Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 1037 - Relationship Exposed; Adorable Family  

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Chapter 1037: Relationship Exposed; Adorable Family

Jiang Kui had drunk too much drugs unconsciously and did not wake up until the morning. He lay on the sofa with Zou Man and was kicked out of bed by Father Jiang, who had come to look for him angrily.

“Father, Father, I was set up. It was Jun Shiling!! Jun Shiling set me up!” Jiang Kui finally reacted. He looked at Zou Man, who was sitting on the bed with a blanket over her. After connecting the dots, he knew that he had been set up by Jun Shiling.

It was fine if Jiang Kui did not mention it, but once he did, Father Jiang became even angrier. He slapped him again. “How dare you say that?! Do you have a brain?!”

The Jiang family and the Jun family were both big families. Although outsiders did not say anything, they would always compare the two families in their hearts.

Jun Shiling’s ability to control the power was obvious. He was a young talent who would not shirk his responsibilities. In comparison, Jiang Kui, who was protected by Father Jiang, was much inferior. Now, Jiang Kui was still insisting that he had been set up by Jun Shiling. This would only make Father Jiang feel that he was useless.

“Father, I really didn’t know. I don’t even know this woman. Really!” Jiang Kui pointed at Zou Man in a hurry, wanting to remove everything on him.

Zou Man, who was sitting on the bed, met Jiang Kui’s heartless gaze. Her eyes were filled with mockery. This man was much more heartless than she had imagined.

“Hubby ~” Zou Man adjusted the blanket on her body, revealing only her beautiful face. “This is boring, right? Room 2016, your pants are still on the bed.”

“You!” Jiang Kui knelt on the ground and looked at Zou Man as if he was about to eat her up.

“Unfilial son!” Father Jiang kicked Jiang Kui again. “Come back with me!”

With that, Father Jiang turned around and left. Jiang Kui got up from the ground and followed Father Jiang with a dejected expression.

After the Jiang father and son left, Zou Man lifted the blanket and slowly put on her clothes.

On the way back, Jiang Kui used all sorts of excuses to remove himself cleanly. Father Jiang did not say a word and was silent the entire time.

It was only when he entered the Jiang family’s door and it was closed that Father Jiang suddenly exploded and slapped Jiang Kui hard. “Do you think I’m angry at you for playing with women?! Unfilial son! You’re the one who’s disappointing! It’s fine if you play, but you’re even set up by others. How can I be at ease handing the Jiang family to you? I might as well hand it to Jiang Yun! Your sister is much more hardworking than you!”

As Jiang Kui listened to Father Jiang’s reprimand, he clenched his fists tightly. As expected, the old man had the thought of handing the Jiang family to a woman. Impossible, I would never allow it. 

Jiang Kui forced himself to calm down. “Dad, what should we do now? I’ll suppress the trending topic.”

“Do you think you can suppress it?” Father Jiang was scheming. He knew that Jun Shiling was adding fuel to the fire. Since Jun Shiling was involved, he would not let them suppress the trending topic so easily.

“Then what should we do?”

“Announce your relationship with that woman and break up secretly after dating for a while.” Father Jiang thought for a while and finally gave a suggestion.

“You unfilial son, what photo was taken?! The public relations department doesn’t even know how to refute the rumors for you. They directly determined that you’re a couple and sued the media for violating privacy. You need to cut ties with that woman after this calms down.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Dad, you’re still the wise one.” After hearing Father Jiang’s words, Jiang Kui was finally relieved. “I’ll do it now.”

“Go.” Father Jiang waved his hand. Seeing Jiang Kui scramble out, Father Jiang shook his head. “How useless. The Jiang family is unlucky.”

Thinking that the Jiang family would be handed over to someone like Jiang Kui in the future, Father Jiang sighed in his heart. Compared to Jun Shiling, who was the same age, Father Jiang felt that Jiang Kui was even less useful. However, he only had one son. Although Jiang Yun was capable, she was a woman.

Just as there was an uproar on Weibo, a Weibo account that had been certified as the eldest young master of the Jiang family posted a post.

@ Jiang Kui: “Manman @ Zou Man is my girlfriend. The media reporters have violated our private privacy. The Jiang Corporation’s legal team will investigate the person who spread the rumors.”

[Wow, is this the crown prince of the Jiang family? The real person came out to respond!]

666, one designer married Jun Shiling, and the other designer is with the young master of the Jiang family. Do the big shots especially like designers? Is it too late for me to learn design now?]

[To be honest, Jiang Kui’s response is quite responsible. I’m a fan. It’s a love between a god and a genius designer.]

As Father Jiang had expected, Jiang Kui’s Weibo post quickly changed the tide of the news.

Jiang Kui had never had any scandals in public. This was the first time news about his feelings had leaked. Zou Man’s usual public relations image was also very good. The Jiang family’s public relations department got the fake reviewers to package their love.

Jiang Kui had suddenly become a rich young master who was untainted. He fell in love with Zou Man at first sight and was deeply in love. Soon, he attracted a large number of fans.

“What are you looking at?” Xia Wanyuan was lying on the bed reading Weibo when a pair of hands surrounded her waist.

Xia Wanyuan trembled from the cold and shrank forward. “Jun Shiling, your hands are so cold.”

Jun Shiling retracted his hand and placed his head on Xia Wanyuan’s shoulder. “You found me hot yesterday and cold today.”

Xia Wanyuan put down her phone and turned around. She kicked Jun Shiling through the blanket. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Jun Shiling smiled and kissed Xia Wanyuan with his cold lips. “Baby, are you getting up?”

“Yes.” Xia Wanyuan nodded. “Help me wear my clothes.”

Jun Shiling warmed his hand under the blanket for a while before going to get some clothes to help Xia Wanyuan put them on.

Looking at Jun Shiling, who was squatting by the bed and helping her put on her socks, Xia Wanyuan’s heart warmed.

Ever since the two of them confirmed their relationship, Jun Shiling had personally experienced her matters and helped her wear shoes and socks. He was not unwilling at all.

Xia Wanyuan was amused. Her feet moved in Jun Shiling’s palm, not letting him wear socks.

Jun Shiling tried twice but could not put it on. He stood up and pressed Xia Wanyuan on the blanket. “Nonsense.”

Xia Wanyuan tapped Jun Shiling’s chest. “Didn’t you mess around yesterday too?”

The smile in Jun Shiling’s eyes widened. “If you don’t want to, I can sleep with you for a while more.”

Hearing this, Xia Wanyuan immediately pushed Jun Shiling away and extended her leg to him. “Wear socks.”

Jun Shiling did not continue to tease her and patiently helped Xia Wanyuan put on her clothes.

Downstairs, Mother Li had already prepared food.

“Mommy, why are you up so late? It’s so tiring for you.” Xiao Bao looked at Xia Wanyuan, who was walking downstairs, with heartache.

Xia Wanyuan was a little embarrassed to face Xiao Bao’s innocent gaze. Although was indeed ‘tired’, it was all Jun Shiling’s fault for pestering her.

“Eat.” Jun Shiling pulled Xia Wanyuan over and glared at Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao immediately sat up obediently and waited for Mother Li to scoop rice for him.

After dinner, Xia Wanyuan dragged the little tail Xiao Bao to Qing University.

After taking leave for more than half a month, the students who heard the news were about to break through the threshold of Qing University.

Everyone was looking forward to a little panda jumping into the classroom.

“Hello, Brother and Sister. Mommy said she would be five minutes late and asked me to supervise everyone’s revision. Alright, everyone can take out your books and read them. You have to be quiet.” Xiao Bao stood on the podium with difficulty and imitated Xia Wanyuan to assign tasks to the students.

Everyone’s gazes were focused on Xiao Bao, who was less than a meter away. Everyone found him extremely cute because of his fake maturity.

Xiao Bao widened his eyes and accepted everyone’s scrutiny in embarrassment. He was clearly so shy that his face was red, but he still stood upright as a little teacher.

Three minutes later, Xia Wanyuan finally arrived. Xiao Bao secretly heaved a sigh of relief and hugged Xia Wanyuan’s leg. “Mommy, look how well I helped you manage them.”

Xia Wanyuan smiled and patted Xiao Bao’s head, then looked down the stage. “Does everyone mind if I put him aside and let him sit in for the lesson? He’s very obedient and won’t be noisy.”

The students below the stage shook their heads crazily. “No, no.”

Not only did they not mind, but they even wanted to flatten the little cutie’s soft hair!!

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