your wife!? You haven't met the requirements for this yet!" Eleonor replied.

"Idiot, he's not talking about you." Violet giggled as she stuck her tongue out at her.

'This bitch…'

"Haah…" Eleonor took a deep breath and said, "Fine, I'll keep quiet."

Victor smiled gently, and Eleonor's heart skipped a beat:

"Thanks, Eleonor."



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