Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day-Chapter 1119 - Different Treatment between Father and Son

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Chapter 1119: Different Treatment between Father and Son

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Xiao Bao carefully opened the bedroom door. In the bedroom, Xia Wanyuan was sleeping on the bed. Jun Shiling was sitting on the sofa dealing with work.

Xiao Bao slowed down and walked in. Jun Shiling looked up and saw Xiao Bao’s shoeless feet. In the end, he acquiesced to Xiao Bao’s actions.

He had not slept well last night. Today, Xia Wanyuan was in a deep sleep with fatigue between her eyebrows. Xiao Bao walked to the bed and looked at Xia Wanyuan intently for a while.

Although he did not say a word, the crystal-like light in his eyes and the big eyes that were curved into crescents showed how much he liked Xia Wanyuan.

After a while, Xiao Bao raised his hand, pouted, and kissed his palm, then gently placed his palm on Xia Wanyuan’s blanket.

After doing all this, he turned around and walked to Jun Shiling. He extended his arm to Jun Shiling. Jun Shiling looked up at him with disdain.

Xiao Bao pouted and insisted on looking at Jun Shiling. Only then did Jun Shiling reach out and pick Xiao Bao up, placing him on his lap. He held the document in one hand and supported Xiao Bao with the other.

Xiao Bao’s eyes were filled with smiles. He turned around and hugged Jun Shiling’s neck, leaving a kiss on Jun Shiling’s face that smelled like milk. He smiled foolishly at Jun Shiling.

The photographers did not enter and stood outside the door to record everything.

The room was silent, but the screams in the live-stream were about to overturn the roof.

[It’s so warm. I want to cry. The little kid really likes his parents. CEO Jun looks cold and aloof. He must be very good to the little kid usually. Otherwise, the little kid won’t rely on him so much.]

[Let me secretly say that I want to sit on CEO Jun’s lap too. Ah, it looks so exciting. I’m sorry, my thoughts are dirty. I’ll reflect on myself.]

[ The person in front, there’s no need to reflect. Anyway, we’re all old SPs. What’s there to be afraid of? Who doesn’t want to sit in CEO Jun’s arms? The premise is that you have to be more beautiful than, more awesome than, and beat Xia Wanyuan. ]

The production team really did not expect this.

Even though they were separated by the door, even though Jun Shiling and his family did not speak and the scene did not change, the viewership ratings were surprisingly high.

In comparison, Jiang Kui and Zou Man, who had received attention at first, were ignored by the audience.

In front of all true feelings, acting seemed boring and deliberate.

Jiang Kui was originally not interested in this variety show. In his opinion, this was something that lowered his status.

However, in the past few days, the netizens’ endless admiration for Jun Shiling and their mockery of him had completely unbalanced his mentality.

He insisted on competing with Jun Shiling.?Why was everyone praising Jun Shiling when he was mentioned? What was wrong with me?

Hence, when the audience clicked on their live-stream perspective, they saw that Jiang Kui and Zou Man had changed from their usual selves. Zou Man, who had exquisite makeup all year round, only had light makeup on today. She held Jiang Kui’s hand and walked out.

Jiang Kui looked even more different today. He seemed much calmer. He spoke softly to Zou Man and no longer deliberately showed off his love for her.

Seeing the two of them get into the car waiting outside the villa, everyone was curious.?What were these two doing?

The car drove for nearly an hour before finally stopping at the entrance of a school in the suburbs.

This was a school that specially recruited the children of migrant workers. The environment seemed very dilapidated compared to the schools in the city.

[What’s going on?? Why are you here?]

[Huh?? Isn’t this a children’s school for migrant workers? What are they doing?]

The audience felt curious and changed their perspectives.

Then, they saw Zou Man holding Jiang Kui as they slowly walked into the school. Behind them, the bodyguards were carrying large bags of supplies.

The school leaders hurriedly welcomed them. They were also confused.?Why did so many people suddenly come here??

“Hello, Principal.” Jiang Kui nodded slightly at the principal. “We’re here to donate. I heard that this school lacks a library. I brought funds and some living supplies. Please accept them.”

The school leader was flattered and smiled in surprise. “Thank you so much!! This way, please!”

The leaders brought Jiang Kui and Zou Man to the office. Along the way, Zou Man greeted the children by the roadside kindly. Without makeup, she was very approachable.

After donating and sending supplies to this school, the two of them went to a welfare home. There were many pitiful children who had no home to return to. The long-term malnutrition made them look very thin.

Jiang Kui got someone to make fish meat on the spot. He and Zou Man each had a big spoon and stood by the iron pot to help the children get food.

Seeing Zou Man speak softly to the children and fill them with a spoonful of meat, the audience was touched.

[I used to think that Zou Man was more arrogant, but now it seems that these two people are really not bad. Some time ago, everyone kept laughing at them. They’re not worried or angry and even treat others kindly. They’re really not bad people.]

[I’m curious. So many people say that they’re pretending to be in love. Why can’t I tell? Maybe that’s how they express their love? I won’t slander them for the rest of my life for doing charity.]

[Yes, compared to these two people who are deeply involved in the people’s kindness and someone who is lying comfortably in a manor that the poor will never see in their lives, the difference is obvious.]

[ The person in front? Where’s the yin-yang aura? Are you the yin-yang person herself? Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan didn’t snatch that money. Why can’t they spend the money that they can earn? Are Zou Man’s fans as sour and yin-yang as you? ]

The originally good comments turned into a battlefield again because of a few words from the fans. The fans of both sides were arguing in the comments, and the administrator could not stop them.

On the afternoon Xia Wanyuan slept, Jiang Kui and Zou Man visited two schools, two welfare homes, and a nursing home, successfully pulling back the lost reputation.

It was six in the afternoon, time for dinner.

Jun Shiling glanced at Xiao Bao, who was sleeping and drooling in his arms, then at Xia Wanyuan, who was obediently closing her eyes not far away. He reached out and pinched Xiao Bao’s face. Xiao Bao pouted and snuggled into his arms.

Disdain flashed across Jun Shiling’s eyes as he picked Xiao Bao up by the collar. Xiao Bao opened his eyes in a daze and realized that he was suspended in midair. He glared at Jun Shiling accusingly.?Bad Daddy! You always do this!

However, he still remembered that Xia Wanyuan was sleeping in the end. He did not dare to make a sound and could only glare at Jun Shiling hard. He only turned his head and snorted softly when his eyes were about to cramp. He decided not to bother with his father for a minute.

Jun Shiling put him down, got up, walked to the bed, and gently stroked Xia Wanyuan’s face. Only when her eyes slowly opened did he say gently, “Wake up.”

The audience who were lucky enough to watch this tragic difference:?Little cutie is so pitiful. He’s so cute. He should be even cuter when he cries, right? CEO Jun, you can do it. Continue to work hard.

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