My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 548

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Chapter 548: Relaxation time and rewards.

Before the events of Victor making the decision to create a faction, a conversation took place after the Countesses and their daughters fixed most of the problems that demons caused.

There were things that needed to be done, but rest was well deserved for the vampire countesses and their heirs.

Current location Victor's parents' house, underground.

In a bathroom that easily held over 30 people, the group consisting of Violet, Agnes, Scathach, Ruby, Natashia, and Sasha were relaxing in the hot tub.

"Haah, this is chaos. How did they do all this in such a short time?" Ruby commented.

"It is quite obvious that this has been planned for a long time. Attacking several strategic points is common in a war, and Diablo has prepared well." Scathach commented as she relaxed, her arms outstretched and her back on the tiled tub.

Her H-Cup breasts seemed to be floating in the water as if they had a life of their own, while a similar scene happened with her daughter, who was beside her.

"Even so, how did Diablo get the help of a primordial? Aren't they neutral?" Ruby commented.

"As Baal said, everything and everyone has its price. You just need to find the right coin." Scathach continued.

The girls fell silent when they heard this. They knew very well about the incident in the royal capital since this was also one of the reasons why they had gathered. They needed to keep an eye on a certain man who was sitting not far from them while a blonde form covered by long black hair was clinging to the man's body as she pressed her two ripe rabbits to his chest.

Every now and then, the women could see her body twitching and the blonde girl bobbing up and down continuously.

... It was obvious that something indecent was happening under the water.

"Why is Sasha being spoiled? I killed a duke too!" Violet, who was next to Victor, pouted.

"Girl, you already got your reward." Agnes, who was next to Scathach, answered.

"It's still not enough. The seeds that were inside me have already been absorbed. I need more!"

"...Are you sure this girl isn't a succubus?" Natashia commented incredulously.

"Only for my husband, fufufufu~."

"Now, I can relate." Natashia flashed a smile similar to Violet's.

Agnes sighed, "Haah, if we didn't have low fertility, I'd be worried about having a grandchild right now… Or is it my daughter? Ugh, I don't know."

"Ara, didn't you know Agnes? That doesn't apply to a progenitor. Look at Vlad; he had 7 children in a very short period." Natashia, who was next to Agnes, commented.

"I'm not sure, but Elizabeth and Ophis are from different mothers, and the next one on the list is 500 years old."

"It's still a short period. How long did it take for you to get pregnant? And how many children do you have?"

"Ugh… You're right." Agnes replied, and soon an expression of realization appeared on her.

"Wait, isn't that bad?"

"They are too young to have children!"

"Mah, mah, from a human point of view, she is already an adult, and their bodies are already matured too."

"Humans are humans. We are vampires! It's OK to have sex, but a child is a big no! She must be at least 500 years old!"

"Tsk, Tsk, stop worrying about bullshit." Natashia rolled her eyes:

"If they are going to have a child, so be it. Leave that to fate."

"Ugh, can you not talk like we're not here? And I don't want to have a baby now!" Violet spoke.

"Indeed, I have a lot of work on my hands. Kids are not something I can handle right now."

'Darling and I still need to practice a lot during the night.' Ruby thought.

"Darling and I still have a lot of night wars to do." Violet eyes slightly glowed blood red, and a lecherous smile was displayed for all to see.

"...." Ruby just turned away with a red face. She couldn't believe she had thought the same thing as Violet just now.

'I still have a lot of plays I want to do alone with Victor… Next time, I'll wear the cheerleading uniform, and he'll be the club coach…' Ruby's face got even redder, but her thoughts wouldn't stop once it started.

"...." The three mothers were silent, and Scathach and Natashia looked at Agnes.

"She reminds me of you when you were a hedonist.""

"Ugh." Agnes felt critical damage when she heard the two women:

"Forget it, okay? Not my most fulfilling time."

"The past must not be forgotten. After all, it is through the mistakes of the past that we learn." Scathach commented wisely.

"Humpf, Humpf, that preaching doesn't work here, Scathach." Agnes snorted.

"It's not preaching. It's facts."

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever." Agnes rolled her eyes and looked at Ruby.

"Oya? Why are you so quiet, Ruby?"

"...." Ruby didn't answer, and just pretended she didn't think to walk, and just pouted as she looked at Sasha's movement and focused her hearing on the girl's silent moans, Sasha was completely in her little world, and nothing could stop her.

… Even though she was doing questionable things now, Sasha's embarrassed personality didn't allow her to let out loud moans as usual.

"Ignore my daughter, for now. She is upset that she has not demonstrated her training to the same extent as Violet and Sasha."

"Oh." Agnes understood now.

Ruby's face turned slightly red, and she bit her lip, "Next time, they'll see. I'll kill them all." A bloodthirsty aura escaped Ruby's body.

"Fufufu, that's the spirit." Scathach was pleased to see her daughter's bloodlust.

"... Talking about that." Violet flashed a shitty smile.

"I-..." Before she could say anything, Ruby interrupted:

"Don't start, Violet." Ruby narrowed her eyes. She'd known the woman long enough to know that when she flashed that smile, she meant to tease someone.

"But I haven't said anything yet!"

"Humpf, how long have we known each other?"

"And I'm not in the mood for teasing right now, you already teased me enough when you found out what happened in my territory, so let's just relax, okay?"

"… Petty." Violet looked like a child who had her favorite toy confiscated.

"Hmm~." Suddenly a louder moan was heard, and this caught the girls' attention as they looked at Sasha with a raised eyebrow.

Sasha ignored the girls' gazes and just buried her face in Victor's chest while she was still connected. She was a little sleepy.

"How many times has it been now?" Agnes asked.

"Five, I think?" Violet answered.

"It was seven." Natashia corrected and added, "Victor came three times on her."

"Most likely, they will rest now, and continue again at some point."

"… You were too focused on them, huh."

"Of course, it's my daughter, I must make sure she does everything right." She thumped her chest, and her breasts, which had grown to an average size thanks to the nourishment of Victor's blood, trembled.

"Humpf, you just wanted to join in. No need to lie." Ruby snorted.

"That too." Natashia flashed a lewd smile.

Ruby, Agnes, and Violet rolled their eyes at this impudent woman.

"…But despite wanting to participate, my daughter deserves to be pampered now. After all, it's her reward, and she worked hard to raise her strength to that level, she can fight beings of the Elder Vampire level now, and with her Innate speed, she has a great advantage even if she encounters slightly stronger opponents."

"… Yes, speed… That broken power." Agnes frowned. The power of lightning was quite ridiculous. It not only increased the user's speed but provided ridiculous piercing attacks, not to mention the lightning damage itself.

"As if your family's power doesn't come from a shounen manga."

"What the fuck about getting stronger with anger? Are you a Saiyan? Fuck." Ruby was full of complaints about this.

She was utterly expressionless when she learned that Violet improved the Vampire Count transformation through rage alone.

'What kind of bullshit is this? This is not a shounen manga!' That was Ruby's thinking.

"… Huh?" Agnes didn't understand anything Ruby said, but she understood that she was talking about her lineage.

"My lineage is quite problematic, you know? Fire is not very easy to control, and it also affects our mind."

"Yes, yes, that's the excuse you give for acting like a psychotic yandere." Ruby didn't buy that bullshit.

"..." Agnes gave Ruby a blank stare and looked at Violet, who was looking at Sasha with boiling eyes:

"Daughter, translate for me, please." She couldn't understand the new slang the girls used.

"Hmm?" Violet looked at her mother, and when she understood her request, she says:

"She basically said that our bloodline is unfair for increasing our power level and that the side effect of using our fire is just an excuse for us to act like jealous stalkers."

"..." Agnes raised an eyebrow and spoke confusedly:

"But doesn't our personality have anything to do with our power? Yes, power amplifies our feelings, but as far as I remember, my mother was similar to me, and I learned the ways of life from her."

"..." A hush fell around the bathroom.

"… As expected of the Snow Clan, their blood created an entire bloodline of stalker vampires." Natashia couldn't help but say while nodding her head.

"Hmm, Hmm." Scathach and Ruby nodded in sync with Natashia.

"...." Veins popped in Violet and Agnes' heads.

Were they stalkers? Yes! But that doesn't mean they like people to point it out!

When Violet was about to say something, the group heard footsteps approaching the bathroom.

"Hmm?" Victor raised an eyebrow when he caught the familiar scent; he just stared at the door as he stroked Sasha's head with his left hand and his right hand, he practiced with a black magic circle.

"Victor! We have to talk!" A wild Aphrodite appeared!

"Oya?" Seeing the state of everyone in the bathroom, Aphrodite's pink eyes sparkled with amusement, and she snapped her fingers.

Soon her Greek dress disappears, and the perfect body of the goddess of beauty is shown.

"..." Natashia, Agnes, Violet, and Ruby breathed deeply for a few seconds.

Even those who were 100% straight couldn't help but be shocked by this scene.

Everything about Aphrodite was 'perfect'. She was beautiful.

Even her big breasts, which were bigger than Scathach's, didn't look strange due to her height.

Wait, height?

"Did you grow up, Aphrodite?" Violet asked after getting over her shock.

"Oh, I can increase my size and shape any way I want." When she said that, Aphrodite's body glowed, and she appeared in the form of a child.

Her two heavenly white rabbits have disappeared, and she's gained an airport runway!


"..." They didn't know what to comment when they saw her transform into a child.

Aphrodite's body glows again, and she reverts to her original form.

"Due to Victor being tall, I increased my height to be a few inches below him." She nodded in satisfaction.

"..." The girls rolled their eyes at this obvious declaration of love.

Scathach, who was unaffected by the goddess' appearance, asked:

"Why did you come here?"

"Oh..." Remembering her reason for coming here, she looks at Victor in a serious tone and says:

"Freya and Loki want to meet-… Eh?" She stopped mid-sentence when she looked at the black magic circle in Victor's hand.


"…Oh, I'm glad I'm not one to overreact." Violet nodded in satisfaction.

"It's understandable. Vampires can't use magic after all."

"W-W-Wait! How can you use that!?" Completely forgetting what she came here for, Aphrodite climbed into the tub and stood on the other side of Victor as she stared at the black magic circle.

"I was blessed by someone named Albedo, and now I can use magic."

Aphrodite narrowed her eyes.

"… That bitch? Why is she getting involved in the affairs of mortals? Doesn't she prefer to live in seclusion? What's up?"

"You're asking the wrong person." Victor said, "I don't know anything about that."

"I just know that I was blessed by various divine beings."

"…HUH!?" Aphrodite displayed a face of shock, and slowly that face became flat, her eyes became dead, and her two pink eyes looked like two black holes.

"… A Fellow!" Agnes and Violet accidentally spoke at the same time.

"Fufufu, it looks like she didn't like this news very much." Natashia commented in a teasing tone.

"..." Scathach just remained silent, watching the goddess.

"...." Ruby rolled her eyes, "Great, a yandere with pink hair, and to make matters worse, she's not a mortal. She's a goddess."

"Should I give her a kitchen knife?" Ruby spoke. The thought of the goddess stabbing Victor crossed her mind, but she just shrugged. She didn't care since he was immortal.

"Change her name to Yuno too!" Violet yelled.

"Good idea."

Aphrodite completely ignored the women's voices and focused on Victor.

"Oh, I forgot to give it back..." Victor remembered something, and suddenly the black magic circle disappeared, and some golden chains appeared in his hand.

Victor smiled gently, "Thank you very much. That helped a lot to avoid Zeus." Just remembering that old man's eyes, Victor feels goosebumps.

"… Hmm." Aphrodite nodded, her eyes slowly returning to their vivid hue, she grabbed the chain, and in the next moment, the chain disappeared as if it didn't exist.

"I'm glad this helped." She smiled sincerely.

Victor smiled a little and continued to stroke Sasha's head with his left hand. The woman was sleeping so soundly that she didn't care for the world.

She was completely satisfied, her hunger was sated, her insides were completely filled, and she was being patted on the head by her husband. There is no greater happiness!

A moment of silence fell around.

Aphrodite leaned close to Victor and looked around at the women. She wasn't in the mood to socialize right now; her feelings were in turmoil.

Anger, possession, jealousy, hatred, they were all glowing in her heart.

'Who are these whores? Why are they after him? Especially that bitch Albedo, wasn't she in seclusion!?' She ground her teeth a little.

The thought of a male god blessing Victor never crossed Aphrodite 's mind.

The reason…?

Well… He's Victor.

And the gods would be wasting too much time feeling jealous of his beauty, they would never give blessings to this mortal, so it must be a woman!

Wrong, it's obviously a woman! Her instinct says so!

"Ara, this seems to affect you more than I thought..." Natashia spoke, seeing Aphrodite's reaction.

"Hmm, I can already deduce how this is going to end." Ruby spoke in a dry tone.

"Oya? Mind sharing?" Natashia spoke.

"She will wake up fully as one of the Snow Clan members."

"Oh, this is interesting~." Natashia turns her gaze to Victor.

Victor smiled slightly and said:

"You can ask, you know?"

Aphrodite bit her lip.

"… Who… Who were the beings that blessed you?"


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