Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day-Chapter 1453 - 1453 Karma

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1453 Karma

The middle-aged man nodded. “Since it’s your order, I’ll definitely do it. It’s just…”

However, there were many people who wanted to leave this eternal place before him, but they failed.

When he was very young, he had even seen an old village chief being washed to the bottom of the cliff by the waves because he wanted to leave.

That incident had once left a considerable psychological trauma on the young village chief. Until now, sometimes, when he dreamed at night, he could see the hands that kept struggling in the water.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Wei smiled kindly at the middle-aged man. However, he had too much power. Even though it was a very kind smile, it pressed down on the middle-aged man like a mountain.

The middle-aged man subconsciously bent down. “We’ve been trapped here for generations and have never gone out. To be honest, we’ve also tried to leave this place, but the people who went out to explore have never returned. Later on, we gradually gave up.”

Xia Wei replied with an “oh” and lowered his eyes to hide his deep thoughts.

This place was too strange, and he could not wait to go out and see what this world was like. He could not stay here for long.

The middle-aged man thought that Xia Wei was disappointed. Xia Wei had a golden dragon on him. According to the ancestral teachings, as long as it was something Xia Wei had instructed, the clansmen had to complete it without flinching. Otherwise, they would be punished by the heavens.

He took a step forward. “But don’t worry, we’ll continue to find the exit.”

Xia Wei looked up with a kind smile in his eyes. “It’s nothing. The environment here is quite good. It’s not bad to stay here. Thank you for saving me. I’ve troubled you enough.”

The middle-aged man hurriedly waved his hand and smiled very honestly. “You’re too kind. I’ll get someone to prepare dinner for you. There are all plain food here. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Thank you.” Xia Wei nodded slightly at the man.

After the man left, Xia Wei lifted the blanket and stood up.

Everything here was still the same as a thousand years ago, maintaining the antique decorations. This was a corner that had been missed by the entire world. Here, there were no traces of time.

Xia Wei walked to the side and knocked gently on the wall twice. As expected, a hollow sound came from inside. Xia Wei’s eyes darkened.

He did not know what year it was or where he was. He felt that he had slept for a long time, but looking at the surrounding decorations, it was as if he was in the Great Xia Dynasty.

Just as he was deep in thought, there was a knock on the door. Xia Wei restrained his thoughts. “Come in.”

He slowly walked to the bed and sat down. He reached out and tidied his messy collar. His sister had taught him to dress properly no matter where he was.

Thinking of Xia Wanyuan, a hint of longing flashed across Xia Wei’s eyes.

He did not know where his sister was and if she was living peacefully.

Looking at the blue sky outside the window, Xia Wei felt melancholic. He did not know when he would be able to find Xia Wanyuan.

It was Xiyue who entered. The young lady got angry quickly and calmed down quickly. She placed a few plates of food on the table. “Eat quickly. Father treats you so well. We usually only eat mutton during the Spring Festival.”

The geographical conditions here were superior, and the cows and sheep raised here were also the best. The steamed mutton on the table was only boiled in plain water, but the fragrance of meat kept wafting out, tempting people.

Xia Wei glanced at the food on the table and nodded at Xi Yue. “How should I address you, Miss??”

“Xi Yue. The moon by the stream1.” Xiyue smiled at Xia Wei. Her dark eyes were indeed easy to associate with the moon by the stream.

It was clean and pure, as if it was stained with water. There were no impurities.

Xiyue had lived in this isolated village since she was young and had never experienced human affairs or been tainted by the wind and frost. She had always yearned for the outside world, but she did not know how many people envied her literary innocence.

“Miss Xi Yue.” Xia Wei walked to the table and picked up his chopsticks to taste the food. He asked Xi Yue casually, “I heard from your father that you’ve always lived here?”

“That’s right.” Xi Yue nodded. “Let me count. It’s been almost a thousand years since the first generation. Let me tell you, here, we…”

Xia Wei no longer knew what Xi Yue was saying. His attention was completely attracted by the “1,000 years” in Xi Yue’s words.

The chopsticks in Xia Wei’s hand fell to the ground. He stared intently at Xi Yue. “A thousand years?”

“Mm.” It was rare for her to have a new companion, so Xi Yue enthusiastically told Xia Wei everything she knew. “I heard that our ancestors were sent overseas by their emperor. Later on, they were washed here because of the storm and have multiplied here since then.”

Listening to Xi Yue’s explanation, Xia Wei suddenly thought of something.

He looked into Xi Yue’s eyes. “Then do you know which emperor sent your ancestors out back then?”

Xi Yue nodded. “Of course. It’s Emperor Xia Yuan. According to the ancient books in our race, that emperor is still very young. I heard that he’s very capable. During his reign, he did many things that benefited the country and the people…”

Xi Yue told Xia Wei everything she knew. However, even if Xi Yue praised him like a flower, Xia Wei did not have the mood to care.

Because Xi Yue’s explanation evoked his memories.

It turned out that he had personally sent this group of clansmen left behind by the world back then.

Back then, after his royal sister passed away, he had heard all sorts of secrets from Jiang Qing. There were also many capable people who came to give suggestions. Everyone said that Xia Wanyuan carried great merit. The soul of such a person would not easily dissipate in the world. As long as he could find a way to recall her soul, he could revive Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wei had once heard of the legend of reviving the dead in many secrets of the royal family, so he believed it. When his government was stable, he began to revive Xia Wanyuan.

A thousand years ago, he had once sent ten fleets to all over the world to find a way to revive the dead.

Later on, nine fleets returned one after another. The last one completely disappeared.

From the looks of it, that last one had not disappeared, but stopped here.

“Hello?” Xi Yue waved her hand in front of Xia Wei. “What’s wrong with you?? Are you listening to me??”

Xia Wei smiled at Xi Yue. “Yes, I haven’t gone out for a long time. Can you accompany me out to take a look?”

Xi Yue was shocked by Xia Wei’s smile and could not help but nod. “Okay.”


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