Necropolis Immortal-Chapter 1786: Jiang Chen Attacks

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Chapter 1786: Jiang Chen Attacks

No, it would be more accurate to say that they were a new combination of item rather than a reassembly. The three were now a new treasure, forming a battle flag that encompassed the power of the major cycle stars in the Land of Reincarnation. It was the Cosmic Battle Flag.

As the battle flag waved and snapped in the air, even the Azure Dragon King looked at it with appreciation.

“We can begin,” came a faint voice from the void—the Dao King.


Mount Buzhou crumbled into a gaping cavern with a thunderous rumble. Black lightning appeared as soon as the opening formed and a dark figure appeared out of thin air, darting into the cavern.

“I thought you’d wait until they were ready to deliver the final blow to the corpse demon. Who would’ve thought that you’d be so brash and hasty?” The Azure Dragon King blurred into motion the second the figure appeared. Azure radiance and the power of creation condensed into a massive barrier that blocked the dark form.


The azure dragon ancestral god was a divine spirit born of creation. The same held true whether it was the azure dragon ancestral god of the outside realm or the Land of Reincarnation. Since the Azure Dragon King was descended from the ancestral god’s bloodline, he naturally commanded creation as well.

When the power of creation appeared, the black figure immediately bounced off the entrance.

“How dare you interfere with my affairs, Azure Dragon King?!” The figure was enveloped with a layer of black smoke—it thinned when creation hit it, allowing Lu Yun to recognize their unwanted guest.

Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen was an old zombie in the world of immortals. Having died a long time ago, he later returned to life through possessing one of his descendants and then took control of Truespirit Major. It could now be concluded that he’d planned out everything well in advance. He’d successfully slipped into the world of immortals with his death, and the only use for his bloodline was to provide future bodies for him to seize!

Everyone had thought that he’d only send a replica, but they were all wrong. He was here in his primary body!

He’d gone to the lengths of dying so he could be reborn in the world of immortals and become one of its denizens!

He set his fate in the first life he lived after arriving in the Land of Reincarnation. Countless reincarnations and endless rebirths had facilitated him to fully become part of this land and one of its natives.

Paling with horror, color rapidly drained from Lu Yun’s face after he calculated all of this. Likewise, the Azure Dragon King looked grim.

“Since you dare interfere with my affairs, I’ll swallow your replica and obtain your power of creation!” Jiang Chen roared laughter and waved his hand, materializing a Great Formation of Corpse Refinement. A vast horde of zombies walked out of it and dispersed in all directions. The formation then began refining the three hundred and sixty-five zombie kings—the Diexi’s!

“It looks like it’ll be up to the two of you, we can’t help,” Leize sighed.

Just a replica of will from the Azure Dragon King couldn’t hold off Jiang Chen. Their combined strength was needed for the task. Leize’s family, Pangu, God, and the Three Pure Ones were supposed to help Hongjun with the corpse demon, but they had to refocus on Jiang Chen. That old zombie was too horrifying.

“It’s of no matter, the corpse demon won’t be able to do anything as long as you keep Jiang Chen at bay.” Hongjun waved a hand. “The rest of the juniors may withdraw.”

Chu Xingran, the Demonic Vine, and others vanished without a trace. However, Diexi remained where she was and shook her head.

“I am no junior. Lu Yun, give me the crystal coffin.”

Jiang Chen was already attacking the Azure Dragon King. Leize and the others rushed forward to stand with the king. Throughout this development, the Dao King remained on the sidelines.

“Alright,” Lu Yun nodded and waved his hand, releasing the crystal coffin that he’d gathered into the Tome of Life and Death. A crystalline skeleton laid within—Diexi’s body in her former life.

“You two can go in now.” The incredibly heavy coffin seemed light as a feather in Diexi’s hands. It minimized to the size of a palm and landed on her fingertips.

Lu Yun and Hongjun darted into the cavern without hesitation. The former paid no attention to the situation outside. He knew that he needed to act fast!ƒ𝒓𝗲𝐞we𝚋𝚗o𝚟𝚎l.co𝒎

Leize and the others had no hope of triumphing over Jiang Chen; they wouldn’t have all stayed outside to fight otherwise. Even now, Lu Yun didn’t know what Jiang Chen was or what level his Corpse Refiners sect was at.

Everything he knew about Jiang Chen, he’d learned from others. Was Jiang Chen really just an old zombie that’d escaped from the Abyss of Divine Burial?


It was like there was another abyss on the other side of the cavern. A noxious, pungent smell assaulted Lu Yun’s nose and brain at every second.

“Senior, don’t go down there yet.” He halted after an indeterminate distance inside the cavern. “We don’t stand a chance if we head in and go straight for the corpse demon like this. The… god of Mount Tai is possibly somewhere nearby!”

He paused slightly when he mentioned the mountain god. Though both Lu Yun and Violetgrave suspected the god, he was the dear friend and brother through life and death of Hongjun and the others. Given present circumstances, however, Lu Yun had to voice his reservations. Additionally, he held a trump card that he’d yet to play—Violetgrave had been hidden by his side all this time.

“Mm.” Hongjun looked meaningfully at Lu Yun before nodding slowly. The black dot of retribution on him had been greatly weakened by the Karmic Tree, but the half that remained was still enough to destroy the Hongmeng.

He was here with a death wish. Perhaps even his old friend was long consigned to the back of his mind.

Lu Yun waved a zombie into existence—the twentieth level sequence zombie that the Corpse Refiners had sent into the Land of Reincarnation. While it possessed the strength of twenty levels of sequence, there was no presence of sequence on it. Even so, twenty levels was nothing but an ant in this cavern.

“We’ll hitch a ride on this zombie and use its corpse qi to cover our presence. We can sneak into the lower levels that way!” Lu Yun refrained from using both the Shapeshifting death art and hadal hellfire. Those were parlor tricks in front of something like the corpse demon.

The best course of action was to hide behind a real zombie. Lu Yun had kept it in waiting for five hundred years for this exact moment!

etvolare’s Thoughts

Oh true, while we think of the god of Mount Tai as a shady character, he’s the whole reason why Hongjun and the others are in this weird backwater. I wonder what will happen when they all come face to face? Hongjun’s going to have a hell of a time.

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