Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith-Chapter 3450 - Happy Cooperation (7)

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Chapter 3450: Happy Cooperation (7)

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“Err, well, it’s…it’s because of what happened yesterday…I was afraid that you’ll be in a bad mood..”

As soon as the words were about to fly out of Xuan Qingling’s mouth, she swallowed them back and gave a random reason instead.

In fact, she understood what Grandmaster Xiao meant yesterday. He was afraid that Li Moying would get angry with Huang Yueli when they went back but now, looking at the inseparable appearance of these two people, it was clear that Grandmaster Xiao is overthinking…

This little couple was clearly in love! Look at those pink bubbles!

Speaking of which, a man like Li Moying who looks so ruthless on the outside was actually so sweet to his wife. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, it would be hard to believe.


Huang Yueli didn’t suspect her at all, she simply smiled and declared, “Hmph! It’s not that I’m bragging but back while we were still in Soaring Heavens Continent, I had many rivals in love! But all those who dared to come and provoke our relationship all ended defeat!”

Although Huang Yueli didn’t think much about it, Li Moying heard what Xuan Qingling meant, and glanced at her coldly.

Xuan Qingling was usually a firm-willed person, but when he glared at her like that, she felt her scalp tingle and she couldn’t help but sit down at Huang Yueli’s side.

Huang Yueli asked strangely, “Young Miss Xuan, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face a little ugly? Are you feeling unwell?”

Xuan Qingling shook her head, “It’s alright, alright! I just want to say, it’s getting late, or we should leave early, go to Grandmaster Xiao’s place, and finalize the business! There are many people who covet this big business. If you make a little decision, you can also rest assured earlier, so as to avoid unintended consequences.”

When Huang Yueli heard the words, she smiled slightly.

She knows best that this deal would not fly away!

After all, she was the real boss behind the scenes.

However, since Xuan Qingling said so, she did not object and stood up directly.

“Alright then, let’s go now!”

The two walked out of the gate together, and in addition to the black carriage of the Black Tortoise Clan, there was a silver-white carriage parked.

Not only does this carriage look luxurious and comfortable, but the horses that pull the carriage were spirit beasts of the eighth rank and above.

Xuan Qingling couldn’t help but look back at Huang Yueli, gaining a new understanding of her favorability.

Even a master at the level of the elders of the Twelve Great God Clans, very few people ride in such a luxurious car when they travel. Compared with the carriage that Huang Yueli was riding in, the one she was riding in was very shabby…

However, what surprised her even more was what happened after.

Li Moying supported Huang Yueli as she stepped into the carriage. However, he did not stop there, but got into the carriage himself.

When Xuan Qingling saw this scene, her eyes widened.

Could it be that Li Moying also wanted to personally send Huang Yueli to Grandmaster Xiao’s manor?

As the Young Master of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, was he so free?

Huang Yueli left to do such a little thing, and she didn’t even go out of the city gate, he had to send her personally!

However, this was indeed the case.

After Li Moying got into the carriage, the silver-white carriage began to move at a very fast speed.

Xuan Qingling saw that the other party quickly ran a distance, and hurriedly ordered his bodyguard.

“Hurry up, keep up with the carriage of the Cloudy Qilin Clan!”

Not long after, the two carriages stopped in front of Grandmaster Xiao’s manor, and Grandmaster Xiao personally came out to greet them.

When he saw Li Moying behind Huang Yueli, he was also taken aback, “Is Young Master Li also participating in the negotiation today?”

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