President Wife is Pretty and Cool - Chapter 493 - : Hitting Someone When They're Down Again

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Chapter 493: Hitting Someone When They’re Down Again

How could someone who had passed away come back to life?

“Uncle, Auntie, my condolences. The dead can’t be revived, you have to accept this fact.” Tan Shilin reminded them of Lan Anran’s death again.

“Get lost, my daughter doesn’t need your condolences!” Lan Tingyun said furiously.

“You cursed my sister to death. Hurry and get lost. If you don’t, I’m going to call the police.” Lan Yanran spoke fiercely.

“Yanran, Sis Anran passed away, but you still have me, your sister. I will treat you well too.” Lan Yaxin continued.

“You’re so annoying, behaving like a meddling woman. What else do you guys want to say? If not anything else, then hurry and leave my house. You’re not welcome here. Be careful, my sister’s vengeful spirit is standing behind you, strangling you. I wonder if you dreamed that my sister came to find you.

“If not, I look forward to you dreaming of her tonight. She will watch you sleep and eat, watch while you bathe, and watch when you go to the toilet. In short, she will stare at you all the time to express your longing for her.”

Lan Yanran didn’t expect his bluff to be effective against Lan Yaxin.

Lan Yaxin was startled and suddenly felt a chill down her spine.

“Lan Yaxin, are you done? I treat you well, right? Back then, it didn’t affect you when your parents and I were fighting. You girl, how did you become such a troublemaker? I sent your parents in because they hurt Anran, but we didn’t hurt you. They broke the law and should be punished. Why don’t you seem to regret everything they did?” Lan Tingyun lectured her.

“I don’t need you to educate me. No matter how bad they are, they are still my parents. What right do you have to send them in? Do you think it’s great that you place righteousness before family? The result is retribution on your daughter. I became like this because of the harm your family caused me. But now that Sis Anran is dead, I won’t say much about the past.

“On the day my parents are released from prison, I will make them come to pay their respects to my sister! But that will depend on their mood,” Lan Yaxin said.

“You’re hopeless. Your parents didn’t educate you well, so you hurt my daughter?” Li Yueru hated her to the core.

“You probably don’t know yet, but I slept with Mo Jinrong. Not long ago, before he died, he gave me a large sum of money. Your daughter didn’t know about this and actually died with him. Don’t you think it’s funny? But I wonder if Sis will know about this when they are in the netherworld? But even if she knows, she can’t do anything because it has already happened.” Lan Yaxin spoke proudly.

Lan Yueru and Lan Tingyun were furious when an angry voice suddenly came from behind them.

“Get out of the way!”

Lan Yanran splashed a basin of water on Lan Yaxin’s face.

Lan Yaxin was drenched from head to toe.

“B*tch! You’re not my sister, I’ve never treated you as my sister. You’re not worthy at all. Get lost if you know what’s good for you.”

After Lan Yanran splashed the water, he closed the door.

Lan Yaxin still hadn’t come back to her senses.

“Lan Yanran! Just you wait.” Tan Shilin was also drenched in water.

“Lan Yaxin, what kind of savage relative do you have? In the future, don’t make me accompany you for such things. I don’t know what water this is, it stinks.”

Tan Shilin was disgusted and slapped the water off his body but he was still drenched from head to toe.

“How would I know they’d do this? But I’m very happy to see them like this!” Lan Yaxin said.


After Lan Yaxin left, Li Yueru started to cry again.

“How could Mo Jinrong do such a bastard thing? Anran is still in the dark and she is still taking care of him. What a silly child.”

Lan Tingyun sat on the sofa, his originally happy mood suddenly turning gloomy.

“What a beast! What did he promise me back then? Now, he and that woman…”

He didn’t want to continue.

“Mom, Dad, how could you listen to Lan Yaxin’s nonsense? Mo Jinrong isn’t that kind of person. I think she is spreading rumors. Sister and brother-in-law can’t clear things up now, so she is spouting nonsense. How could Mo Jinrong have fallen for her?”

Lan Yanran thought she was lying. In any case, there was no evidence now no matter what she said.

“Yes, we can’t trust that woman. Honey, don’t be fooled by her. Don’t you know what kind of person our daughter is? She is too shrewd. Otherwise, how could she be the boss? I think we should wait for Anran to come back to ask about this.

“With our daughter’s personality, she will definitely cause a stir if she finds out that Mo Jinrong cheated. Think about how big of a fuss it was last time, it must be fake. Don’t you believe our daughter’s judgment?” Lan Tingyun smiled and said.

Li Yueru wiped her tears and thought about it. If her daughter found out that her husband was having an affair, she would definitely turn the world upside down. Last time, it reached the point of a divorce, so this time, it must be a lie.

“Our son is smarter than us. We were too quick to get angry. Anyway, our daughter is alive and it will be a slap to Yaxin’s face in a few days,” Lan Tingyun smiled and said.

“But when will such days of waiting end? It’s been a few days, I wonder how Anran is doing,” Li Yueru said, worried.

“No news is the best news. Let’s wait a while longer. Jinrong’s injuries seem serious and he probably won’t wake up for at least half a month.” Lan Tingyun spoke.

The doorbell rang again.

Lan Yanran couldn’t control his temper, thinking that it was Lan Yaxin again.

“Are you done?” He had just roared when he retracted his words.

“Grandma Mo? What brings you here today?”

Lan Yanran instantly became well-behaved.

“What happened to you just now?”

Old Mrs. Mo was frightened by Lan Yanran’s actions.

Lan Yanran shook his head and said, “Nothing, an annoying person came to knock on the door before.”

“Old Mrs. Mo, why are you here?”

Li Yueru was obviously a little surprised. She didn’t seem to be in good condition at the memorial service a few days ago, but she was actually here today.

“In-law, don’t misunderstand, I’m here today to discuss something with you.”

Old Mrs. Mo was helped in by Nanny Wu.

Lan Tingyun looked at the two of them angrily. After all, they didn’t care about his daughter’s life at the memorial service, they were only thinking about the inheritance of the corporation.

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