Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2956 Alliance Head Admits Defeat

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Chapter 2956 Alliance Head Admits Defeat

Facing Chu Yang’s eyes that were full of killing intent, Long Chen smiled and shook his head. “I really don’t believe you. First, there are so many people here. All of your people will be instantly wiped out, as you didn’t bring your true experts this time. Actually, as long as I can stall you for a single breath’s time, your head will be cut off by Mu Qingyun. I have absolute confidence in her abilities. She is not inferior to any one of the experts here. Second, you also don’t dare to kill me, because the head judge will make sure that you are executed as well. After all your efforts, you won’t kill me just to destroy the foundation that your Chu family has built up in the academy over so many years. You’re a smart person, and you won’t do this. Third, since I dared to get this close to you, it means that I’m not afraid of you. Of course, you can treat that as me bragging. If you don’t believe it, you can always try?”

“I didn’t expect that your scheming would be so deep.” Chu Yang’s gaze was icy. He stared at Long Chen’s eyes as if he wanted to pierce through him and see all his secrets.

“Scheming? No, scheming is for children. I’ve long since stopped playing with such senseless things. Your so-called scheming is nothing more than a play thought up by a butt instead of a brain. I have some experience in this regard, but I no longer bother with it. I’d advise you to scram now. You won’t gain anything with me here. If I get the urge again, I might slap you a few more times, and then you won’t be able to endure any longer, but you also don’t dare to kill me. Won’t you suffer like that?” asked Long Chen.

“Isn’t that just what you want?” sneered Chu Yang.

“No, I’m giving you this advice because I’m not interested. To tell you the truth, I’m very afraid of you. You’re just like a turd. If I step on you, it’ll just disgust me. So hurry up and scram, or I’ll have to step on you. I’m disgusted just thinking about it,” sighed Long Chen.

“You…” Chu Yang’s expression sank. Long Chen was absolutely hateful. Chu Yang had never suffered such humiliation before.

However, just as Long Chen said, he didn’t dare to kill him. If he did, the head judge would definitely drag him down with Long Chen.

If it was someone else, then perhaps he wouldn’t be afraid of them. But the head judge was someone from the Battle God Palace. That exceedingly terrifying force behind him wasn’t something that the Chu family could provoke.

However, Chu Yang managed to smile. “Brother Long, I’ll definitely repay you for this warm treatment in the future. I’m sure we’ll have many chances to get closer.”

Long Chen cupped his fists. “Of course, of course. To not reciprocate would be rude. Perhaps when my mood is good, or when my mood is bad, I’ll go take a stroll around your home as well. That’s right, you can take back your gift. After all, the gift that I gave you isn’t physical. It was nothing more than the raising of a hand. If you left such a generous gift behind, I really wouldn't be able to set my heart at ease. But if you don’t want to take it with you, I can give you some more small gifts. Then we can be truly even.”

Long Chen’s meaning was clear. If they didn’t take back their coffin, he would slap him again. In any case, Chu Yang didn’t dare to kill him.

“Fine, fine. We were in a hurry this time and didn’t come prepared. Next time, we’ll have a much bigger gift for you. I trust that it won’t disappoint you.” Chu Yang waved his hand, leaving with his people. Of course, they also dragged away that coffin with them.

Chu Yang had come so aggressively but left so dejectedly. It was like he had come here just to be slapped in the face.

Everyone actually thought that Chu Yang would explode after being humiliated, but he actually endured it. If they didn’t personally witness it, they wouldn’t believe it.

Chu Yang was the head of the seventh strongest guild in the inner academy. He was also a mortal enemy of the Luo family. After being slapped in the face, he just left like that? That wasn’t good for the Chu family’s morale and would result in gossip.

Others didn’t know what Chu Yang and Long Chen had said to each other while patting each other’s shoulders, but seeing him leave like this, there must be something behind the scene.

“Brother San, you’re amazing. How did you do this?” Zhong Ling ran over, staring at Long Chen worshipfully.

The others also looked at him reverently. They had never seen such a domineering existence. He actually managed to hit Chu Yang without the latter daring to counterattack. Just how many people were capable of such a thing in the academy? They wouldn’t forget this scene of how Chu Yang had come to humiliate them, only to be humiliated and leave.

“It was nothing. We just had a discussion.” Long Chen shrugged.

“What did you discuss?” asked Zhong Ling.

“I told him that I slapped the left side of his face, causing his bones to deform slightly. Since the two sides were no longer even, I felt bad for him, so I offered to hit his right side as well to fix it. But that idiot refused no matter what, spitting on my good intentions. Tch, I’ve never seen such a foolish person,” said Long Chen.

Although they knew he was spouting nonsense, Mu Qingyun and the others still laughed. Long Chen’s innocent expression truly looked sincere.

“With death at hand, you can still laugh.”

Just at this moment, another group of people came. However, this group numbered over a hundred people, and they all had terrifying auras. Before they even arrived, a roiling heat washed over Long Chen and the others. It was a suffocating heat.

“It’s people from the third-ranked Heaven Melting Valley!”

“Why would they come here?

“They don’t seem friendly.”

When Mu Qingyun and the others saw the flame mark on their chests, they instantly recognized their status.

Long Chen thought of Long Yanzong and frowned. These fellows really did have to avenge every little slight. Who cared so much about it?

Luo Bing was about to speak when Long Chen raised his hand. Luo Bing then nodded, standing behind Long Chen with Mu Qingyun and the others.

Seeing her follow his orders, Luo Qingyang was infuriated. He clenched his fists.

Standing beside him, Luo Qifeng and the other disciples of the Luo family sighed inside. They saw Luo Qingyang’s expression, but there was nothing they could do. Jealousy had caused this genius of the Luo family to lose all his normal rationale.

This group of people was led by someone who had an astonishing flame aura. It was almost like he was made of flames. At this moment, he icily looked over everyone, clasped his hands behind him, and announced, “The alliance head has declared that your alliance must disband within three days. Otherwise… you will become our Heaven Melting Valley’s number one target.”

As soon as he was done speaking, he was slapped in the face. With an explosive sound, half his face broke and blood flew through the air. Without even getting to make a pained snort, he tumbled down the mountain.

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