My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator-Chapter 942 - Searching for the Entrance to the Ancient Tomb (3)

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Chapter 942: Searching for the Entrance to the Ancient Tomb (3)

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“A Space Storage Talisman?”

Tian Xiaogui’s eyes lit up and he stared at Lu Zijia with a burning gaze as he asked, “Is it a talisman that can store things?”

He had once imagined owning space rings and space bags, which he had read about in novels. So, when he heard the space storage talisman Lu Zijia mentioned, he immediately associated it with the space ring.

Feng Wenshan had always despised Tian Xiaogui’s unrealistic behavior. She couldn’t take it anymore and slapped Tian Xiaogui, as though she was trying to wake him up from his daydream. “Can you be more clear-headed? How can there be such a thing in the world?”

“Ouch! Feng Wenshan, don’t go too far. Believe it or not, I’ll really fight back!” Tian Xiaogui held the back of his head that was hit and threatened Feng Wenshan while grimacing.

Seeing their interaction, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling amused, but she had to interrupt them when she saw that the sky was completely dark.

“Fellow Taoists, maybe you can experience it yourself.” Lu Zijia said as she directly took out a Space Storage Talisman and handed it over. “As long as you inject your internal energy into the talisman, you can feel the space inside.”

Tian Xiaogui was very interested in the Space Storage Talisman and took it from Lu Zijia without hesitation.

“You idiot, you…”

Feng Wenshan was immediately shocked when she saw Tian Xiaogui take the talisman without warning. However, before she finished speaking, Tian Xiaogui suddenly jumped on the spot excitedly.

“Ahhh!! It’s really a Space Storage Talisman. There’s really a divine item like Space Storage!

“Ahhh! Am I really not dreaming? Quick, quick, pinch me!”

Tian Xiaogui was so excited that he couldn’t control himself. In order to confirm that he wasn’t dreaming, he actually put his face in front of Feng Wenshan and asked her to confirm it for him.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be faking it, Feng Wenshan’s heart suddenly began beating rapidly. She raised her hand reflexively and pinched Tian Xiaogui.

“Ouch! It hurts! Crazy woman, you’re trying to murder me!” Tian Xiaogui, whose face was red from being pinched, jumped on the spot again in pain and almost burst into tears.

However, before Tian Xiaogui could say anything else, the Space Storage Talisman in his hand was suddenly snatched away by Feng Wenshan.

Feng Wenshan did as Lu Zijia said just then and inserted her internal energy into the space talisman.

The moment she injected her internal energy into the talisman, Feng Wenshan immediately “saw” the space inside. Even though the space wasn’t big, about two square meters, it was indeed a space!

Feng Wenshan was so excited that she almost couldn’t breathe. Her face flushed red. “There’s really such a thing as a Space Storage Talisman!

“Fellow… Fellow Taoist Lu, are you really willing to exchange this Space Storage Talisman for information about the ancient tomb?”

Feng Wenshan held the talisman in her hands tightly and asked Lu Zijia with a bit of uncertainty while feeling excited.

“Of course.” Lu Zijia nodded in confirmation.

Even though she had space and didn’t need a Space Storage Talisman, she still prepared a lot. That’s why she was willing to take out a space talisman to make a deal with Tian Xiaogui.

She originally wanted to use the pills to trade, but judging from the cultivation of Tian Xiaogui and the others, the two of them were very likely to come to the Upper Martial World, so she changed it to a Space Storage Talisman.

Before coming here, she had already confirmed with Alchemist Xu that there was nothing in the Upper Martial World that could store space.

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