Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day-Chapter 1451 - 1451 Emperor Xia Yuan Awakens

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1451 Emperor Xia Yuan Awakens

Xia Wanyuan looked straight into Yu Qian’s eyes. “Do you like me?”

Xia Wanyuan was not so narcissistic, but she was indeed a little curious why Yu Qian’s attitude towards her was so strange.

According to Yu Qian’s personality, it was impossible for him to have such a high tolerance for her. However, the current Yu Qian had a high tolerance for her.

There was no fluctuation in Yu Qian’s eyes. He looked at Xia Wanyuan as if she was ice. “You’re quite narcissistic.”

Xia Wanyuan also sensed that Yu Qian did not have any romantic feelings for her. In that case, Yu Qian’s actions were very strange. She could not guess his motive.

The subordinate came over to rush her again. Yu Qian glanced at Xia Wanyuan. “I hope I can see a satisfactory answer when I come back later.”

With that, Yu Qian strode away.

The subordinate watched Yu Qian speak to Xia Wanyuan coldly from afar, thinking that Xia Wanyuan had angered Yu Qian. “Boss, do we need to lock Xia Wanyuan up??”

Yu Qian looked at his subordinate indifferently. “You care so much.”

The subordinate was new and thought that Yu Qian was really praising her. She subconsciously humbled himself. “Boss, you flatter me.”

Yu Qian sneered. “Get lost.”

The subordinate widened her eyes. “What?!”

However, before she could plead with Yu Qian, the others had already surged over and dragged her down.

About half an hour later, Yu Qian arrived at the open sea of Continent F. Sea Shark was waiting for him on the boat.

Seeing Yu Qian appear, the subordinate behind Sea Shark subconsciously stood in front of him.

After all, Wei Zimu had died under the joint scheme of Sea Shark and Chu Yi. Although in the eyes of outsiders, Wei Zimu and Yu Qian’s relationship was shallow, and Yu Qian even hated Wei Zimu a little,

However, Wei Zimu was Yu Qian’s subordinate after all. In Sea Shark and the rest’s opinion, they had to look at the owner to hit the dog. Yu Qian might find trouble with Sea Shark.

Sea Shark looked very calm. He pulled his subordinate away and waved gently at Yu Qian, who was walking over. “Boss Yu, long time no see. How have you been recently?”

Seeing Sea Shark, Yu Qian narrowed his eyes. A rare hint of killing intent appeared in his usually silent eyes. “How dare you appear.”

Sea Shark laughed out loud. “Boss K, isn’t it just a brother? Back then, my entire family died. Didn’t I still talk and laugh with the enemy who killed my father? As long as there are benefits, family is nothing.”

Yu Qian stood coldly at the side. The strong wind on the sea came with a chill, causing his clothes to flutter. “What’s the matter?”

Sea Shark took two steps closer to Yu Qian with an obvious smile on his face. “Brother, your power has fallen drastically recently. You’ve almost lost your right arm. What did you do to provoke Jun Shiling to this extent?”

“It has nothing to do with you,” Yu Qian replied coldly. His side face had a shocking coldness that kept people away.

However, Sea Shark turned a blind eye to Yu Qian’s cold attitude. Sea Shark smiled, causing the scars on his face to tremble. He stared straight at Yu Qian. “Have you caught Xia Wanyuan? Now that no one can find her, Jun Shiling is attacking your industry crazily. Have you gotten Xia Wanyuan?”

During this period of time, Sea Shark and Chu Yi had also been looking for Xia Wanyuan. Actually, they were not the only ones. The entire world was looking for Xia Wanyuan, but Xia Wanyuan seemed to have disappeared into thin air and could not be found at all.

What made Sea Shark even angrier was that he was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. Jun Shiling had attacked Yu Qian on a large scale and even suppressed Sea Shark’s power.

Sea Shark had already guessed that Xia Wanyuan had been taken away by Yu Qian, which was why Jun Shiling had taken such a fierce revenge. Now, Sea Shark had done nothing, but he was taking the blame with Yu Qian. No matter how Sea Shark thought about it, he felt uncomfortable.

In the end, he decided to personally investigate Yu Qian.

From Yu Qian’s current attitude, Sea Shark was certain that Yu Qian had definitely taken Xia Wanyuan away.

Yu Qian sneered. “What has it got to do with you?”

“Don’t you know that legend?” Sea Shark’s eyes lit up, and he was even more certain of his guess. Xia Wanyuan must be in Yu Qian’s hands. “Someone told me that Xia Wanyuan is the key to opening the spatial gate. As long as we can capture Xia Wanyuan, we can find endless treasures.”

In this world, who had never regretted it? Who did not have regrets? Back then, when they became old, time could not be reversed. However, now that the key to changing time and space was placed in front of them, no one could resist such temptation.

As long as he could capture Xia Wanyuan, he could return to any time he wanted. At that time, unifying the world would be at his fingertips. Thinking of that scene, the light in Sea Shark’s eyes intensified.

“Who did you hear it from?” Yu Qian’s eyes narrowed. “That black-robed man?”

Sea Shark looked at Yu Qian warily and was not prepared to expose the black-robed man. He stared straight at Yu Qian. “Just tell me if you’re willing to hand Xia Wanyuan over. I’m willing to exchange half of the route.”

Yu Qian raised his hand and turned the ring in his hand slightly. The corners of his lips curled up slightly. “I didn’t know Xia Wanyuan was so valuable.”

“Then…” Sea Shark had just said that word when he suddenly acutely sensed a red light sweep across his face. Sea Shark fell to the ground. In the next second, the bullet pierced through the deck under him.

Sea Shark scrambled to his feet, his face clearly filled with anger and embarrassment. “Yu Qian!! Just you wait. Do you really think I don’t dare to do anything to you??? Just you wait!!”

With that, Sea Shark hid in the boat that came to pick him up and quickly sank into the sea to leave.

Looking at Sea Shark’s retreating figure, Yu Qian chuckled. “Heh, change time and space.”


At this moment, in a deep mountain in Continent F, a strange girl was looking curiously at the man lying on the bed.

“Strange, why isn’t he awake yet??” The girl looked at her father, who was standing at the side. “Father, isn’t it said in the history of the clan that the person who barged into the clan a thousand years later is the person we have to protect? We fed him all the sacred medicine. He won’t wake up, right? Did we get the wrong person??”

The middle-aged man stroked his beard. “Impossible. When that medicine entered his body, there was clearly a golden light flashing. According to the history of the race, this is that person.”

“But he’s still not awake.” The girl poked Xia Wei’s face in confusion and sighed. So there was such a young and good-looking boy in this world.

Just as she was about to take a closer look, the person on the bed moved.


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