Necropolis Immortal-Chapter 1809: Strongest of the Natives

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Chapter 1811: The Strongest One

Since the Corpse Refiners had intentionally concealed the existence of hell cannons, the supremes remained blithely unaware.

It'd been more than one thousand years since the vanguard of outsiders arrived in the fourth realm. Part of their attention was constantly dedicated to fighting off the immortal dao eroding their personal dao. Thus, they'd been too preoccupied to probe into what the true trump cards of the Land of Reincarnation were.

When the supremes arrived, they did so without any true intelligence of their surroundings.

Lu Yun controlled all of the key levers that could be brought to bear against the chief worlds—the hell cannons, for one. So even if the outsiders surreptitiously infiltrated various local factions, they still wouldn't know what Lu Yun was capable of.

They'd gain some impression of the cannon at most, but they wouldn't be clear on what it was.

The Thundercloud and Cloud Atlas Supremes led more than three hundred supremes on this campaign because they'd discovered that the cultivators of the fourth realm were growing stronger as time went on. There were natives who accessed two levels of sequence in the past one thousand years alone. That was unheard of in the chief worlds!

Thanks to a treasure bestowed by his father, Yun Yi, Cloud Atlas learned of something even more unsettling. The flawed worlds of the Land of Reincarnation were beginning to repair themselves!

Local supremes would start to appear once the worlds were whole again. If characters of that level came into being—the Demonic Vine was a very likely candidate—then it would be almost impossible for the outsiders to seize the world of sequence.

It was the orders of the fourth realm that rejected the supremes of the chief worlds, not the broken worlds. With the revival of the realm's orders, they were starting to deny new supremes from projecting their wills inside.

Order would grow even stronger if the worlds were whole. It wouldn't just passively resist intrusion from the outside realm by that point, it would actively seek out and destroy the supremes' projections of their wills.

Thus, they had to act fast and occupy as many planes as possible in the fourth realm. Once a plane was theirs, they could isolate it from the orders of the fourth realm. To this end, even the disdainful Golden Dragon King joined their efforts.


Outsiders scrambled back and forth when pounded by barrages from the hell cannons. The fearsome artillery was followed up by battleships sailing out of the void to bear down on the invaders.

"Hell battleships? The treasures formed from the power of hell?" The Cloud Atlas Supreme appeared as a young man wearing long white robes. A world reflected out of his eyes when he opened and closed them. They narrowed at the one hundred and eight hell cannons and thirty-six hell battleships giving his people trouble. Those that Qing Buyi had previously expelled from the Land of Reincarnation included his disciples. They'd told him everything they knew about the hell cannons and battleships.

"All disciples, retreat!" he shouted and approached one of the ships. Before the Hell Legion stationed on the vessel could react, he punched through the hull of precious materials and scuttled it.

His hand came back with the vessel's core—the hell furnace.

"There's nothing noteworthy about these ships. The only thing of any interest is this furnace."


The furnace exploded in his hand, but didn't harm him.

"Interesting." Cloud Atlas glanced at where the Demonic Vine had stood. She'd retreated to the Star Formula Academy since she couldn't face a crowd of three hundred supremes at the same time.

"You guys are so shameless! I'm just a little girl, but you attack me with three hundred supremes and tens of thousands of sequence experts!" Her muffled voice traveled out of the building. "Go pick a fight with Pangu and God if you're that strong!"

"Pangu! God!" Cloud Atlas jumped with surprise and hastily backed away. He breathed more easily when he saw no signs of the two legendary characters.

"Surround the Star Formula Academy, but there's no need to conquer it. We just need to occupy thirty-six clusters to form a formation of heaven and earth. Once that is in place, we'll be able to coalesce the power of the chief worlds to rebuff the orders of this land."

Morale soared when the army saw the Cloud Atlas Supreme break apart a ship with one punch. When it seemed like their momentum would carry them straight into the Star Formula Academy, the Thundercloud Supreme quickly transmitted a message to remind the troops of their goal.

They could attack the Star Sect, but they could not break it. The Central Cluster was the most important locale in the Land of Reincarnation. It was surrounded by other clusters, so there was no point in conquering it.

If things had been as before, the outsiders would certainly occupy the premises and expand outward. But after being trounced by Lu Qing and the Demonic Vine, they no longer dared underestimate the mysterious Land of Reincarnation.

The vine calling out Pangu and God's names was another warning. She'd brought their weapons—Heavenfall and Worldcarver—to beat up the supremes when they arrived.

And just as Cloud Atlas, Thundercloud, and the Golden Dragon King thought, everyone's attention was focused on the massive battle at the Star Sect. The spirit paper dedicated several issues to its reporting. In contrast, unrelated supremes leading disciples to attack other plane clusters appeared more to be meaningless scuffles. While some consideration was given to them, no one paid much attention to those events.

Three hundred and twenty-five supremes besieged the Formula Academy at the Star Sect, but couldn't break it. Its disciples cowered in the buildings and couldn't leave—the transportation formations were severed long ago. People could still take the formations in, but departure was impossible.

There was no one among the natives who could fight such a large gathering of supremes, including Lu Yun. He'd also discovered what the supremes were plotting, but there was nothing he could do about it. The Star Formula Academy had become their hostage. If anyone tampered with the formation they were building, the academy and entire Central Cluster would be destroyed.


"Their formation is complete. Compared to the tiny Nihil Homeland before, the world that it projects is a true Nihil Homeland," sighed Chu Xingran. "You know, you can use your hell to shift the entire academy away to safety."

"Balance," Lu Yun shook his head. "I don't know what kind of strength the chief worlds possess and the supremes are not their ultimate powerhouse. If they spend too long in the fourth realm with nothing to show for their efforts, even stronger characters will come to rectify the situation. I'll really be at the end of my rope then.

"Do you know who the strongest person in the chief worlds is?" He turned around to look at the man.

"It's not the dragons or Morans," Chu Xingran smiled. "The publicly acclaimed titan should be from the Autumnus Realm, and they're already here."

"They're stronger than the Dao King, Hongjun, or Leize?" Lu Yun's eyes widened.