Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2818 Long Chen’s Confidence

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Chapter 2818 Long Chen’s Confidence

This response from Long Chen stunned everyone. However, Zhong Changsheng and the others were delighted to hear such a thing. In their eyes, Long Chen was definitely dead now, and there was no need for them to even add anything.

“Long Chen!” Mu Qingyun hastily pulled on Long Chen. This elder before them was fond of physical discipline. He was a stubborn old man who could not be offended.

That was even more the case today. For him to appear today was thought-provoking. It was very likely that he had come to nitpick, and Long Chen had thrown himself at him.

“Ignorant junior, you are looking down on the court. Someone, bring him away!” The elder waved his hand. Some law enforcement disciples immediately stepped forward.

“You are not qualified to give a ruling to the Pill Institute’s disciples,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Nonsense! Let alone a little probationary disciple, even a formal disciple of the Pill Institute would have to obediently submit to my ruling here! Bring him away and give him fifty lashes of the rod!” proclaimed the elder.

“This is not your business. Don’t come over if you don’t want to die,” said Long Chen coldly and his killing intent filled the room. As a result, all the experts in the room involuntarily shivered.

The disciples stepping forward instantly froze in place, not daring to move. They smelled death.

What they were facing was not a disciple of the Pill Institute but a devil who murdered without batting an eye.

Long Chen stepped forward, going through everyone toward the elder. Hence, the elder stared at him in astonishment. He had never seen someone with such terrifying killing intent.

“Little fellow, you…” The elder was also frozen in fear.

He didn’t even get to finish speaking before he was slapped in the face by Long Chen. He spun back.

“What?!” The disciples’ eyes almost popped out. Long Chen dared to beat this elder? Was he mad?

The elder wasn’t even on guard, and stars spun in his eyes. He felt the world spinning around him. He almost fainted.

Suddenly, he let out a furious cry and divine energy exploded out of his body. Divine flames burned around him.

However, those divine flames had just appeared before they were extinguished by a stamp of the foot. After that, the tip of a sword was less than half an inch from his eyes.

Long Chen held the other end of the sword. “Don’t think that your higher cultivation base protects you. A coward who has never entered the battlefield in their entire life can be killed easily by me.”

Long Chen had already seen that despite the higher cultivation bases of these people, the High Firmament Academy’s so-called experts were nothing more than greenhouse flowers without any true ability.

“You… you brazen brat! Do you know-”

Long Chen slapped him before he was done speaking. After that, the elder was furious and about to attack back when pain stabbed through his eyelid.

Long Chen had pierced his sword through his eyelid. Hence, blood began to flow and the elder instantly froze.

“Are you a pig? I wasn’t done speaking. Who let you talk?” asked Long Chen.

The elder felt a mix of shock and anger, thinking that this youth in front of him was a devil. His powerful cultivation base was completely suppressed by Long Chen, and his life was in Long Chen’s hands. Furthermore, Long Chen’s icy expression terrified him. He had no doubt that Long Chen really would kill him. To Long Chen, killing people could be done without hesitation.

“I told you that you weren’t qualified to judge me. Take a good look at this status plate of mine. If your eyes aren’t blind, you should see that it says full marks. Such a status plate has only appeared twice throughout the entire history of the Pill Institute. Those were incidents that occurred thirteen thousand years ago. As for mine, this is the third. This status plate was personally given to me by Seven Star Elder He Ziyu. Due to beating an instructor in the Pill Institute, I was deducted some benefits. Senior He Ziyu then lent me some money, telling me to take the test to become an instructor so I can make up for those lost benefits. But I didn’t expect that your God Institute would be hiding such corruption. Just a minor instructor exam had blatant cheating with collusion on all sides. It’s completely lawless. Then there were even people who launched killing blows against me. As for you, you old bastard, you didn’t even give me any chance to show you this status of mine before trying to give me corporal punishment? Tell me, do you want to die?” snorted Long Chen.

Long Chen’s words resounded throughout the court, leaving people dumbfounded. They looked at Long Chen’s status plate.

They all understood what this meant. He had passed the exam with full marks. If that occurred in a different institute, it wouldn’t be so shocking. Although it was rare, there were always a few such occurrences every year.

However, when it came to the Pill Institute, they couldn’t recall anyone managing to pass with full marks in many years. Upon hearing Long Chen’s explanation, everyone’s hearts shook. It seemed that Long Chen possessed quite a powerful background.

He beat up an instructor and only had some benefits taken away? The Seven Star Elder had personally helped him, telling him to become an instructor here in the God Institute? Just how big were his connections?

Long Chen’s words were half true and half false. It was true that this status plate was special. He had learned that from the disciple rulebook that he had been given. The Seven Star Elder had not mentioned it to him.

He was aware that this was the third time such a status plate had appeared. His position was definitely not ordinary. As for why the Seven Star Elder hadn’t told him, Long Chen guessed it was to not make him arrogant.

The Pill Institute was the most special place in the High Firmament Academy and could be considered the core of the academy. After all, the pills that the disciples needed for cultivation were all provided by the Pill Institute.

Hence, just by showing off his status plate and making a connection between him and the Seven Star Elder, he became clothed in tiger clothes. He couldn’t be touched.

Within the rulebook he had been given, there was an introduction to the Pill Institute’s positions. The position of the Seven Star Elder was a bit lower than an institute head, but only by a bit. It was a position with extremely high authority.

Of course, the reason he beat this elder was precisely to cause a bigger fuss. Only by causing a bigger fuss could he pull in more benefits for himself.

The elder’s expression was extremely ugly at this moment. He had been in the academy for many years and was profoundly aware of how difficult it was to deal with the Pill Institute. Furthermore, for Long Chen to be such a rare genius, only the third to pass their exam with full marks, his status was completely different than an ordinary disciple.

The elder truly was not qualified to directly punish Long Chen. He would have to leave it to the Pill Institute to handle him. Just like that, he was slapped twice for nothing.

Only after stating his case did Long Chen retract his sword. He then looked at the elder’s expression and knew that his plan had worked.

“I will report this to the Pill Institute’s department. I strongly condemn your crude behavior. Just wait.” The elder gloomily crawled up, waved his sleeve, and left.

The law enforcement disciples also left with him along with Zhong Changsheng and the others. As he passed by Long Chen, he eyed him.

Just like that, Long Chen slapped him in the face.

“What are you looking at?”

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