Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 1038 - Brother I Beg You  

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Chapter 1038: Brother I Beg You

It was another class where the students fainted from cuteness and the netizens cried from cuteness online.

Watching the Qing University students secretly upload the video of Xia Wanyuan attending class, Xia Wanyuan was teaching seriously on the podium. Sitting on a small stool beside the podium was a cute child in a panda suit. As if sensing that a camera was filming him, Xiao Bao turned around and smiled with two dimples, his big eyes filled with stars.

[I really want to poke the little cutie’s dimples. How can I skip marriage and have such a cute child?]

[ The one in front, the first step is that you have to look like Xia Wanyuan. Alright, after saying the first step, I feel that there’s no need to say the next 108 steps. After all, who can look like Xia Wanyuan? ]

[I’m jealous. When I was young, I didn’t work hard, and now I can only bathe myself in tears. If I could get into Qing University, I could listen to Yuan Yuan’s lecture and look at her cute little child at the same time. Boohoo, I’m not even worthy of chasing celebrities now.]

After the class ended, Xiao Bao sat obediently at the side as Xia Wanyuan had said. He did not move at all. Only when Xia Wanyuan called out to him did Xiao Bao leave with her.


On the vast land, there was a land of light and a dark domain hidden in the corners.

There was one less tramp on the streets, and a baby was bought in the remote countryside. There was one less lonely old woman in the mountains. In this land with more than a billion people, no one would notice it, and they had lesser presence than a gust of wind.

And this disappearance bit by bit gathered a chain of profits for human trafficking.

“Brother, do you think that if you don’t do it, others won’t help me?” Yu Qian sat on the chair and gently rubbed his eyebrows.

“I can’t do it.” Wei Zimu stood on the Wei family’s corporation building and looked at the traffic under his feet. His eyes were complicated. “You clearly know that I can’t do it.”

Wei Zimu took a tentative step forward. Yu Qian’s cold voice came from the phone. “Brother, retract your foot. Don’t think about dying. If you die, who will protect your Sister Wanyuan?”

Wei Zimu paused. “What do you want?”

“Not much.” The corners of Yu Qian’s lips curled up. “I want you to live and see how I tear this ridiculous world apart step by step.”

“Lunatic.” Wei Zimu gripped his phone tightly. “They’re all innocent people. They didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Oh? Innocent people shouldn’t be hurt?” Yu Qian sneered. “What a joke.”

The primary school not far away happened to just finish their lessons. A large group of primary school students walked out singing nursery rhymes. Their small appearance reminded Wei Zimu of the past Yu Qian.

At that time, Yu Qian would also pester him to call him brother and ask him to buy candy for him. His eyes were filled with innocence.

However, those human traffickers had destroyed everything.

Now, Yu Qian was going to destroy others’ families in the same way.

Wei Zimu’s eyes were red, as if the vitality in his eyes had pierced his heartstrings that were about to break. He leaned on the rooftop and finally could not help but sob. He covered his face with his hand. “Brother, I’m begging you. Can you stop?”

On the other end of the line, there was no fluctuation in Yu Qian’s eyes. They were as cold as snow, as if nothing could provoke him.

Wei Zimu cried for a long time. Yu Qian did not hang up the phone and listened to Wei Zimu cry quietly without any response.


“The future Madam Jiang, congratulations. You fought a beautiful battle this time.” In the studio, the manager welcomed Zou Man the moment she entered.

“How’s the public opinion online?” Zou Man smiled smugly.

“It’s all under control. Now that your love story with that Young Master Jiang has attracted many fans online, your personal image is also very good.”

“Mm.” Zou Man flipped through the magazine in front of her. “Find more topics to talk about Xia Wanyuan. I want to suppress her arrogance.”

“Don’t worry.” The manager guaranteed Zou Man confidently. “The route we set for you is to step on Xia Wanyuan’s reputation and make you famous. Now that you’ve formed a relationship with the Jiang family, with their power, your future will be bright.”

Not long after, on the Internet, the news of Xia Wanyuan copying Zou Man’s design was dug up by the marketing accounts again.

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