President Wife is Pretty and Cool - Chapter 494 - Apology  

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Chapter 494: Apology

“Discuss what? Don’t have any designs on my daughter. Her life or death has nothing to do with the Mo Family.”

Li Yueru was furious.

“In-law, don’t be anxious. I didn’t come to tell you about that. I know that I might have neglected your feelings during the memorial service, so I’m here today to apologize.” Old Mrs. Mo looked haggard as she said this.

“Apologize? How are you going to apologize for my daughter’s life? Ever since she married into the Mo Family, nothing good has happened. She was either injured or kidnapped. I really regret agreeing to the marriage. If I had known, I wouldn’t have let my daughter marry into a family like yours.” Lan Tingyun was furious just thinking about it.

Old Mrs. Mo wasn’t angry at his words. Instead, she apologized kindly.

“I’m really sorry, I know that because of my grandson’s identity, your daughter and you have suffered a lot, but I don’t have a choice. The enemy is watching us covetously, I can’t let the foundation that my husband had worked so hard to build be ruined just like that.”

“I don’t care about that. In short, my daughter has nothing to do with you now. Don’t even think about letting her into the Mo Family’s grave. If there’s nothing else, hurry up and leave.” Lan Tingyun wanted to close the door.

Old Mrs. Mo hurriedly said, “In-laws, let me finish first. I suspect that my grandson and your daughter…”

Lan Tingyun was taken aback and spoke angrily.

“Whether my daughter dies or not has nothing to do with you. I advise you to leave this place quickly. I don’t care what happens later.”

Although he spoke harshly, his gaze hinted for her to be careful.

Old Mrs. Mo seemed to have understood him, so she kept quiet.

“In-laws, since you don’t welcome me, I’ll come again next time. I hope you can understand my difficulties. Jinrong is gone and the corporation is leaderless. I can’t just watch it be destroyed.”

Li Yueru was tired of Old Mrs. Mo’s pompous words and chased her out impatiently.

If her daughter wasn’t still alive, she wouldn’t have opened the door for her.

“Don’t come again, you’re not welcome here.” Li Yueru spoke bluntly.

Nanny Wu and Old Mrs. Mo were chased out.

“The Lan Family is too unreasonable. We were clearly here to tell them the news so that they wouldn’t be so sad, but they chased us out. And they’re still counted as a medical family? They aren’t reasonable at all.” Nanny Wu spoke.

“Nanny Wu, don’t blame them. They felt upset after losing their daughter and naturally wouldn’t be willing to accept us since we didn’t care about them at the memorial service and instead dealt with the corporation’s assets, making them very sad. It’s only right that they resent us.

“Let’s go back first. From Lan Tingyun’s words, it seems that someone wants to kill them. It’s not safe here, let’s go back.”

Old Mrs. Mo was smart and had been in the business world for many years, so she could naturally understand some hints.

Nanny Wu looked around coldly. Now that she said it, it did seem eerie.


A few more days passed and Mo Shengli was basically certain that the two of them were dead. If they hadn’t died, they would have been seriously injured and wouldn’t be able to come back anyway.

He started to deal with the higher-ups of the Mo Corporation.

Back then, Mo Jinrong was the highest leader of the Mo Corporation. Now that the top had collapsed, the bottom wouldn’t last long.

Hence, he secretly met with many shareholders to discuss the shares.

“Boss Zhao, you didn’t give me the shares previously because of Mo Jinrong. On account of our relationship, I won’t say anything. Now, I’ll be honest. I want to be the president of the Mo Corporation. Mo Jinrong has passed away and I’m his uncle, so I should get the biggest shares.

“The Mo Corporation is supported by a child now and we are all old employees in the company. How can we watch the company be destroyed by a child?

“You have been with the corporation for so many years and have feelings for it. I am the oldest in the Mo Family. You might say that I am ambitious and want to seize power and I don’t deny that. Everyone desires power. Let’s not talk about this. As long as you hand over your shares, I can give you a fair price, so just hand over your shares.

“You can have no worries now that Mo Jinrong has passed away. Hurry and hand over all your shares to me. Don’t even think about leaving this place if anyone doesn’t hand them over today.”

Mo Shengli held a wine glass and walked around the room, threatening everyone with his tone of voice.

Everyone present was dissatisfied and they whispered to each other.

Zhao Jun was the first to stand up.

“Mr. Mo, you asked us for the shares previously and now, you’re asking us for the shares again. Didn’t we agree that it was just a meal and not to talk about the shares? Mo Jinrong warned us last time, aren’t you asking us to run into a bullet?

“Although Mo Jinrong passed away, Old Mrs. Mo is still around. If she finds out, we won’t be able to be shareholders anymore.”

“Boss Zhao, what are you afraid of? Old Mrs. Mo doesn’t know anything since she’s at home. Mo Jinrong has passed away, are you afraid he will come looking for you?” Mo Shengli said.

“What you say doesn’t count. Old Mrs. Mo has shares in the company too. If you can get her shares, we will believe you,” Liu Tian said.

Mo Shengli took a sip of red wine and didn’t speak. These old foxes wouldn’t agree if he didn’t get serious with them.

He drank the last mouthful of red wine in his hand and smashed the wine glass on the ground!

“Don’t be so shameless. I have my own ways to get my mom’s shares. You’d better hand over your shares obediently, or none of you will leave this place today.”

At this moment, the door suddenly opened and some people in black suits and sunglasses barged in.

“Mo Shengli, are you trying to kill someone?”

Zhao Jun looked at the burly men behind Mo Shengli and felt a little scared.

“So what if I kill someone? I advise you to behave yourselves and hand over your shares obediently, then nothing will happen today, or else, I’ll make you regret it.”

Mo Shengli glanced around. Zhao Jun was the oldest among the shareholders and there was always someone who wanted to eat the crab first.

“Zhao Jun, you have the most experience. I hope you can take the initiative to stand up and be a role model. Don’t worry, I have prepared the money. I can give you more than three times the original price. You won’t lose out on this deal,” Mo Shengli said.

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