Pampered By Mr President! - Chapter 664 - Father’s debt and son’s repayment, it’s only right and proper! 1

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Chapter 664: Chapter 664: Father’s debt and son’s repayment, it’s only right and proper! 1

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When Mu Siyin heard this, her heart jolted again!

He actually knew? !

Looking at Mu Siyin’s astonished face, Jing yang snorted coldly, “Your sister and Shi Yueheng are a pair of ghost ducks, do they know…”

Speaking of this, Jing Yang’s face was terrifyingly gloomy!

“Do they know how miserable they’ve caused our family!”

Mu Siyin felt as though she had been struck by lightning!

She couldn’t remember anything before she was eight years old, including the car accident.

Furthermore, Shi Beiyu didn’t tell her too much.

Now, from Jing Yang’s words..

She said in shock, “You… could it be that you’re… an accident…”

“That’s right!”Without waiting for her to finish, Jing Yang raised his eyebrows and nodded coldly.

“I’m the one who was hit. Just like you, I’m the only one who survived.”

Mu Siyin was shocked beyond words.

So… he was the other party.

“That car accident ruined everything for me! I hate them! !”Jing Yang said in a deep voice.

Mu Siyin frowned. “Natural and man-made disasters are beyond our control. Not only are you the victim, I am as well as Shi Beiyu. Furthermore, the matter from back then has long been resolved. Why are you taking revenge on Shi Beiyu Now?

What does this have to do with him? !”

As soon as Mu Siyin said this, Jing Yang’s emotions were stirred up. He glared at her and roared furiously, “It’s only right and proper for a father to repay his son’s debt!

As a high-ranking official in the political world, his father actually destroyed our family for an affair!

On what basis? !

The Shi family was even more detestable!

In order to cover up the truth, and seeing that I was young and easy to bully, they forced me to sign a contract with them and didn’t allow me to leak the matter out. So, they just gave me a sum of money and sent me away?


At this point, Jing Yang’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Mu Siyin was also shocked by Jing Yang’s words. However, thinking about it again, Shi Beiyu’s father’s identity was special. Naturally, such a scandal couldn’t be leaked out.

That was why they made him sign a confidentiality agreement.

“Since the matter has already happened, they can only do their best to compensate you. As for making you sign that contract, they don’t have any ill intentions. They just don’t want to make the matter bigger. They’re not bullying you.”

Jing Yang wouldn’t listen to her. He sneered, “What do you know? You Don’t know anything! The Shi family won’t let me have it easy, and I won’t let them have it easy either! !”

With that, he turned around and walked away coldly.

Mu Siyin turned around abruptly. “A dead person can’t be resurrected. You should live your life well. You shouldn’t be blinded by that hatred!”

Jing Yang paused in his steps, sneered, and left.

Mu Siyin looked at the closed door in shock.

Jing Yang was in a car accident 12 years ago. What about nameless?

What was he after?

She suddenly felt that a huge conspiracy was attacking her and Shi Beiyu..

Furthermore, they had to make a deal with Shi Beiyu.


She had to think of a way to escape.

She looked around, but there was no communication device in the room. She leaned against the window and tiptoed to look around. Suddenly, she realized that this was not as simple as the seaside.

Could it be..

She was very surprised. She paused for a moment and walked out of the door.

Outside the room was a magnificent corridor. There were many famous paintings hanging in the corridor, and they were priceless.

She frowned slightly. They didn’t capture her for money, because they didn’t lack money at all.

The more they did so, the more worried she became.

Walking down the corridor, a woman in a maid’s uniform nodded slightly at her. “Miss, are you hungry?”

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