Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day-Chapter 1452 - 1452 Oath of the Vast Seas and Multiverses

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1452 Oath of the Vast Seas and Multiverses

Xia Wei had not moved for so many days and had always been in a living dead state. The village chief and the young lady thought that this person would not wake up.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly opened his eyes today and looked very energetic. He did not look like someone who had been unconscious for many days.

It was as if this young man had closed his eyes previously and had woken up.

Because Xia Wei suddenly opened his eyes, the young lady and the middle-aged man were shocked. The young lady was timid and hid behind the middle-aged man. “Father, is he awake or is he a zombie?? Should we run straight away??”

The middle-aged man went forward to check on Xia Wei’s condition and checked his pulse. Then, he nodded. This person’s health was much better than the day before.

It was amazing. Because of their special physique, the people in their place belonged to the category of people whose wounds recovered very quickly. He did not expect this young man’s recovery speed to be even faster than his. He did not look like an ordinary person at all.

“Yueyue, go and get the medicine.” The middle-aged man looked at Xi Yue beside him. “He’s awake.”

Xi Yue could not think of any medicine at this moment. She looked at Xia Wei on the bed in a daze, her eyes filled with amazement.

Xia Wei and Xia Wanyuan came from the same lineage and had top-notch looks in the world. In addition, he had imperial power on him and had a noble aura that ordinary people could not compare to. Just lying there quietly made one feel as if they could see the sky.

Xia Wei opened his eyes. Because he had not seen the light for a long time, his eyes were not used to such light for the time being. He stared at the roof for a while before turning his head and meeting a pair of bright eyes.

Xia Wei’s throat hurt a little because he had not spoken for a long time. Now that he opened his mouth, he felt as if his throat was on fire.

Xi Yue seemed to have reacted. She ran to the side and brought Xia Wei a glass of water, then handed it to him.

There were not many people in this place. Xi Yue had played with them since she was young and did not have any guard against men and women. However, now that she looked at Xia Wei’s gentle side profile, Xi Yue seemed to have gained enlightenment without being taught. She blushed and did not dare to look at Xia Wei’s handsome eyebrows, but she could not help but look at Xia Wei.

His throat was too painful to speak, but although Xia Wei could not speak, he bowed briefly to Xi Yue with the demeanor of a gentleman. Then, he took the water and drank the entire cup.

The water here had not been polluted by any impurities for nearly a thousand years. Hence, when it spread in his throat, not only did it have a faint sweetness, but it also had a rare feeling of comfort.

In just a moment, Xia Wei felt that his throat was more comfortable. Xia Wei finally spoke, his voice still a little hoarse. “Where are we? Who are you?”

“This is the hidden…” Xi Yue had just opened her mouth when she was stopped by a middle-aged man. He looked at Xia Wei. “We picked you up in the dark river. We’re small people in the mountains and have lived here for generations. Young Master must have never heard of our clan’s name. There’s no need to say it.”

Xia Wei could naturally tell that the middle-aged man was on guard. However, he had unintentionally fallen here. To them, he was an outsider. They had already done their best to save him. Xia Wei could understand their vigilance.

Similarly, he had clearly died a long time ago, but when he opened his eyes again, he was here. Xia Wei was also on guard against his surroundings.

He was worried that these people were all traps set by the enemies. Similarly, he was worried that the two people in front of him had ulterior motives, so Xia Wei hid his identity.

Xia Wei nodded, then asked, “Then I am??”

Xi Yue’s eyes widened. Wow, is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know who they are?? “You don’t know who you are??”

Xia Wei replied with confusion in his eyes. “I don’t know. Do you know me?”

Xi Yue looked at her father. “Father, did he break his head in the dark river??”

The middle-aged man stroked his beard. “Maybe the dark river is filled with reefs. He probably hit his head and was injured.”

Xi Yue looked at Xia Wei’s handsome face and blinked her beautiful eyes. A plan formed in her heart. She quietly pulled the middle-aged man’s sleeve and whispered into his ear, “Father, I’m almost at the age of marriage. Anyway, he has lost his memory. Can you let him be my husband??”

Xi Yue thought that her voice was very soft and her actions were very hidden, but in this small room, unless you spoke ventriloquism, no matter how soft you were, you could hear the other party’s voice.

Furthermore, Xi Yue only thought that her voice was very soft, but in fact, it was not soft at all. Hence, Xia Wei heard everything she said.

Xia Wei did not have any special reaction. At his level, he had already mastered the ways of the world. It was normal for girls to be aroused.

Hence, Xia Wei only raised an eyebrow and did not point it out.

The middle-aged man had always doted on Xiyue, but this time, he scolded her angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about!!! You can choose the men in the clan. This man can’t.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle-aged man seemed to be worried that his loud voice had disturbed Xia Wei. He nodded at Xia Wei respectfully, then turned around to scold Xi Yue.

Xi Yue had only said it casually because Xia Wei was good-looking. Now that she was scolded by her father, she snorted aggrievedly and ran out.

After Xi Yue left, the middle-aged man closed the door and knelt down to Xia Wei. “Master.”

An inexplicable glint flashed across Xia Wei’s eyes. He looked at the man in front of him in confusion. “Sir, why are you doing this?”

The middle-aged man pulled open his sleeve, revealing a faint golden pattern on his arm. “Our race has historical records. When we meet someone with a complete golden pattern on their body, they’re our master who we pledge our loyalty to.”

For thousands of years, the people here had never gone out. They guarded an almost empty oath. The world had changed, and the people in this land had changed batch after batch. The person recorded in the genealogy had never appeared.

It was so long that everyone began to wonder if this was a joke or the truth. The person with the golden auspicious dragon on his arm finally appeared.

The middle-aged man looked at Xia Wei excitedly. “We’re loyal to you.”

Xia Wei took a step back. “Sir, please get up. I’m not your master. I only have one request. Can you send me back to my original place?”


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