Re: Evolution Online - Chapter 139 - The World Is Unfair

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Chapter 139 - The World Is Unfair

"Bro, I saw that guy walk out of Yleka city with two beauties. He is just outside in the forest right now. What should we do?"

A man whispered in Milton's ears, standing in front of the alchemy association.

Milton was the top ranked alchemy player in the lotus guild or rather he had been until a few seconds ago.

Because of an altercation with his guild master, he was kicked out to the curb like a dog.

"Fuck. This is all because of him!" Milton gnashed his teeth.

The fact of the matter was that he knew something that no one else in the game currently knew!

He knew who had made the fire resistance potion!

In truth, he had only found this out coincidentally.

Milton had a friend track a special VIP alchemy association customer for some other reason and in the process, he had stumbled upon this secret.

But when he had told his guild master about the same and mentioned how well funded the player was and because of which he was able to concoct amazing potions like the fire resistance potion, he had been mercilessly kicked out!

The loser did not even believe his words and simply assumed that he was shaking him down for more gold!

Being a lifestyle player was truly difficult in this damned game!

However, when Milton was unluckily suffering like this, it looked like another person was leisurely enjoying his life with beauties by his side.

That was it!

This was the straw that broke the camel's back and Milton decided to teach this asshole a lesson personally before handing him over to his former guild master.

A group of six players along with Milton hurriedly headed outside Yleka city looking for the special VIP.

They didn't have to search for long as they saw Liam standing around with Mei Mei and Shen Yue.

He wore a small smile on his face and lifted his hand up and whistled casually. The next instant, a huge wind ripper flew towards him.

"What the fuck??? Is that an elite?"

"Bro, why will an elite come out when he whistles? I think that's a pet!"

As his teammates began discussing in hushed voices, Milton became quiet as he squinted his eyes and looked at Liam, staring daggers at him.

He watched the bird rub its head lovingly on Liam's hand and the two women standing next to him began to cheer and pet the bird with big smiles.

These two were not even normal women with forgettable faces. They were real beauties, both very good looking.

The more Milton looked at this depressing scene in front of him, the more his heart burned.

"This world is so unfair. This handsome jerk not only has good backing, but he also has two beauties fawning on him like this?

"Fuck it. I can't stand this anymore. I need to teach this guy a lesson today."

The others as well silently nodded, agreeing with him.

"Bro, shall we start pummeling that bastard?"

Hearing his words, Milton unexpectedly shook his head. "No."

He knew better than to underestimate an alchemist. "If we attack them here, they might use some potions and run back to the city to log out."

"Let's wait until they move further away from the city. That bastard is probably taking those two girls somewhere to grind monsters."

"The other starting zones are crowded so he should be either going to the wolf zone or the bear zone."

"Both are perfect for us to attack. And…"

"He will have no place to run."

"Bro, you are a genius."

Milton scoffed at the blatant flattery and waved his hand, telling everyone to disperse. The group quickly made themselves scarce.


"Brother, how do you have two pets? Give me one!"

Liam chuckled and flicked his sister's forehead. "Stop messing around. I don't have a lot of time, so you guys need to level up fast."

"Un. I will start first." Mei Mei looked at the rabbit a few feet away from her. It had a big horn on its head and used the horn for drilling out the carrot plant in front of it.

The girl positioned herself properly in front of the rabbit, not too far and not too close.

She had the advantage of being a long-ranged player so she could start attacking it safely from a distance.

She then first activated [Insight] and then used [Earth Spike] aiming for the weak point of the rabbit which was its throat.


The next instant a sharp spike of earth protruded from right under the rabbit and impaled its throat where its body was most delicate.

A huge damage number floated up and the rabbit fell down lifeless with its tongue lying out.

"Brother! Brother! Did you see that? I killed it so fast!"

Mei Mei hurriedly ran over and kicked the corpse around, taking the one copper coin that had fallen out.

Liam could only smile helplessly at this sight. He had actually been worried about her.

Because she was young and hadn't seen as many things in life as he had, he didn't know if she would be able to play this game at all.

Everything here was far too realistic. Killing an animal with one's hand might not come naturally to everyone.

So he was worried that she would be too soft.

If that was the case, then it still wasn't an issue as he was more than capable of protecting both himself and his sister.

However, he didn't want to spoil her unnecessarily. He wanted her to be self-reliant and independent.

Even if he was always in the shadows to protect her, he wanted her to be able to fight her own battles at least to some extent.

But of course, all of these concerns were before he had actually seen her fight.

"Good job?" Liam chuckled wryly as he watched the young girl run from one rabbit to another, killing them with visible glee.

In the end... it seemed he had nothing to worry about....

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