Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day-Chapter 1326 - Resuscitation

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Chapter 1326: Resuscitation

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Xuan Li sat opposite Jiang Kui leisurely. “Young Master Jiang, if he goes crazy, so be it. As long as he doesn’t hurt us, there won’t be a problem, right?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Why don’t I understand?” Jiang Kui was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly realized something. He frowned and looked at Xuan Li. “You mean to divert the trouble??”

The corners of Xuan Li’s lips curled up slightly. “Young Master is indeed smart.”

“But to whom?” Jiang Kui calmed down and began to ask for Xuan Li’s opinion. “You should already have someone chosen.”

“Young Master Jiang, who else in China would want Xia Wanyuan to disappear forever other than you?”

Jiang Kui thought for a while and suddenly looked enlightened. “I understand! You mean, the Lin family?!”

Xuan Li smiled but did not say anything. “Young Master Jiang, you’re such a smart person. I don’t think you need me to remind you.”

“I’ll arrange for someone to do it now!” With a solution to the matter, Jiang Kui immediately prepared to arrange it.

Watching Jiang Kui leave in a hurry, Xuan Li narrowed his eyes, his gaze dark.

After the explosion, the scene was in chaos. Ambulances ran towards the hospital one after another.

When Jun Shiling arrived at the hospital, Xia Wanyuan was in the operating theater.

Looking at the high red light, Jun Shiling’s eyes were cold.

“Have you found out who did it?”

“According to our investigation, it should be the Lin family who did it, but…”

“But what?”

“The evidence is too obvious and complete.” Lin Jing reported the investigation data to Jun Shiling. “Although we can’t rule out the possibility that Lin Qingyuan deliberately provoked us, the process of us obtaining this data is indeed quite simple.”

Jun Shiling roughly glanced at it and came to a conclusion. “It’s not Lin Qingyuan. Continue investigating.”

A person’s personality was closely related to his style of doing things.

Someone like Lin Qingyuan had always liked to use a soft knife to enjoy the joy of pocketing his prey.

And this style of directly targeting Xia Wanyuan meant that the person behind the scenes had an impatient temper and was easily impulsive.

“Okay, I’ll send someone to investigate immediately.” After Jun Shiling finished speaking, Lin Jing already had a guess in his heart. Now, he only needed to find someone to verify the validity of this guess.

After Lin Jing left, Jun Shiling guarded the ward alone.

After some time, the ward door finally opened and Shen Xiu walked out with a serious expression. “CEO Jun.”

Seeing Shen Xiu’s expression, Jun Shiling’s heart sank. “Tell me.”

“She might not be able to keep the child.” Shen Xiu pursed his lips. “The shock wave from the explosion and the broken iron plate of the car passed through Madam’s stomach. The situation is critical.”

“The rest doesn’t matter. I just want Xia Wanyuan to live.” Jun Shiling’s eyes were dark, and the redness in them was almost overflowing.

“Okay, there’s something else. The expert group inside said that they need the most advanced AS medicine in the world as treatment support. There might be a chance of survival.”

“AS?” Jun Shiling’s eyes darkened. “I understand. I’ll get it.”

“Then I’ll go in and help,” Shen Xiu said and turned to walk in.

“Doctor Shen.” Jun Shiling suddenly stopped Shen Xiu.

Shen Xiu turned around in confusion. “CEO Jun, is there anything else?”

“Please help me tell them that they must protect Xia Wanyuan.”

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