Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer-Chapter 1091 - Admit Defeat!

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Chapter 1091: Admit Defeat!

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Qin Ruogu’s lips were shivering, his face deathly pale and eyes rolled upward. He looked as if he might faint at any time. It suddenly dawned on him that it was not without a reason Yun Yang could seduce the Black Bear King; it turned out that he was actually an expert in handling mystical beasts!

Just these four leopards alone were enough to defeat almost all the mystical beasts in Beast Trainer Sect. Although they might not be able to defeat the Black Bear King, they could surely give him a tough fight as well. And when they were joined by Yun Yang, the bear might be in a dangerous situation of losing even if he were willing to fight with all his might.

Moreover, no one could be sure that Yun Yang had used up all his trump cards. What if he still had other cards hiding in his sleeves?

‘Brother, you should have told me earlier that you have such strength!’ screamed Qin Ruogu in his mind. ‘If you did, I would have not wasted all the effort and time, and would have admitted defeat! It was not until I’d completely offended Residence of Nine Supremes that you showed a part of your strength…Why are you doing this to me?”

‘Before today, Beast Trainer Sect was a prestigious sect with a lower-class Celestial Luck Banner But in just one day, we’ve lost three matches in a row, our ranking has dropped, and our divine beast is about to leave us. Worst of all, we have made ourselves an enemy whom we can’t defeat!’

‘Are the heavens bent upon dooming the Beast Trainer Sect?’

Subconsciously, Qin Ruogu turned his eyes to the Black Bear King, hoping the mystical beast could give him some advice. But, the bear only glared at him in disdain and then closed his eyes.

‘Hmph! Now you are afraid! From the very beginning, I already felt that this little brother Yun is the best friend of all mystical beasts. Just look at what he had done…He brought me fine wine and delicious food, and cared for me, giving me all the attention and talking nicely to me. Moreover, even though he is so strong, he still treats me like a brother. He is at least one hundred times better than all of you from Beast Trainer Sect! You regret it now? You all should have regretted it a long time ago!’

Yu Changtai, the sect leader of Blue Heaven Sect who was clamoring just now, had turned extremely pale with a look of despair in his eyes, while the corner of his mouth kept twitching. The people from the fourth, third, and second-ranked sects were completely struck dumb as well. On the side, Huo Yunfeng was gaping too, his jaw dropped so low that it almost dislocated.

At this point, Residence of Nine Supremes’ endless trump cards had branded deeply on the minds of all.

“The match is won by Residence of Nine Supremes!”

The words came rolling off Huo Yunfeng’s tongue with difficulty, and then he swallowed hard. There was only one thought that filled his head now,’ Why did I keep betting against such a formidable sect previously?’

‘What an idiotic act! I’m such a wastrel! I can’t believe I’m such a wasteful person! It is no longer deliberately losing money to others, but like after I’ve taken out all the money in my pockets, I even went to borrow money, then knelt before others and begged them to take my money while telling them that I’ll kill myself if they refused!’

“I’m so stupid, really stupid!” Huo Yunfeng muttered under his breath.

“On behalf of Beast Trainer Sect, I give up the fifth match and admit defeat.” As he said that, Qin Ruogu’s spirits seemed to be completely drained away. After that, he sunk back into his seat like a lump of mud.

The complicated eyes of everyone were now fixed on Yun Yang, who said with a gentle smile, “Your Excellency, Residence of Nine Supremes wishes to continue the challenge! We would like to challenge the fifth-ranked Blue Heaven Sect!”

Yu Changtai’s face turned ashen.

“Well, I really didn’t know we could bring mystical beasts to the battle…” said Yun Yang regretfully. “We almost lost a few of the matches. Had I known this, I would not have let Yexing suffer so much!”

He then smiled and said, “However, we will definitely not make the same mistake again. From now on, we will bring mystical beasts to every match we fight, so that we can show the greatest respect to our opponents with our strongest force.”

Yu Changtai covered his face with both hands.

‘Please don’t respect me! Can you please not respect me? You can look down on me as much as you like, just don’t bring any mystical beasts when you fight me!’

‘Fu*k! How are we going to fight you when you bring Saint-King-level mystical beasts with you?’

“Damn the Beast Trainer Sect! They should have never suggested a match of mystical beasts!’

Everyone turned to look at Beast Trainer Sect with eyes full of hatred while the sects that had yet to be challenged were all staring at them with flames in their eyes.

“If possible, I really wish I could swallow this bunch of brainless fools from Beast Trainer Sect one by one!”

“They are pissing me off! What they have done is like digging out a pit for all of us to jump in! Residence of Nine Supremes didn’t even know they could bring mystical beasts to battle…”

Huo Yunfeng’s eyebrows were twitching as he said, “Granted!”

Right at that moment, Ding Buke and You Buneng leaned over with serious faces. “Boss, let’s have another game!”

Huo Yunfeng stared at them in grief and indignation.

“Although Beast Trainer Sect has mystical beasts, it is still no match for the fifth-ranked Blue Heaven Sect. So, I think it will be very tough for Residence of Nine Supremes to win again…” Ding Buke said. “Therefore, we will still bet on Residence of Nine Supremes this time. We are brothers, so we just play smart to lift the spirits.”

You Buneng chimed in, “That’s right! Boss, you’ve lost so much that we can’t bear to see you lose again. We will still bet on Residence of Nine Supremes, and not only that, we will bet everything we have, so that you can win back everything in one game.”

Huo Yunfeng’s face was already as black as the bottom of a pot as he said in a trembling voice, “You…Can you be more shameless than this?”

“Why are you scolding us, Boss?”

“Not only do I scold you, but I also want to hit you!”

Residence of Nine Supremes’ following challenge suddenly became smooth sailing. After some deliberation, the fifth-ranked Blue Heaven Sect quickly came out with a decision. “We admit defeat!”

Yu Changtai’s face was dark as if he were about to explode. Undoubtedly, it was aggrieving, helpless, and shameful for them to make this decision. But, he had no other choice, so he was forced to bow his head.

The faces of everyone from the Blue Heaven Sect had turned black as well, and they were sighing in disappointment.

The strength displayed by Residence of Nine Supremes was just monstrous. If they were to fight each other fairly, Blue Heaven Sect might not be their match. Although Blue Heaven Sect’s overall strength was slightly greater than Beast Trainer Sect, the difference was not much. And after witnessing the matches fought by Residence of Nine Supremes, they knew that their odds were extremely low.

However, it was one thing that the odds were low, and another thing that whether they had fought with all their might!

Generally, every sect with a Celestial Luck Banner had a special skill that others could not match. For example, Thousand Mountains Sect was famous for its formations and Beast Trainer Sect could fight with mystical beasts. As for Blue Heaven Sect, it was famous for its speed and movement technique!

‘Traversing in and out of the heavens, traveling across the world with a sword,’ was exactly the essence of the cultivation technique that had catapulted Blue Heaven Sect to its current height. In terms of movement technique and speed alone, no other sects with lower-class Celestial Luck Banners could be its match.

Even without what Beast Trainer Sect had done, Blue Heaven Sect might still not have the strength to stop Residence of Nine Supremes from advancing further, but it was not impossible for it to take away the other’s right to continue the challenge.

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