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Chapter 1114: Help

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Wei Jin looked at the closed door behind her, walked to the bed, and carefully sniffed the medicine bottle. The strong smell made her dizzy.

Wei Jin frowned.?Before I left the room, this was not the smell I had smelled. The medicine must have been changed.?

She carefully removed the medicine bottle and placed it aside. Then, she steeled her heart and removed the syringe from Mu Feng’s hand.

Wei Jin did not have a professional technique, so the moment the syringe was pulled out, the back of Mu Feng’s hand began to be filled with blood. A large amount of blood overflowed from the wound. Wei Jin looked around. In the end, she could only pull open her coat and use her sweater to suck the endless blood.

Fortunately, although the blood flowed quickly, it did not last long. Wei Jin’s snow-white sweater was already bright red. She zipped up her coat to hide the mess inside.

The person delivering lunch was about to arrive. Wei Jin quickly poured out the medicine in the medicine bottle and replaced it with water. She hung the bottle on the spot and pasted the syringe on the back of Mu Feng’s hand.

Just as she was done, the door opened and the servants walked in with lunch. “Miss Wei, it’s time to eat.”

On the plate were a few black dishes that could not be seen what they were originally.

Wei Jin pursed her lips and used her body to block the medicine tube that should have been dripping continuously.

The servants put down their plates and were about to leave when someone suddenly sniffed around. “Why is there a smell of blood?”

Wei Jin’s heart skipped a beat, but she did not show it on her face. She was very calm. “My period is here. Help me prepare what I need.”

With that, Wei Jin turned her body slightly, revealing the chair that was dyed red by Mu Feng’s blood.

In the eyes of the servants, Wei Jin had stained the chair during her period.


Everyone waved their hands impatiently. “Got it. How troublesome.”

Only when the servants disappeared at the door did Wei Jin finally heave a sigh of relief.

She went forward to check on Mu Feng’s condition. Seeing that the back of his hand was no longer bleeding, she sat on the chair and guarded Mu Feng.

Wei Jin was not sure when Mu Feng would wake up, so she could only wait. From morning to night, she did not dare to relax for a second.

She was afraid that she would make a mistake in changing the medicine and had to check Mu Feng’s health every hour.

Twenty hours later, the moon was already hidden in the sky. Mu Feng finally moved his fingers slightly.

Wei Jin, who had been very nervous, sensed this small change immediately. She stared intently at Mu Feng. Finally, Mu Feng’s eyelashes moved and he opened his eyes with great effort.

“Mu Feng.” Wei Jin’s voice was already a little choked. “You’re finally awake.”

Mu Feng looked at Wei Jin and frowned. “Did someone bully you?”

Mu Feng had been lying on the bed for too long and could not tell the length of time. He did not know what year it was. In his opinion, he had only slept for a short time.

“No, time is tight now. Listen to me.” Mu Feng finally woke up. Wei Jin did not want to waste time. She told Mu Feng everything that had happened in the past few days and secretly told Mu Feng her suspicions.

After hearing this, Mu Feng looked very shocked. “I’ve been unconscious for five days?”

“Mm.” Wei Jin nodded. “We’re trapped here now.”

“Be good.” Mu Feng could not stand Wei Jin’s red eyes. “I’ll think of a way.”

After what Wei Jin said, Mu Feng quickly knew who the mastermind was.

However, even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs, he did not expect his father to be so amazing. For the power in his hands, he could let Zhang Yi do such a crazy thing.

Now that Father Mu had made up his mind to house arrest them, the entire villa must be filled with his people. With his illness and Wei Jin, it was impossible for him to escape.

Then he could only force them to send him and Wei Jin out.

Mu Feng struggled to sit up. Wei Jin hurriedly supported him. The long sleep made him dizzy.

“Listen to me.” Mu Feng covered his forehead. “No matter what happens later, don’t stop me. We can’t be trapped here forever. As time passes, I’m afraid I won’t be able to protect you.”

He did not expect that he would sleep for so long. While he was unconscious, Wei Jin must have suffered a lot.

If he let Zhang Yi and the rest continue like this, he was afraid that something would happen to Wei Jin.

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just remember that when I ask you to call for help later, just shout loudly. I have a way to get them to send us out,” Mu Feng said and reached out to hold Wei Jin tightly. The force was so strong that Wei Jin could not take it. “Bear with it.”

With that, Mu Feng lifted the mattress and took out a military knife. He had hidden this here a long time ago. He did not expect it to be useful now.

Wei Jin’s expression changed when she saw the knife. “Mu Feng, you…”

Before she could finish speaking, Mu Feng pulled out the sheath and stabbed the sharp blade into the artery on his neck.

At this moment, the blood that spewed out was worlds apart from the blood that had just flowed out the back of her hand. Wei Jin was stunned for a moment, then immediately stepped forward and shouted for the people outside to come in.

The guard outside the door walked in impatiently. Seeing the situation, he was stunned and hurriedly sent someone to report.

“Why are you still reporting?!!” Wei Jin was extremely flustered. She reached out to cover Mu Feng’s wound, but the warm blood made her almost faint. “If you don’t send him to the hospital, let’s see who can bear the responsibility!”

The guards knew Mu Feng’s status and immediately gathered people to send him away.

Mu Feng was already in shock, but his right hand was holding Wei Jin tightly. The guards had no choice but to take the two of them away.

Fortunately, the Mu family’s private doctor was in the Mu family. When he learned of this, he hurriedly rushed over with the ambulance.

Wei Jin’s hand was held tightly by Mu Feng, and her face was filled with tears. If she had known that Mu Feng would use such a method, she would not have woken Mu Feng up no matter what.

Blood kept flowing from Mu Feng’s neck. Wei Jin felt that she had never seen so much blood in her life.

The ambulance drove quickly and quickly sent Mu Feng and Wei Jin to the operating theater.

Just as she entered the operating theater, Wei Jin realized that Mu Feng’s grip on her hand had weakened a lot. Wei Jin carefully pulled her hand away and wiped her tears. Then, she found an opportunity and followed the nurse out. She dodged the Mu family’s guards and mixed into the crowd and ran out of the hospital.

In the manor, Xia Wanyuan lay in Jun Shiling’s arms. She had just heard Jun Shiling finish a story and yawned lazily.

“Are you sleeping?”

“Okay.” Xia Wanyuan subconsciously snuggled into Jun Shiling’s arms. Just as she closed her eyes, her phone rang.

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