Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 997 - Bo Xiao Was Caught  

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Chapter 997: Bo Xiao Was Caught

“Sick? What illness?” An Rao was a little puzzled. Mother An had always paid attention to her health. Why was she sick? 

“Sigh, your mother had a physical examination this year and was diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is a letter from your mother. Take it and read it. Whether you go back to see her or not is up to you. Anyway, I’ve brought my words.” The middle-aged man sighed and looked at An Rao helplessly before turning to leave.

Over the years, Father An and Mother An had already broken An Rao’s heart. However, when she suddenly heard that Mother An had an incurable illness, An Rao still felt inexplicably sad. She opened the letter and saw that it was Mother An’s heartfelt words.

When one was on the verge of death, they would always start to look back on everything in their life. Mother An had been self-reliant her entire life. Only when she was about to die did she realize that she had abandoned her biological daughter in her life and treated someone else’s daughter with all her heart, only to end up like this.

The apology that An Rao had waited for more than twenty years had finally arrived, but it was already too late for her.

An Rao held the letter and cried silently. These tears were for the neglected and abandoned An Rao from more than twenty years ago.

An Rao had been crying, and Xia Wanyuan did not speak. She drove the car into the manor and waited for An Rao to calm down before entering the house with her.

Xiao Bao had already returned home from school and was sitting quietly at the table writing. Seeing An Rao’s swollen eyes from crying, Xiao Bao carefully leaned forward to chat with An Rao and make her happy.

“Auntie An Rao, I heard my sister speak.” Xiao Bao leaned over and lay on An Rao’s lap. He stared at her with his big eyes and reached out to wipe her tears.

“Really? What did Sister say to you?” An Rao wiped her tears and stroked Xiao Bao’s head.

Xiao Bao carefully approached An Rao’s stomach and listened carefully for a while. “Sister said, Mommy, don’t cry. Mommy, you’re the most beautiful little fairy in the world. Little fairy doesn’t look good when she cries.”

An Rao was amused by the little darling’s words. “Little cutie.”

“Hehe.” Xiao Bao sat beside An Rao. “Auntie, I’ll sing for you.”

Xiao Bao’s childish voice made the atmosphere in the house happy. An Rao giggled.

Xiao Bao secretly winked at Xia Wanyuan, clearly asking for credit. “Mommy, am I amazing?”

Xia Wanyuan smiled and gave Xiao Bao a thumbs up.


In Continent F, Yu Qian sat in front of the electronic display and perfected the map step by step according to the information Bo Xiao sent back.

However, he did not completely trust Bo Xiao. On the screen, not only was there the map Bo Xiao had sent back, but there were also several pieces of information that others had probed back. Yu Qian compared them and confirmed the authenticity of the map.

“Tsk.” Looking at the finally formed map in his hand, the corners of Yu Qian’s lips curled up.

After completing all the missions assigned by Yu Qian, Bo Xiao’s eyes turned red when he thought of An Rao in Beijing. He only wanted to rush back to Beijing without stopping.

However, just as he pushed open the hotel door, the room was filled with people waiting for him to walk into the trap.

“Bo Xiao, why are you like this?” Many of the people in the house were Bo Xiao’s former friends.

At this moment, everyone’s enemy was Bo Xiao.

“I have nothing to say.” Bo Xiao took off his hat and placed it aside.

Under everyone’s gaze, Bo Xiao took off his coat and carefully put it away. Then, he looked at his former brothers. “Let’s go.”

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