Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 1028 - Daddy, You're Peeping at Me!!  

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Chapter 1028: Daddy, You’re Peeping at Me!!

Compared to when she first came and was treated as an enemy by a group of people with weapons, when she left, Xia Wanyuan was reluctantly surrounded by everyone.

Who did not like to see beautiful women when they worked in the mountains? Especially since this beauty was extremely capable and could increase their work progress by more than half.

Jun Shiling held Xia Wanyuan’s hand and walked into the plane. The door gradually closed, blocking everyone’s reluctant gazes.

Xia Wanyuan leaned against the window and looked at everyone waving at the plane. She was a little reluctant. After all, they had been together for nearly half a month.

Jun Shiling glanced at Xia Wanyuan and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Can’t bear to leave?”

“A little.” The environment here was simple. Although she was tired every day, it inexplicably reminded her of her previous life.

“Invite them over during our wedding.”

“Wedding?” Xia Wanyuan turned around. “When? No, you haven’t proposed to me yet.”

Jun Shiling smiled. “Mm, Madam Jun, you can start preparing your wedding clothes now.”

Hearing Jun Shiling’s words, Xia Wanyuan looked forward to it.

In her two lifetimes, she had never thought about what she would be like when she got married.

Glancing at Jun Shiling, Xia Wanyuan imagined Jun Shiling in a red suit in her mind. She suddenly looked forward to it. She had not seen Jun Shiling wear anything other than a suit.

“By the way, did you watch the video of me participating in the design competition?” Xia Wanyuan suddenly thought that Jun Shiling was so busy that he shouldn’t have time to pay attention to this. “Shall we watch it together?”

How could Jun Shiling not have watched it? No matter how busy he was, he had taken some time out to watch the video of Xia Wanyuan participating in the competition before he slept. However, facing Xia Wanyuan’s invitation now, Jun Shiling nodded. “Mm.”

Although it was the second time he had seen it, Jun Shiling could not help but be stunned by Xia Wanyuan. Wearing the blue sky and white clouds, Xia Wanyuan walked out of the endless light like a dream god.

“Does it look good?” Xia Wanyuan turned her head, her face clearly asking for praise.

Jun Shiling stroked Xia Wanyuan’s head as if he was coaxing a child. “Our Madam is the most beautiful.”

As expected, Xia Wanyuan had dimples on her face from the praise. Jun Shiling smiled with her.

The plane shuttled through the clouds. Jun Shiling hugged Xia Wanyuan and looked out the window at the clouds and the morning glow.

In the open sea of Continent M, a luxurious cruise ship was floating aimlessly on the sea.

“The famous King of the Night actually doesn’t even dare to show his face. This negotiation is meaningless.” A tall foreign man was staring at the masked man opposite him. This was the second on the international criminal bounty list, Sea Shark. The first was naturally the masked man in front of him, King.

“Is my face worth 100 billion? Or? You don’t even want 100 billion and want to see my face?” The masked man’s voice was extremely young.

“A hundred billion?” Hearing this, Sea Shark immediately sat up straight. “Where can I earn it? The international market is tight now. Where can I get a hundred billion?”

The masked man gestured, and the scar-faced man standing at the side handed Sea Shark a document.

“China?” Sea Shark closed the document when it saw this word. “Do you think I don’t know that it’s easy to do big business in the Chinese market? The key is how to enter. Its place is like an iron wall, and the higher-ups are ruthless. If I don’t earn money when I go in, I’ll lose myself.”

“What if I say that this copper wall is already the paper on the window that will shatter with a light touch?”

“What do you mean?” In this underground force, the Sea Shark was second, and the one who dared to be number one was King, who was sitting in front of him. The sea shark knew that he would not say anything without evidence, so he was immediately interested.

“I have a detailed map of the southwest region of China, including all their combat strength deployments. When we transport the goods in privately, not only can we bypass all the checkpoints, but we can also watch and develop the other party into our tentacles.”

“A map?!” Sea Shark was really shocked. This was the highest secret of a country. How did King have this? 

“Just say it. Are you going to do it? If not, I’ll find someone else.”

“Yes!” Sea Shark made a prompt decision. “Fifty-fifty.”

“Three, seven.”

“Impossible!” The sea shark’s eyes widened. “You’re too overboard!”

The masked man stood up and left. “Then we won’t meet again.”

Seeing that the masked man was about to leave the deck, Sea Shark made up his mind. “Wait, four, six!”

“Deal.” Under the mask, Yu Qian’s thin lips curled up.

He turned around slowly. “Now, we can talk about what to do.”

The wind blew across the blue sea, and the waves rushed towards the snow-white mail boat. The two people sitting on the deck only stopped discussing when night fell.

The stars flashed in the sky, and the sound of a car came from the entrance of the manor.

“Mommy is back!!” Xiao Bao, who was on the second floor, seemed to have sensed something. He threw down the Ultraman in his hand and ran out. Xia Yu could not catch up.

Xiao Bao had just run downstairs when Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan entered.

Xiao Bao pursed his lips and began to cry. “Boohoo, Mommy, I miss you so much. Where did you go?”

Xia Wanyuan hurriedly went forward and kissed Xiao Bao’s face. “Good boy, isn’t Mommy back?”

“Why are you crying?” Jun Shiling walked over and looked at Xiao Bao in disdain. “You’re already four years old, yet you’re still crying.”

Xiao Bao did not care. Xiao Bao missed Xia Wanyuan so much that he threw himself into her arms and cried until the sky collapsed. Only when Xia Wanyuan promised him that she would bring him along as her little tail for the next week did he calm down.

Satisfied with his mother’s comfort, Xiao Bao kissed Xia Wanyuan and slipped out of her arms. He ran to Jun Shiling and opened his arms to him.

“Daddy, hug me.”

Jun Shiling glanced at him. “What are you doing?”

Xiao Bao pouted, and tears were about to fall from his big eyes. “Boohoo, Daddy, hug me. I miss Daddy.”

Jun Shiling looked disdainful, but he still reached out and lifted Xiao Bao onto his lap. Xiao Bao hugged Jun Shiling’s neck like a little octopus. “Daddy, I miss you so much.”

Jun Shiling patted Xiao Bao’s back. “Have you been good recently?”

“Yes.” Xiao Bao nodded seriously. “I’m super obedient. I haven’t eaten milk candy recently!”

Jun Shiling was about to praise him when he suddenly felt that Xiao Bao’s pocket was bulging. Jun Shiling reached in and took out a large handful of golden monkey milk candy.

The back of Xiao Bao’s neck turned cold. He let go and was about to run when Jun Shiling pulled him back.

“Mommy, you made me wait for you at home for more than half a month. I miss you so much.” In his long battle with Jun Shiling, Xiao Bao had already grasped the key to solving the problem.

As expected, Xia Wanyuan walked over and took Xiao Bao. “Although your father is fierce to you, he misses you very much. He carries our photos with him and takes a look at you every night.”

Xiao Bao’s round eyes widened. He looked at Jun Shiling in shock and joy. “Daddy, really? You secretly looked at my photo!”

“…” Jun Shiling’s eyes flashed. “If you eat milk candy again in the future, I won’t buy you a plane.”

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