Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day-Chapter 1325 - Untitled

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Chapter 1325: Untitled

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Under the car, on a circular black box, a red light was clearly flickering.

From the moment Xia Wanyuan stepped into the car, the counter on the box had been activated. Now, the numbers on it were rapidly passing.

“Is there a problem?” Xia Wanyuan did not know what had happened, but she subconsciously felt vigilant.

“It’s nothing.” Xuan Sheng smiled and stood up. “Don’t move first. There seems to be a problem with the fuel tank. If you move, more will leak. Let me take a look.”

With that, Xuan Sheng walked to Xia Wanyuan’s side and stepped into the car. Then, he grabbed Xia Wanyuan and quickly threw her in the direction of the assistant not far away. The assistant subconsciously caught Xia Wanyuan.

“Xuan Sheng?!” After Xia Wanyuan stabilized herself, she hurriedly looked in Xuan Sheng’s direction.

“Step back!” Xuan Sheng gestured for his assistant to pull Xia Wanyuan back, then looked at the staff at the side. “Go and call the police.”

Seeing Xuan Sheng’s reaction, the staff who instinctively reacted and hurriedly retreated with his people.

“Miss Xia, leave first.” The assistant brought Xia Wanyuan into another car. “It’s definitely not safe here anymore. CEO Xuan definitely doesn’t want you to continue staying here.”

Xia Wanyuan was about to say something when a car suddenly rushed towards her and threw down a black bag.

Xia Wanyuan had just run a few steps when a deafening explosion sounded beside her.

In the meeting room of the Jun Corporation, everyone was discussing the proposal intensely. Suddenly, Lin Jing rushed in.

He quickly ran to Jun Shiling’s side and said a few words. Jun Shiling’s expression changed drastically. He stood up and strode out.

The remaining people in the meeting room looked at each other. “What’s going on? I’ve never seen CEO Jun like this.”

At the same time, the topic of the “Capital Accident” quickly occupied all the news pages.

“A major accident happened in Beijing today. Please avoid the traffic from the block.”

This news quickly blew up everyone’s peaceful lives.

[F*ck, what happened? I just came back from there. I heard that there was a car accident.]

[What car accident? I heard it was blown up. I watched the fire over there with my own eyes. I heard that several people died at the scene.]

[Are you crazy? Someone actually caused such a huge commotion at such an important time.]

While the netizens were discussing, the Jiang family was already in chaos.

“Who asked you to attack?!” Jiang Kui’s eyes were bloodshot, and he wished he could eat the people in front of him. “Didn’t I say that you can’t attack without my orders?!”

“Young Master, it was a mistake. The person in front listened to the wrong order.”

“Bullsh*t!” Jiang Kui kicked the person in front of him down. “Where’s Xuan Li! Call him over!”

“Young Master Jiang, why are you so angry? Am I not here?” Xuan Li smiled as he walked over.

Seeing Xuan Li, Jiang Kui was even angrier. “It was you, right?! Did you ask them to do it!”

The corners of Xuan Li’s lips curled up slightly. “Young Master Jiang, what are you saying? I don’t have the ability to get your people to do it.”

“You!” Jiang Kui seemed to have suddenly reacted. “You used me!”

“Don’t say that, Young Master Jiang. Back then, you wanted to get rid of Xia Wanyuan, but it was your own idea. Didn’t I help you resolve your worries? The most important thing now is not to find who is right or wrong, but what to do next.”

“What do you think we should do?” The current outcome was what Jiang Kui wanted to see, but he panicked. “What if Jun Shiling is completely crazy? Who can stop him when he goes crazy?”

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