Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 996 - Give Birth to a Daughter! Give Birth to a Daughter!  

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Chapter 996: Give Birth to a Daughter! Give Birth to a Daughter!

Pushing open the bedroom door and seeing the roses on the bed, Jun Shiling’s eyes burned with fire. He looked down at the equally shocked Xia Wanyuan. “You came prepared?”

Xia Wanyuan covered her face. “It wasn’t me.”

Jun Shiling picked Xia Wanyuan up and wrapped her legs around his waist. Then, he held her waist with one hand and locked the door with the other.

“You haven’t showered yet.” Xia Wanyuan pushed Jun Shiling. Her legs were wrapped around Jun Shiling’s waist. The two of them were too close, and Xia Wanyuan’s face slowly began to turn red.

“Let’s shower together.” Jun Shiling’s gaze was deep as he carried Xia Wanyuan into the bathroom.

Jun Shiling was especially nasty today. He kept holding Xia Wanyuan in his arms and did not let her get off the ground.

Because of the special atmosphere tonight, Jun Shiling was even more excited than usual. Xia Wanyuan only woke up at noon the next day.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” An Rao looked mischievously at Xia Wanyuan, who was walking downstairs. “Sister, the battle is intense.”

“…” Xia Wanyuan’s ears were a little red. “I asked Uncle Wang not to prepare sour plums for you in the afternoon.”

“Don’t.” An Rao grinned. “Sister, where are you going in the afternoon? Bring me along. I’m so bored.”

An Rao was someone who could not stay idle. After she got pregnant, she could not go anywhere. She was almost bored to death staying at home every day.

“I’m going to the production team. The opening ceremony is today. Come with me.”

“Okay!” An Rao’s eyes lit up. She had not been to the production team in a long time. Even if she could not film, it was good to watch others film.

Hence, after lunch, An Rao carried an entire bag of sour plums and green apricots and followed Xia Wanyuan to the set.

This time, when Xia Wanyuan went to the production team, she received smiles everywhere.

After all, this movie was completely invested by the Jun Corporation. It did not care about the cost and was built with a lot of money. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Jun Shiling had spent money to customize it for Xia Wanyuan. No one dared to be disrespectful to her.

The opening ceremony began. Xia Wanyuan and the rest of the production team paid their respects to Guan Yu and took a set of publicity photos.

The Jun Corporation’s film company had always kept secrets well. It was only when the Jun Corporation’s official Weibo posted news about the movie that everyone knew.

@ Jun Corporation: “The ‘Eldest Princess’ created by the Jun Corporation’s film company has successfully started the opening ceremony this afternoon.”

The accompanying photo was an incense photo of the production team. The person in the middle was Xia Wanyuan.

[Before I saw the photo, I was still wondering why the coldest official Weibo in history was promoting a movie. When I looked at the photo again, I understood. They were promoting the lady boss.]

[ Ahhh, Xia Wanyuan is so beautiful. I love her. ]

[Am I the only one with sharp eyes who noticed the pregnant woman in the corner of the photo? Don’t you think she looks a little like An Rao?]

With the netizens’ hint, the others also paid attention to the person in the corner.

[How is this similar? This is An Rao!! No wonder An Rao hasn’t appeared for so long. Her stomach is so big!]

[She’s so cute when she’s eating snacks there. Ahahaha, I can’t wait for them to have a child. She can marry Xiao Bao.]

In a dark house in Nanjiang City, the light in her hand flickered and reflected on An Lin’s face, looking quite terrifying.

Seeing An Rao lying comfortably on the chair with a happy expression, An Lin’s eyes turned red. Her hands trembled as she searched for the word “An Rao” on Weibo.

In the photos she found about An Rao, she and Bo Xiao held hands and went to the supermarket. She had dinner with Bo Xiao, and Bo Xiao looked at her with love and indulgence.

An Lin almost crushed her phone. “Why are you so much happier than me?”

Ever since she returned from Beijing, she had clearly sensed Father An’s disdain. Fortunately, Mother An had doted on her for so many years. Even though her thoughts were not pure, the feelings were still there, but she was much colder than before.

She wanted to have an abortion, but she was rejected by the doctor. Her physique was special, and once she had an abortion, her life might be in danger. Hence, she could only have nightmares day and night with this disgusting thing in her stomach.

The more she looked at An Rao’s smile, the more the hatred in An Lin’s heart soared. An Lin sat in the house for a long time, and slowly, the crazy light in her eyes flourished.

The sky gradually darkened, and the filming stopped.

“Okay, let’s get off work.” The moment the director said this, cheers sounded.

The production team had never said anything about getting off work on time. After all, it was normal to film until three or four in the morning.

However, this time, everyone really enjoyed getting off work at six o’clock sharp. After all, no one dared to let Mrs. Jun work overtime.

“Sister, what are we eating tonight? I’m so hungry.” An Rao waited for Xia Wanyuan to change into her costume and followed her to hold her arm.

Xia Wanyuan glanced at An Rao’s empty bag. When she first arrived in the afternoon, it was filled with snacks. “Are you so hungry when you’re pregnant?”

An Rao rubbed against Xia Wanyuan’s shoulder. “Sister, okay? Hurry up. I’m hungry.”

“Okay, let’s go back to the manor early.”

However, when she returned home, An Rao could not eat as she wished. An uninvited guest arrived at the entrance of the manor.

“Second Uncle, what are you doing here?” An Rao rolled down the window and looked at the middle-aged man standing outside.

“Xiao Rao, no matter how wrong your parents are, at least they gave birth to you. Your mother is already so sick, but you don’t answer their calls. You don’t look like a child.”

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